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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by tj1147 on Dec 4, 11 4:59 AM
I've been "reviewing" the "Reviews for 9:" so maybe I can post my question here...(I've not yet started the demo).

As others have mentioned the achievements, I'm wondering - if there is an achievement to be won for not using the hint button in advanced mode, do you achieve it if you play in the mode that doesn't offer hints? (Hope that makes sense!).

As soon as the DL is finished, I'm off to trial this game but feel based on the excellent previous reviews that I will be buying it!

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by CoolGrammy1 on Dec 4, 11 5:02 AM
I beta'd this game and hoped to see it and finally here it is. Nice clear graphics and hidden objects are not too dark to see. Difficult mini games. Music is repetitive, but I like the evil laugh when you get stuck. Looks like a fairly long game for a change. A definite buy for me...... Now to decide on the CE or waiting for the SE....I love the SG and had to use it a couple of times


Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by littlegamefisher on Dec 4, 11 5:18 AM
I also beta'd and immediately placed it at the top of my to-buy list for when it came available. I'm very happy it's finally been distributed. For me, this buy is a no-brainer (though I'll check out whether the CE is worth it). Beyond all the great aspects other fishies have noted, this one really grabbed me.


Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by dobbiemijnboekje on Dec 4, 11 5:20 AM
This is really a great game and a long one too. I like the HOS and the puzzles, some I had to skip. A few times I jumped out my chair.

Beautiful graphics too.

Kudos to the Devs and thanks BF.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Valdy on Dec 4, 11 5:36 AM
Unlike most of the reviewers, I didn't fall off my chair with excitement. And, since ERS comparisons are mentioned here, I still prefer the graphics of ERS games.

OK, this review is based on the 1-hour demo:

There is a choice of custom and system cursor.

There is a choice of widescreen, and I had to declick the widescreen box in order to get widescreen.

There are achievements, i.e. for doing a puzzle, etc.

The HINT and SKIP buttons fill fairly quickly. I believe it takes about 30 seconds for the HINT button to refill.

The voice-over is very well done, although one of the knights who spoke to me, wouldn't make it far as an actor. LOL

The graphics were very well done. Clear and clean images, even in the HOS (hidden object scenes), which were crowded, but not messy, and objects are easily found.

There are 2 different ways to find objects in the HOS: one is the normal way of finding and clicking on an object, and the other one has you interact with another object first, before being able to pick up the desired object.

This HOG (hidden object game) has quite a few puzzles - more puzzles than hidden object scenes, from what I saw in the 1 hour gameplay.

Kudos to the developers for allowing us to view the whole of the SG (strategy guide), including the bonus game.

As I said, I wasn't terribly excited about this game. The gameplay seemed a little flat, and I was wondering while walking around that big castle, when I was able to reach the outside to get some fresh air. LOL
I suppose I didn't care too much for the scenery, because I am no longer a big fan of games that play in medival times with knights and shields and battle axes to be found in a 14th century castle.

This is a very nice game, with lots of puzzles, and I am sure I will buy it when the SE (standard edition) comes out, but I won't be getting the CE (collector's edition), because I am sure that by the time I have finished the main game, I wouldn't want to continue playing the bonus game in the same environment.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bratzgram on Dec 4, 11 6:27 AM
Once again there are many great reviews here so I will keep mine short.

The story, graphics and voice overs are very well done. The story keeps you very involved. They offer three modes of difficulty.

It is a great combination of puzzles and hidden object. The puzzles are more difficult than most have been lately. An amulet that scans areas to find hidden clues is a fantastic extra. You are given awards for achievements. The hint system helps without having to go to the SG.

This is a definite buy for me.
out of 5!

Now lets hope the length doesn't let us down!

I know some have said that there are to many puzzles. There are a lot but they are doable and can be skipped. I like to find puzzles instead of just flying through a game. Well done in my opinion!

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by pjplanner on Dec 4, 11 7:30 AM
It seems these developers (whom I have never heard of either) have spent some time reading all the reviews posted by Fishies over some time, taken note of all negatives and then produced a game based on their findings. Brilliant! Three gameplay levels (I have been playing the hardest so it is challenging with no hints or sparkles but the built-in SG is there in case of emergency). Great graphics, great mini games, great storyline - Guess what? I think this game is great!! Off to buy even though I will need to sell my sister to afford it!!!

