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[Post New]by 10bree on Sep 23, 12 4:41 PM
I bought the game but I can't get out of the bedroom - I read the walkthrough but when it say to put the golden flowers into the slots on the door it won't take them - the little sparkle flashes on the middle flower so I tried to load that one first but it keep saying "I can't do that" then on other slots it says "something seems to be missing" - can anyone one help me?

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Re:Welcome to Red Crow Mysteries: Legion forum

[Post New]by s_sgs on Dec 8, 12 2:16 PM
Thanks Severis! I knew you couldn't be all evil despite what the books and movies say. It's easy to look up the answer for puzzles, but getting the directions is a challenge, so thank you! I was stuck trying to figure out just what the heck thread of logic to follow!

I knew it was a clock. Ok. But what was with all the this = that stuff? Now I get it.



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[Post New]by akashaheartt on Jan 1, 13 8:55 PM
I realized what the problem was with the lion statues i did not get the clue off of the desk other wise it will not let you put the lions on their places

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Re:Welcome to Red Crow Mysteries: Legion forum

[Post New]by bstjnck on Apr 26, 13 11:50 AM
did anyone have trouble getting the blue knob from the game on the stone next to where you talk to the mother the first time. i plazed the symbol on the square and got all the symbols in the right order told me i had solved it but did not get the blue button. went again under new name and same thing, thanks

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