Be Rich Level 34


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[Post New]by scheister on Feb 21, 09 4:05 PM
I DID IT!! Here's how:
1. Bulldoze all decorations except the one fountain between the chateaus in the north.
2. Bulldoze the road running north and south that connects the upper and lower east/west running roads. Extend the upper road by one square then reconnect the two roads again by building a north south running road starting where the fountain used to be beside the lower chateaus.
3. Wait until the mansion on the left comes up for sale around $70 000 or less. This could take some time but your days don't start counting down until you buy property. It is CRUCIAL to success. Grab it, hit the "hurry up" button, bulldoze it and build an apartment in the lot BESIDE it at the same time leaving enough room to build another apartment building and a shop where the mansion was. Your first apartment building should start in the space right beside the mansion.
4. Upgrade the first apartment to two stars then sell it for about $260000 right away.
5. Build a shop right beside the apartment that is for sale where the mansion used to be.
6. Build an apartment where the mansion used to be. Upgrade to three stars and sell it for $260 - 270 thousand.

You should have plenty of cash now to build and upgrade apartment buildings. I suggest buying some extra construction wagons because you'll want to be building more than one apartment at a time now. I ended up with 8. Also, hit your "hurry up" button as soon as it is available! You have to move FAST in this one!

7. Build another apartment building on the far right of the lower chateaus. Upgrade to three stars and buy construction wagons while you're doing it. Sell it right away.
8. Place an apartment building north west of the premium lots, right beside the road that you rebuilt where the fountain was, left of the lower chateaus. Put another one right beside it, leave one space, put another two to the left. Click your "hurry up" button and buy more wagons if you need to.
9. Upgrade these apartments to two stars. Sell the first one as well. I bumped the price up a little on this one too - about $20 000. Upgrade the other two to one star each.
10. Build two more apartment buildings beside the upper chateaus. These i did not upgrade.

If all goes according to plan, you should finish by the skin of your teeth!
I have a screenshot as well but I'm not sure how to post it... Sorry!


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[Post New]by nirvanagurlie on Mar 29, 09 1:12 PM
WOOHOOOO it worked for level 34! gotta work damn quick tho! finished just beofre end of day 17, so even had a day spare!

thank uuu xxx


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[Post New]by gardnho on Apr 21, 09 6:55 AM
icistarr wrote:Yeah, I've tried over and over... I reckon it's just timing... I won't give up!
Won't work for me either. The max days I could always finish was 20. I need expert. I have one trophy left to get. lol


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[Post New]by elemare on May 9, 09 7:16 PM
After trying many recommended methods, this is the one that worked for me. I made expert on the last day with this method. Here's the screen shot for road demolition and building placement:

1. Before starting the game clock, bulldoze and rebuild the roads as shown in the screen shot.
2. Click HURRY UP button and build Apartment #1 on a premium lot and a Store above it.
3. Upgrade Apt #1 to 2 stars as quickly as possible. That income and Store sales will allow you to build Apt. #2.
4. Once you have a second Apartment, upgrade Apt #1 to 3 stars and sell for $310,000.
5. While waiting for the building to sell, build up the area on the far left IN THIS ORDER as money permits:
- Apt #3, then
- Store, then
- Apt #4, then
- Workshop.
Upgrade Apartments to at least 1 star each*.

*TIP: build in that order to allow the far left store's clock to tick down to a sale, but DO NOT have the first sale until you have the two Apartments next to the store, with BOTH Apartments upgraded to at least one star (two if you can) - you'll get better income if you wait.

6. Buy additional construction vans as you can, up to at least 8 (I used 9).
7. As soon as the building sells, build the rest of the Apartments like crazy, and upgrade them.

Remember to:
- click on the HURRY UP button every time it's available to maximize efficiency, and
- click the stores' pink stars immediately for best income (except as noted in the tip above).

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