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Sheerija on Dec 4, 11 8:00 AM
These devs are new to me too. I found this game very interesting and it held my attention all the way through. Lovely navigation, always a blessing. I liked the amulet touch, just made it a bit different from the usual. Great graphics and quite a long BC. Nothing original about the story, just the usual demons and such, but that didn't bother me. I imagine it's quite difficult to come up with a theme that no-one else has thought of yet, so it's pretty much to be expected that these games tend to follow the same themes.

Like some others though, there were too many mini-games for my liking and the vast majority of them were too complicated. I like a challenge, but I'm a bit challenged myself when it comes to these puzzles, so I had to skip many of them, which is a shame, because they would have made the game last longer.

It's a polished game and shows a lot of talented ability went into it. I think it is a valiant effort indeed and look forward to hearing from these guys again soon.

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Orca Whale
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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by shadowfax44 on Dec 4, 11 8:57 AM
tj1147 wrote:...As others have mentioned the achievements, I'm wondering - if there is an achievement to be won for not using the hint button in advanced mode, do you achieve it if you play in the mode that doesn't offer hints? (Hope that makes sense!).
Yes, you get an achievement for completing the game in Hardcore mode.

I loved this game and don't have a single negative thing to say about it. By page two of game reviews, everything that can be said has usually already been said and so I don't have any more to say.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by mhatfie on Dec 4, 11 9:56 AM
Played for 15 minutes and bought it. Wonderful game. Beautiful clear graphics. I like that there are more puzzles than H0 scenes, some easy and some more difficult . I like that there is an option for full screen. The game runs very smoothly, not glitchy. H0 scenes aren't over cluttered and no squinting is required. Good story and worthy of CE price in my book.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Dec 4, 11 10:23 AM
Not certain of my character in this game. I think the developers forgot to tell us who were were supposed to be. However, that said, this is a new developer, I believe. I have not heard of the creator before. The game has excellent graphics and you have the ability to change to a windowed screen so no black lines along the edges. The puzzles are great. I like difficult puzzles and these are somewhat different from what has been offered in the past. There are voice overs. This must be a developer from Europe as its setting in Prague. I have an avid interest in the Knights Templar and the Crusades and am not aware that Prague was a hotbed of this activity. Not certain if I will purchase it as a CE as I am still playing another great CE from Blue Tea games. If this is a new developer, they are off to a great start. I just have too little time for all the CE's and need to be selective.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Wakame on Dec 4, 11 11:51 AM
I'm loving this game, especially the humour!

I keep going back to try to stroke the cat.....
...cracks me up every time!

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by brookings on Dec 4, 11 12:14 PM
I like that it has 3 modes of difficulty to choose from. This looks like a very good game, but it's to advanced for me. Enjoy.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by pvsquare on Dec 4, 11 12:53 PM
This looks like a very good story line. I am not familar with this dev. The graphics are very good and the mini games are good. I like that the SG stays where you left off and do not have to go back to the beginning. This one is a buy for me. Let us hope for more like this one.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Dec 4, 11 12:58 PM
I enjoyed what I got to play but it stopped after 15 min and said my trial had expired. Oh well. Guess I will have to wait until the SE comes out.. I would have liked to experience more of it, so will have to wait until I review it..

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Itsupikachu on Dec 4, 11 1:32 PM
Carole22759 wrote:Great H0G/Adventure game.
Stunning graphics, smooth gameplay, somewhat difficult puzzles, but the onboard SG would be helpful for those that are stuck. Achievements section so you can see what to strive to accomplish throughout the game.
Not much of a reviewer, but I wanted to atleast share a little.
Had beta-ed this game months ago and was anxiously waiting for the release...pleasant surprise to see it released and didn't even trial before installing.
I think most H0G/Adventurers will enjoy this game, and it of course has the dark/demonic/cult-ish/warlord/ghostly/bad guys that have taken everyone under their control. Setting appears to be back in Medieval Times which is kinda fun. Lots of swords, dragons, gauntlets, shields, etc to search for, and by the end you may be a little fed-up with seeking out yet another dragon in the H0G scene, but the graphics are so nice that you may not care (as I didn't).
So, it's up to YOU to rid the world of the evil-doers! Good Luck!

