Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by rcoast911 on Jan 26, 12 8:05 PM
Sick, twisted game developers, that is what you are, and I LOVE it!


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Jan 27, 12 3:49 PM
I had to take a break from this game because if I see one more time "There is nothing to do here right now", I'm going to scream!! I have been playing for about three hours now (maybe four) and I have enjoyed the game for the most part - especially not overloaded with HOS!! Yeah! The graphics are good and the story is different. I see the "Dorian Gray" reference as far as wanting to stay young. That story by Oscar Wilde has always been one of my favorites. Anyway, I am taking a break because I'm exhausted from going in and out of rooms 5 to 10 times trying to find something to do!! I will continue later.


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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Jan 28, 12 4:14 AM
This game is superb value for SE money, really long.

Huge number of places to visit, very good voiceover, brilliant graphics, well thought out story line.

But, oh, I was glad to reach the end of the game. I was tired of so much back and forth and it went on far too long to hold my attention. But that is just me, it is a brilliant game and well worth every penny.

There was a sort of "ending" in the SE version. I understand from other reviews that the proper ending is only in the CE version. Yet again, I have a book with the final pages ripped out. Ah well.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by rockey69 on Jan 29, 12 6:20 AM
Wow this game is hard, with all the different rooms, I keep getting lost and the puzzles are pretty hard too. I have been looking for a good **** game and this one is a good one.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by tangawarra on Feb 1, 12 9:53 AM
I only played the demo, which took me about 40 minutes.I enjoyed it, but I'm not going to buy it. The graphics look good, but I found the HOS too easy and the puzzles not very difficult but sometimes a bit tedious - a lot of just moving things along lines etc. Also the puzzle window is kind of small which makes some of them difficult to see, e.g. I couldn't solve the slide puzzle, because I couldn't make out any details. In the rainbow puzzle the Reset button was so close to the balls that I accidentally moved the cursor across it and reset the whole thing - I know that's just me being clumsy but annoying all the same. So all in all not very challenging, it might get better later on, but I'm not going to spend money to find out.


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Feb 3, 12 5:42 PM
Finally finished! Quite entertaining, although there was alot of running back and forth. Map only tells you where you are and where there is an action to be taken, be it a mini-game, object to find, etc. The voice of "Oscar" got on my nerves after awhile ( a little too dramatic for my taste) so I just turned off the sound. But overall, I had a pretty good time. Had to cut out and go through the walkthrough a few times, which got on my nerves, but I think its a pretty clever game.


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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by Bink_In_AK on Feb 6, 12 10:32 AM
Bought the CE


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by pierrotlunaire0 on Feb 6, 12 6:08 PM
I don't know if it was the story, the acting, the graphics, or the music, but I just "clicked" with this game. Just loved it.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by medic1960 on Feb 7, 12 12:33 PM
This is a great game with good graphics, storyline and mini-games and plays for a good while.

Paradoxically, it plays on my wide screen but only when I switched it OFF!

I fail to understand why this was called 'Dorian Gray' though. In the book, his portrait in the attic ages while he stays young. Finally, during a house fire the painting burns and he ages instantly and turns to dust.

Many thanks.


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by mrod48 on Feb 12, 12 2:43 PM
I do not usually write reviews but greatly appreciate all the of thoughtful comments made by players. I love this game. I consider myself a pretty competent player and find the puzzles interesting and different. I would highly recommend this game to any player who is looking for a challenge.


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by humannonfish on Feb 13, 12 5:47 AM
What an unexpected delight, a game that required some thought with an entertaining story and great voiceover. Considering the cost, this was amazing value for money. It was possibly as good as 'Escape from Ravenhurst' and I really enjoyed that. Games for grownups - finally!

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by hidden007 on Feb 20, 12 11:17 PM
I just finished playing this game, and I am so disappointed that I didn't go ahead and buy the CE version!!! I tend to only buy the SE versions of games, but this is the first one I encountered that said the complete ending of the story can only be found in the CE version. Darn!!!! Otherwise, I really liked this game- NO- I LOVED it!!! It was a long one, but I really liked that there was so many places to go! The game actually has three maps, since there are so many locations to visit! I REALLY LIKED Oscar's voice and how he really sounded like a maniac! I really enjoyed all the puzzles, which is a first for me- I usually don't like the puzzles in a lot of the games. I almost got stumped a couple of times, but with patience and re-visiting scenes and exploring, I figured out what to do next! I also enjoyed the HO scenes- they weren't difficult and there weren't too many. I also liked how we had to go from location to location to pick up various inventory items, and then returning to previous scenes to use them! This is a game definitely worth buying! And I would suggest buying the CE version, so you won't have to feel the disappointment of not seeing the complete and final ending (like I felt!!!). Awesome game! Awesome graphics! Awesome job!!!! Thank you!! Hope the makers of this game make another one soon!!!!

