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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bradalex on Sep 15, 11 2:24 AM
I agree with casualgran. I played the full hours demo, and found the game to be so-so. Not terribly good nor terribly bad. Certainly I don't think it is worth the CE price. And no, casualgran, it wasn't your Dutch ears, the accents were truly horrible to my very British ears. Nobody in Britain speaks like that Gregor!!

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Sep 15, 11 2:36 AM
Well, this game is different from the usual H0 adventure fare served up to us here at BFG, so those of us who have made statements about the predictability etc of the "usual" developers might want to give this game a chance.
I am commenting on playing this in the harder mode.
For a start it is from a "new" developer as far as this site goes, so the graphics, voice-overs and ease of operation are different from the "standard" developers. This game has been previously released for PC gamers in 3 various editions "off the shelf" (and it would have been at a much higher price here in Oz - if any of us could find it!!) - we have been offered the CE version that has extra scenes. I thought this might mean that the scenes were integrated into the actual game aka Voodoo Whisperers (which I think would be great), but I see there is a Bonus Option, so maybe there is an extra episode. I haven't got there yet, so I can't give information about this.
But this has been one of its charms so far for me - something different and challenging. And as opposed to the advice I saw previously in one of the forums, the SG (yes I actually have resorted to using it early on in the game!!) IS available within the game (bottom RH corner).
OK, so far I have found it less flowing than I expected, but I have no problem with running around trying to solve my own problems (and I must admit that sometimes I have been stumped in finding where to go next). But I have just found ..... now that would be telling ... and finally think that I have got the gist of how this game works.
So, this game is more of the adventure style with H0 thrown in to acquire items you need to complete a task - and problems to solve to acquire extra hints (again another "neat" addition as far as I am concerned).
But I think it requires persistance and a "sense of adventure". OK, no "catch ya" scenes earlier on, and some dialogue to read - but it is a detective story after all.
This game will obviously have mixed receptions and reviews, but it seems to me that for those of us who are looking for something apart from the ordinary H0/Adventure game, this might be something to consider.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Leila_Mills on Sep 15, 11 3:10 AM
DragonLadyOz - thanks for the review! it was really helpful!

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Sep 15, 11 3:12 AM
This is an okay game. I wouldn`t buy it for the CE price. The graphic is okay, nothing special, storyline is really uninteresting in my opinion, puzzles are so-so. The game also doesn`t fit the full screen on my widescreen monitor thats a big minus. I might buy this game as the SE, but I am not sure yet.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by sunidayz on Sep 15, 11 3:16 AM
This game didn't "grab" me at all. The storyline was terrible. It seemed like I was going now where although I got to the end of the demo in under an hour. What can I say ? I just didn't care for it . I would rate it a 5 out of 10.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Sep 15, 11 3:20 AM
OK, thanks to dobbleminjnboekje and megwoman I played some more time, and saw my mistake: it just gave me at the beginning a lot of Adventure actions, and of course the hint didn't work (devs could put a small caption "you can't use hints here" and all could be OK). I just panicked when I couldn't get any hint in the Adventure mode.

Apologize for being stressed, and thanks dobble and megwoman for your answers.

Bought the game - thanks developers, thanks BF.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Sep 15, 11 3:27 AM
Hi everyone,

This thread has now been stickied.

What do you think of Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your thoughts about the game in this thread! You can also add a note stating if you played the trial or full version and how far you have gotten in the game so other players can get more out of your review!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

For discussions other than your general feedback on this game you can create a new discussion in the game forum and if you are experiencing technical issues, be sure to swim over to the support thread here.

Happy gaming!

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by mamajay on Sep 15, 11 3:28 AM
I have just finished the 'sample' of the game, and I quite enjoyed it. I like that we get voices, and the detective( to my Aussie ears), sounds a bit Cockney. You can correct me if I am wrong, lol.

The period seems to be mid 20s to early 30s, and yes, I have had to use the SG quite a bit. There is no shame in using an SG that is provided for our benefit, lol. As for Gregor, I thought his accent was more Eastern European / Russian ?