Carole22759 I want to thank you for including the warning about the "dark? demonic/cult-ish/warlord/ghostly/badguys......" I appreciate you taking the time to mention those things. It saves me from downloading a game I would feel uncomfortable with. It saddens me that so many of the beautiful games include so much of occult type themes. I wish there were a few more games like the James Paterson series.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by endofmonth on Dec 4, 11 2:11 PM
It's a no-buy for me. The cursor is a bit hard to wrangle -- not impossible, but uncomfortably slow to respond. Maybe it's just my computer (although it usually has no problem). Also the story isn't much, as others have pointed out. I did appreciate the harder-than-usual mini- games, though.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by SoManyCrimes on Dec 4, 11 2:18 PM
A review based on the demo:

A nice looking game, with a much better standard of puzzle than in most others. Some actual thought is required for most of them, although there were a few clunkers (I don't understand how to do the cog puzzle properly and the gem puzzle is actually impossible NOT to solve, because there's only a choice of one move each turn that doesn't undo what you just did). Still, a huge improvement over the usual easy peasy offerings, and even the ones which are very familiar are at the trickier end of the scale.

The Hidden Object scenes are fine. I've never much like them, but these are as good as any, I guess.

So if you're a puzzle fan I think I'd recommend it. There's a lot of "put the emblem in the slot" stuff that's just busywork, of course, and as some others have mentioned there's a bit of specific-item-only-itis, but even the best games on here suffer from that problem.

But the plot, I'm afraid, is just drek. Hardly anyone or anything is given a name, beyond either capitalizing what it is ("The Amulet", "The Descendant") or giving it the most blandly unimaginitive title possible ("The Dark Side"). What story there is is badly told, with new elements constantly being introduced without explanation (A dragon suddenly got mentioned after about 40 minutes without warning). The writing is going for fake-Medieval, but whoever was in charge of the translation doesn't have a good grasp of how that style works so a lot of it is a garbled mess. Which is unfortunate for the voice actors, but then they don't sound like they could have coped with good writing either.

There are a lot of in-jokes about the puzzles, but they're hardly side-splitters and for me they stick out quite badly in amongst writing which is otherwise deadly serious.

I did like how each time you found an item you got a specific message, rather that a generic "you found the X".

So, as usual (sigh), plenty to enjoy provided you're happy to ignore the story or let it wash over you. Unfortunately, I'm not. But the puzzles were good enough that I'll be looking out for future games.

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by care___916 on Dec 4, 11 4:33 PM
Had to purchase this game!! I agree with all of the great positive reviewers.

The detailed grahics/artwork I just couldnt resist even tho I would have liked more HOGs. Love the voices and SG.

Cant wait to see more games from this Dev.

Super happy game day

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Re:Reviews for 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition

[Post New]by jkuci on Dec 4, 11 6:38 PM
darkdisciple1313 wrote:Sorry, but this must be done:

Given that this takes place in and around Prague, one would think there would be more Czechs and balances when it comes to magic. If The Descendant gets paid for this, will the Czech be in the mail? If someone from Prague has a tattoo, is it called a Czech mark? And, finally, if somebody works at the shopping center, putting money amounts on products, are they called Price Czechs?

Done now.

As for the game, I kind of liked it, but there were several things that had me rolling my eyes from second one. If the main character were really me, my first question would have been, "But what if I don't feel like being The Descendant? Maybe I have plans next Tuesday." Also, whoever cast the voice-over actors must be deaf, because the acting was not just laughable, but near-criminal. The dude playing Sir William made Forrest Gump sound like Al Pacino. The second knight...spoke in...short phrases...and took...forever to say...his few lines. I wanted to take the halberd from the nearby suit of armor and smack him with it.

Beyond that, the gameplay was what eventually sold me on the game. I loved most of the puzzles (I could have done without a certain pipe puzzle...grrrrrrrrr...but I eventually figured it out), enjoyed the hidden-object scenes and didn't mind the somewhat vague storyline. I do, however, have the same problem that others have with the lack of logic in games like this. Yes, I can see the point of using a sledgehammer to take down a wall. The same object can also be used to knock down a rusty grate, but nooooooooooo...not in this game. We are almost in the year 2012, people; the things that made text-based games more difficult do not work quite as well in ones with graphics, where more obvious choices should apply.

I'm still up in the air as to whether or not I'll buy this as a collector's edition. There's enough here that I might, unless something better comes down the pike. If I were to give it a score, I'd like to give it...not a 9, but a 7. It's good, but there's too many silly little things that keep it from being great. This IS Sir William, SIGN-ing oFF.


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