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One of the best games of 2011...

[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Feb 22, 12 4:59 AM
Although I can't compare this game to MCF Escape From Ravenhearst since I only played the demo of that one (the morphing objects turned me off from the game), I have played Return To Ravenhearst and I think this game is in the same ranks as that classic, it is that good! When people say this game is vast, they are not kidding. I could not believe how many different scenes were in this game. Just when I thought I had explored everything, more scenes/rooms to explore popped up. There is a map that tells you what rooms are active, but unfortunately it is not interactive, so there is a lot of roaming around, and if people don't like that in a game, they probably won't like it in this one. I didn't mind the roaming around in this game because there seemed to be a logic to it. When you are done with a part of the house, you don't have to go back there again and you keep moving forward.

Another thing I really liked about this game was that there are more puzzles than H0 scenes, and many of the puzzles are unique and challenging. I try not to skip puzzles in games, but there were a few I got too frustrated with, so I skipped them. I enjoyed many of the ones that I did complete, and appreciated the challenge. In general, this game is challenging. The hint system isn't very helpful and the map fails to be helpful sometimes as well. It tells you the rooms that are active, meaning there is still a task to complete there, but if you go to that room it doesn't mean you will be able to complete the task at that time. You still might need to find another inventory object before you are able to. There were a couple of times where I had to use a walkthrough to figure out what to do next, since the hints and map were not helping at all and I was stuck.

What else makes this game so great you may be wondering. The voice acting has a lot to do with it. As others have mentioned here, the voice acting of the villain, Oscar, is phenomenal, and really adds a lot to the creepiness of the game. I am wondering if the voice actor here is the same guy who played the evil doctor in Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy. The voice sounds similar and both were very convincing villains. Does anyone know?

This game is addictive, chilling, fun and long! I didn't time myself, but I would guess that it took me at least 6 or 7 hours to complete the game (I am an intermediate player). I highly recommend it, especially to people who enjoy adventure and puzzles, more than H0 scenes.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by grandmab3248 on Mar 2, 12 9:02 PM
As cbtx said, I really don't know what this game has to do with the movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is definitely creepy, and the voice over was excellent. That being said, I only bought this game as I had a pcc about to expire. I didn't really care for it when I demoed the CE, but I had already purchased all of the games that I wanted at that point in time. I'm not a big fan of voice overs, and this entire game has constant dialogue from the villian. It nearly drove me crazy, and most of the time, I just shut off the dialogue. The mini games were quite good, however, and different from most other games. I had to refer to the walkthrough alot, as the hint system was of no help outside of hog scenes. It just told you there was nothing to do in that area.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by gingergal on Mar 29, 12 2:18 AM

A very well done game. For those that love plot and a lot of dialogue, done here in voiceover, not many hidden object scenes and unique puzzles and slightly harder puzzles than usual, this game is for you.

The dialogue you can skip which was good as you could read it if you were impatient. But it’s the best voiceover I ever remember in a game, very good and creepy.

The puzzles were mostly medium with some nice harder ones thrown in and what a refreshing change to say that some were truly unique. It had the usual 2 choice of hardness, I play hardcore and it had sparkles on hidden object scenes (but when you repeat them I guess you have to)


No random clicking on hidden object scenes on hard mode

Mostly non junk hidden object scenes (you did repeat them but not more than twice)

Unique and some harder puzzles

Longer than most HOPAs (hidden object puzzle adventure) but a lot of that was backtracking

Hint button told you if there was anything in an area to do

Plot was very well done


The biggest con to me was that they gave you a map and it wasn’t a transporter map as there was a lot of backtracking going on.

It was a confusing map – 3 different pages, and sometimes didn’t show you active areas or things you needed to pick up or do. It was a maze.

