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[Post New]by LizzieK on Feb 17, 09 5:28 AM
puppycake wrote:Well I finally got the flask problem solved!!!!!
Now another problem, at :Fruit of the sacred door puzzle" The dumb lemming went into the bottom right hole before I had a chance to put the cork in it. Yeah I screwed up and and used the prayer wheel before I was suppose to and now that darn rodent wont come out, helpppppppppppp.
If you have called the Harfang Bird into the cavern with you, the lemming will not come out of the hole. You have to go back to the center of the village and call the Harfang Bird back to that perch, then go back to the cavern and put the cork in the hole, then call the Harfang Bird back to the cavern again. Good luck!

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Re:Syberia 2

[Post New]by puppycake on Feb 18, 09 8:37 PM
Thanks, would never have thought of that! Now................I am stuck to open oscars heart, it says click the numbers of time anna stated 7:15? I understand the rest after that but that part seems to be what I am missing, I am not even sure what that means????

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Re:Syberia 2

[Post New]by BIG4FUN on May 2, 09 5:21 AM
shindy77 wrote:Okay, that's much clearer... now I can help you!

The key you collected inside the general store is not for the gate at the end of the platform. It is actually for the candy machines near the front door inside the general store.

Use the key on the bottom drawer of the rightmost machine to get coins. The coins will appear in a bar at the top of the screen so you can select them individually. (The drawer stays stuck open - don't worry about it). By trial and error, use the coins one by one on the left and middle machines to get Fish candy and Sugar candy.

Go outside and to the right, onto the platform bridge that leads up to the coal machine. Walk onto the bridge but NOT all the way into the close-up screen of the coal machine. Then look down beneath the platform to the right side and see a girl character standing there. Click on her to talk to her about all the topics in your notebook. She will offer to give you the gate key if you give her a present. Give her the Sugar candy, NOT the fish candy. She will float the gate key up to you, tied to her balloon. Then you can use it to get through the gate at the end of the platform and go down below the train tracks.

If you go to that spot and the girl character is not there, don't worry. She will come back. Just work on something else first. Sounds like you still need to wind the train. To do that, go down to the far right end of the platform where Oscar is, and click on the wheel of the machine, then the lever. Then go back and look for the girl if you weren't able to find her the first time.

P.S. if you mistakenly give her the wrong candy, it's okay. Use the little key on the candy machine drawers again and retrieve the coins you already used. No other coins will work besides these specific ones. You can take them and put them in the machines again to get more candy. You will need the Fish candy later on in this part of the game, so keep it in your inventory.

Happy gaming!


Re:Syberia 2 getting the key from the little girl

[Post New]by wildfrank on Jun 1, 09 7:20 AM
I have got the candy, and have tried to have about twenty chats with the little girl, She just says hello and walks off before Kate gets a chance to ask about the key or give her the candy, it's driving me nuts!!!



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Re:Syberia 2

[Post New]by favored on Nov 20, 10 3:47 PM
cszar2000 wrote:I have been yo see Hans, the general store, took a key, went to the gate, and saw oscar, tried dto pull the coal bin.

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