Like Rebecca Lily, I thought at first that the Hint Button didn't recharge. Then I cottoned on to the mini games adding extra hints, as well as the cute little 'spies'

I am undecided as to whether to buy the CE or wait for the SE - it will probably depend on the length of the game and what the Bonus game is like (I'm assuming it is more game - I forgot to check)


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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by edmee1947 on Sep 15, 11 3:37 AM
music :good
story does not hook me anymore!
hidden objects:not bad,but not good;they are a mess and nothing in the objects is linked with the game!
minigames:pipes;crates to move rather easy and not very interesting yet
does not merit a CE price for me
i have too say that i played the beta and that the fact there was no skip button was noticed as minus,but nothing has changed!
after beta i noticed:
buy as SE ,and only if length is good!
i think my first impression was the good one!
i keep my money for other CE(i betaed some....very promising!!!)
my opinion is based on 2 hours playing:beta and demo,for these who are chicaning;it is my opinion,and they can love this game and buy it if they want with my blessing!
have all a good day!

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Koffie99 on Sep 15, 11 3:43 AM
No buy for me. Voice and game too much like all other HOG games. Good graphics but no surprises, nothing special to collect or look for. One of many. Doesn not stand out in any way. Story has potential but I find the game very slow and uninteresting.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Keziah000 on Sep 15, 11 3:56 AM
Firstly I'm glad I gave it a go, because the Voodoo title threw me and I almost skipped past it. While I have only played the demo, so far it reminds me a little of Serpent of Isis. It's quirky and fun and I think I am intrigued enough to try it out at some point, but I'm not sure it's CE standard.
I'm very confused as to what period this story is set in? Vintage cars, women talking dressed in outfits that are 60 years apart in fashion, and then a ticket officer talking on a mobile phone? What the...? Once I clued onto the fact that you could catch a little spy and get more hints - I realised there are more than enough.
I thought the voices didn't suit the theme and were a bit bland. Graphics were good. Sound excellent. Parts of it are very clunky and dissapointing - character movements etc - and other character movements (guy sitting in compartment) are incredibly life like - so I think overall the game lacks consistentcy in its presentation.
A bit of fun, with huge potential for future games from this dev. Yet to make up my mind if I will buy. Would definitely have bought if it had been a SE.

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Orca Whale
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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Sep 15, 11 4:09 AM
Well this sample version of 307.46 Mb downloaded in a few minutes, much much, much faster than games half the size have been taking .

There are two modes of play, Casual and Hard, but no explanation as to the differences.

I played for 58 minutes in Hard mode and this is what I thought:

The voices are OK but they just weren't the accents I was expecting to hear.

The graphics are on the darkish side and are a bit grainy but I only gave up looking for one object in the H0 scenes and used a hint to find it.

Now I hope you are sitting down because ... I liked the music , yes it is repetitious but I found it uplifting rather than getting on my nerves and my speakers are still on their normal settings and haven't been turned down at all. I also enjoyed the music that the played and actually just sat and watched them .

I did have a chuckle at some of the wording ... spoiler alert below, highlight to read ...

"She's unconscious, I'll bring her round, I've got some smelling salts in my compartment, give her some water, she'll calm down maybe she can tell us what happened"

why does she need water to calm her if she is unconscious? she is hardly having a fit of hysterics is she LOL . I also read it that he was asking her to give the water to the unconscious woman .

I liked the puzzles that I have come across so far and the adventuring aspect of the game and so it will be a buy for me.


ETA ...

I have just played the bonus play on this game and it took me about 15 minutes so it is very very very short .

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Poutoule on Sep 15, 11 4:12 AM
Now this is an interesting game, different from the ones we're used to and it's quite refreshing. I usually play 20 minutes of a demo to get a fair idea of a game but here I've played the whole demo.

The Hint system is different too, you've got the regular hint, refilling pretty quickly, you can earn hints by finding the little spies and your earn 2 if you achieve the mini games.

There are a lot of H0 (junkpiled, but it's OK as the graphics are good), the objects are sometimes really small and on a brownish background but they're doable. A lot of objects to find which makes a nice change from very short lists.

Mini games are not over difficult and quite enjoyable, and it's fun to get a "hint reward" when you achieve them.

The story is interesting, the voices are good, so is the music. I did found myself a little lost, especially at the beginning of the game but then you get used to this new type of wandering.

A very interesting game and most probably a buy for me. Thanks to the devs for this bit of fresh air.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by dobbiemijnboekje on Sep 15, 11 4:41 AM
I did't know about the game, but I bought it and I am glad I did. It's more an adventure.
And in one HOG there was a suprise and I found it funny!
In the beginning I was not sure about the story, but I love it. It's different and well done.

Give this game a try!

