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[Post New]by HatesTimers on Mar 7, 12 1:06 PM
If you don't care about time, there is an easy, sure way to win this level.

First, set up everything to do all quests except the $5,000 income. Then put a big cluster of paint factories (I used 7) near the boat dock and upgrade them. With all other quests done, route trucks from the oil derrick to each of these paint factories. Wait a while for them to accumulate oil, then quickly route trucks from these factories to the dock. With 7 fully upgraded factories and trucks, I hit $8,000. (I pressed the button to keep playing the level after the goal was hit.)

I did get it in expert time using a different method. I started the level in the usual way, except I built two paint factories and two paper factories (one set feeding the train and the other set feeding the dock). Everything was up north to keep the garbage route short, so I only needed one dump truck, and I had 15 regular trucks. That was enough trucks for everything except cloth to the airport and oil from the airport. When the plastic factory had plenty of oil, I rerouted that truck to carry cloth to the airport. I kept upgrading, and had the paint and paper factories at 2 and the sawmill at 3. I built a third paint factory and upped it to 3. When the plastic factory had enough recycles, I rerouted that truck to carry oil from the airport to the new paint factory. After completing the 10 oil quest, and with the trucks fully upgraded, I upped the paper factories to 3 stars (they had an accumulation of input waiting to process). I then took the truck that was carrying plastic and had it carry paint from the third factory to the train. That got me over $5,000 with time to spare.

Edit: I did it again with two paper factories and one each of the others. When the airport got some oils, I switched the truck that was taking oil to the plastic factory to get oil from the airport. I was then able to let it run indefinitely. It went over $5k every now and then. There was enough wood and recycles to keep both paper factories busy.

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Re:florida level 9.a ak hill

[Post New]by nanekochan on Apr 24, 12 3:01 PM
After a break, I just played the game through for the second time, and of course I had trouble again with this level. But I looked at how income among other things are affected with a little more attention this time. I still don't completely understand the mechanics but this works really well for me. I was able to get in with some time to spare (after practicing a bit). My method does depend on being able to upgrade all the plants to 3 stars so you might have to wait a bit to do this level.

Connect the Oil Derrick and the sawmill with one straight road (Road A)

Connect the Garage and the train station with one single road. Leave room on both sides in the middle for factories. (Center Road)

Connect that road with the airport with one single road, again leaving room on both sides for factories. (Road B ). Continue this road straight to the marina, but you don't need to leave any room for factories.

At the intersection of Road A and the Center Road, place the paint factory on the oil derrick side of Center Road and a paper factory on the other side. It's important that both of these are as close as possible to their raw material (oil and wood).
Start a truck between the oil derrick and the paint factory. (Build the paint factory first and get the trucks going before going on to finish roads or building other factories or you'll run out of money.)

Place the recycling plant at the intersection of the Center Road and Road B. Place it on the same side as the airport and the oil derrick. Upgrade as soon as you can.
Get a dumpster going between all the factories you have so far. Make sure you upgrade it so it collects as much trash as the factories put out because you really need that trash. Send a truck from the recycling plant to the paper plant as soon as possible.

Ok, at this point you should have started to see the paint factory and the paper factory accumulate oil and wood as well as salvage. Your goal is to get as much material "prepositioned" as possible. Upgrade the sawmill and the wood truck to 3 stars, and upgrade the oil truck to 1 star. Upgrade the salvage truck to 2 stars only (important).

See next message for continuation.

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[Post New]by nanekochan on Apr 24, 12 3:02 PM
When you see at least 40-50 oil at the paint plant and at least 100 wood and maybe 20 or more salvage at the paper plant, start sending simultaneously paint and paper to both the train station and the marina. Upgrade the paint plant and the paper plant to 3 stars. Upgrade 2 paper trucks to 2 stars each and 2 paint trucks to 3 stars each.

Now build a fabric plant and a plastic plant on either side of Road B right up against the airport. It's more important to place this as close as possible to the airport that to their source of supplies, because you're going to make sure that raw materials are already here when you begin sending fabric and plastic to the airport. And you're going to send the oil from the airport to the plastic plant so that's where its source actually is.

Set up a truck for delivering wool and one for cotton and upgrade it to 3 stars.

Shift oil deliveries to the plastic plant, and shift salvage deliveries to the plastic plant as well. You can even try using 2 trucks for each if you haven't committed them yet, but you won't have enough later on to continue with this tactic.

Upgrade the plastic and fabric plants as far as you can.

Wait for the plastic and fabric plants have 10-20 raw materials of everything. Set up a truck for fabric and one for plastic, upgrade to 1 star, but don't start them running yet. (Oh, by the way, if you have money build tech stations and a fire station, to avoid fatal slowdowns in your critical process. Also you might want to make sure you have a 2nd dump truck going, upgraded to at least 2 stars). Prepare a truck to deliver oil from the airport to the plastic factory, upgrade to 2 stars.

Now, let the last 3 trucks loose on the airport. Hopefully you'll be able to sustain a long enough streak of the airplane taking off and landing one right after another to get it over $5000. (It should be upper 3000's or even in the 4000's when you set this off.). Keep an eye on the paper and paint plants to check that they don't run out of materials. It's possible to shift oil (from the oil derrick) and salvage back there for a bit if you're running low. And remember, one of the goals actually is to deliver 10 oils to your plant from the airport.


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[Post New]by Tiddleypom on Mar 5, 13 5:08 PM
brilliant - this works perfectly - Thank you so much

Lisa_111 wrote:I think you have to have upgraded the Paint factory. I also followed these recommendations:

Construct Paper Factory near the Sawmill
Construct Recycling Plant between Oil Derrick and the Garage
Connect all your buildings with a road
Buy a truck and route it from the Sawmill to the Paper Factory
Upgrade truck to the 2nd star
Upgrade Sawmill to the 2nd star
Don’t forget to buy a dump truck and route it to all buildings!
Construct Plastic Factory not far from the Oil Derrick
Buy a truck and route it from the Oil Derrick to the Plastic Factory
Buy a truck and route it from the Recycling Plant to the Plastic Factory
Construct Paint Factory not far from other production buildings
Buy a truck and route it from the Oil Derrick to the Paint Factory
Build roads to Malabar, Geneva and Edgewater
Construct Fabric Factory
Buy two trucks and route them Paint and Paper Factories to Malabar
When you transport 5+ paint and paper to Malabar, re-route these trucks to Geneva
Buy a truck and start transporting cotton from Malabar
Buy a truck and start transporting wool from Geneva
Upgrade your Garage
Buy a truck and start transporting fabric from the Fabric Factory to Edgewater
Buy a truck and start transporting plastic from the Plastic Factory to Edgewater
Buy a truck and start transporting Oil from Edgewater to the Paint Factory
Keep upgrading everything till you get $5000 Daily Income

As soon as I went back and redid a level to get more invest points - and upped the paint factory it worked


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[Post New]by Pinebro on Jun 25, 13 11:03 AM
OK. I'm really stuck. I can't upgrade my Paint or Fabric factories beyond 1 star.
I can't get enough product out to make the $5000.

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