I hate endings of not finishing things up. They could have kept it at the scene beforehand and not the ‘in the bonus play…’

If I could do a puzzle when he was talking that would have been great, I could pick up items but not move or do anything.

I love a game with harder puzzles and not cluttered with hidden object scenes but all that backtracking when it was so easy to get lost, and not have a transporter map really brought down the score on this game.

So an A grade game was brought down to a B+.
(I am very hard on scoring games.)

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by kelsie2 on Apr 17, 12 3:36 AM
One of the best games I have played !! I have played many.. Graphics excellent and the story kept me interested and almost glued to my mac...
I had no difficulty following the maps and as i got used to the play managed to cut down much of the walking back and forth which did get a bit tedious .
Mini games varied and not too complex, except for the last one in which I had to go to the walkthrough for the first time , and even then gave up and skipped it.
Hooray not too many hogs and those were quite interesting ...
Ok here is the one complaint.... Would the devs give our hero some cough syrup !!!
that constant " ah- em" was irritating as the cough would be !!
I am surprised that I seem to be the only one bothered by it maybe it came through clearer because I used headphones anyone else notice it ???
Great Great Game wish I had bought the CE !!! Thanks Devs " Ah -Em "
Thanks Big Fish that was a good one !!!.


Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by Leigh2216 on Apr 23, 12 4:19 PM
Fantastic! After only 25 minutes of play I had to purchase. HO scenes were easy-ish, puzzles on the tricky side, graphics lush, great acting, lots to do. I don't mind "to-ing and fro-ing" so that won't factor into my review, but if you dislike that, try the demo first.

Personally I love HOGs, especially scary /dark ones. I didn't find this very scary, but it made me jump at least once. Will absolutely recommend to all my HOG loving friends!

Five fishies from me! Love it!

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by roaming on May 26, 12 1:02 AM
Too much walking around trying to remember where to use an object, and the map and journal were about useless. The voiceover was way too much talking, and I turned that part of the sound off. You really don't need to know what he's saying; all he does is taunt the reporter, Sam. Other than that I thought the game was about as good as any of the "better" games, but toward the end, I got very tired of wandering around, very tired of all the dead bodies, embalmed or otherwise, and didn't much care if Sam rescued Anna or not!

I'm giving it a B- only because of the interminable wandering around and lack of a useful map and journal.

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by lookywho on Jun 14, 12 7:50 AM
I have enjoyed playing this game it was clear and a great story line thanks to BF and the game maker

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Re:Reviews for Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome

[Post New]by crowtrobot on Jun 20, 12 9:43 PM
I just finished the game, and was disappointed that the real end is only in the CE. I also don't understand the connection with "Dorian Gray." I know the story and just don't get it. THe villain in this game is diagnosed with "manic psychosis" but that is not what Dorian Gray had.

That being said, the real flaw in this game is that there are so many locations (56 by my count) so trying to find where you need to use an objec you just found takes a lot of time. I made my own map (I always do) and I kept getting lost even then (I mark on my maps where I need objects so I can see where I need to go). The map only showed places where there was a puzzle to be done while you are carrying an object you have no idea what to do with. I had an object that I didn't have a place marked on my map because I hadn't found the place that needed the object (in spite of extreme cursor searching in every location as I passed through them). With so many locations, having the hint button say "There is nothing to do here at this time" isn't a lot of help. Between having a hint button that works outside of HOS and a map that is supposed to mark places with things to do, it should have been easier to direct the player. It did make the game take longer, but that shouldn't have been necessary.

SPOILER: Like a typical slasher movie, nobody checked to make sure "Oscar" was dead before the police got there. So of course he gets away.I would like to know how the story ends, but don't want to pay the extra to upgrade. Especially if it turns out that Oscar gets away for a sequel. Although I am curious if the bonus chapter explains the Dorian Gray connection, assuming there ever was one.

I do recommend this game. The graphics were good, the music good and not too intrusive, the villain's voice suitably creepy and not overdone. But make your own map. Use graph paper or a legal pad, draw boxes for each location, label in the box any item you need and then list it to one side (i.e., need screwdriver, put a "1" in the location box, put "1. Need screwdriver" on list to one side. Now when you find a screwdriver an hour later, you'll know where to use it. My list for this game had approximately 66 items.

I'm sure I'll play this game again, although I will seriously consider upgrading to the CE out of curiosity.

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