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bratzgram on Sep 15, 11 5:09 AM
I have to laugh at the reviews I read for this. Some saying that there are to many hidden object scenes and some saying there aren't enough. I thought it was just right. Although I would call this game more on the adventure side there are plenty of hidden objects.

I played the whole demo and enjoyed it very much. I am not going to jump right out and buy however.

I really like it when you get rewarded for completing a mini game. In this case with 2 hints. You are also able to find extra hints along the way and if you do run out they refill. Plenty of hints

I had to use the strategy guide a couple times during the demo because I just could not figure out what to do next. I found that you must click on everything available in a scene or you can not proceed.
Unlike some others I did like the voice overs. It is a good thing you also get text because with some of the accents they used I wouldn't have understood it all.

I tend to shy away from large file games and this is, so I will add it to my list of games I want but not those I can't live without.

All considered I really think this is a great game. and give it out of 5.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Valdy on Sep 15, 11 5:13 AM
Thanks very much for the detailed review, Megwoman25.

megwoman25 wrote:I think its really rude, when people only try the game out for say 5 minutes and then come back with NO BUY, IT SUCKS or you are actually wrong about certain things but are so quick to judge because you didnt give it the time to figure it out. Then everyone thinks a game is terrible when in fact, its actually not. Not trying to be rude but the strategy guide has general game tips, maybe you should read it.

I agree. I see this quite often happening. *sigh* Too often peeps don`t take the time to check the games out enough, and therefore jump to conclusions.

ZuluDawn13 wrote:There's something about this game that seems clumsy or clunky.

That`s what I thought as well.

ETA: OK, played the demo (didn`t even finish the trial within the hour I had), and what a strange game it is.

The negative first: A few times objects were named differently from what they were, i.e. "Apple Core" was a whole apple. That was just one of several items I noticed. And this was only in the trial version. So I don`t know how many more wrongly named objects there are.

The diary isn`t helping at all, because important messages that we see in the game aren`t transferred over to the diary. So we can`t check up on certain info that we see lying around, but have to look for the specific items when we want to check up on them.

I liked the voice-over on the whole (although didn`t care for the detective`s accent), but was constantly reminded of "The Great Gatsby", the way the characters spoke: slow and leisurely, which didn`t seem to fit into this game.

I liked the graphics and gameplay (although, as ZuluDawn said, the game seemed clumsy and clunky), and the mini games were fun too. The Strategy Guide opens exactly where you are in the game, which is a plus.

I liked the fact that when I exited the main game, more scenes from the game were shown, making me want to go ahead and buy the game even more than from what I had played so far.

And I will buy this game - when the SE comes out.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by baglady159 on Sep 15, 11 5:17 AM
For those of you who decided to buy this game, looks like you're going to get a lot of game play for your money. It's listed as a Large File game at 749mb

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by caput on Sep 15, 11 5:27 AM
I played for a half hour and really just do not like this game. Background is dark, objects kind of hard to see and ,on my computer at least, it is a little jerky. Just did not grab or,as time went on, earn my interest at all.


Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by kris_cross48 on Sep 15, 11 5:29 AM
Seems this game is bringing out all sorts of behavior in this site...

ok, after 60 minutes, which went way too fast.
-gorgous gorgous graphics..beautiful art work, the sites gave me a feeling of "being there" which for me is the idea of these a good book, you kknow? Especially the scene where you walk into the moving train and the sounds are right, the visual really beautiful and the movement of the lamp and train so well done. I really did want to be on that train..altho not going where this character was going.

-loved the monkey band and loved their music. Just sat there and watched and listened...probably using up my demo time, who cares..loved it.

-some of the hidden object scenes were just a little iffy..I thought they were well drawn and not difficut with the exception of a "carboy"??? It's a bottle kind of thing full of nastiness..who knows. This seems to be a cultureal thing that my Maine background doesn't get.
-ok- the negative. flashing lights and fluttering bat wings. I get headaches from those and avoid seizures. I'd hit the hint button not because I needed help but just to get rid of it. I couldn't stop the bat at alll..just covered one eye.... seems that BF thinks I've written enough cause I keep getting cut off...anyway..great game, new smart developer who is really trying..ah, the voice -overs a great too.

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Re:Reviews for Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

[Post New]by lovely62 on Sep 15, 11 5:31 AM
I played the demo and it just did not get my attention like some of the other CE's, I will pass on this game the DEV's did a great job with pics and sounds..
The one's like like the game and bought it h appy gaming to you!!

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