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[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Feb 1, 12 9:04 AM
This game is truly awful and has nothing good about it whatsoever. I can honestly say this is the worst TM game I have ever played, and I'm amazed I lasted the 7 minutes that I did!
The characters look like plastic Barbie's/[removed by moderator], and the concept of the game is that an average girl has to look and act like this to get a man! What a truly awful image this could have on young girls and boys! The basic premise seems to be picking clothes off clothes stands. And that is it.
The graphics are terrible to the point of ugly. The colours are gawdy. The game is slow and tedious and nothing changes for the entire level.
The instructions are very unclear at the beginning, and I had to guess what to do and had no idea what my score was and I actually started the level again just in case I missed something, which is why I lasted 7 minutes. As it turns out, all I missed was 7 minutes of my life I will never get back.
Of course, I cannot tell if the game improves at all or even changes because I didn't play for long enough, but judging by the other reviewers who bravely played longer, it doesn't seem to change.

PLEASE developers, bring out a TM game that is half-way decent, not something that seems to be a case of "that'll do".

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Re:Reviews for Sale Frenzy

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Feb 1, 12 9:50 AM
Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to swim by and say there have been some very thorough reviews in this thread so far and we definitely appreciate that. However I just want to step in with a quick reminder that per our Forum Rules let's

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Re:Reviews for Sale Frenzy

[Post New]by ember89 on Feb 3, 12 1:55 PM
thanks for the warning, all you fishies out there who have given this one a try...knew something was 'fishy' when i read the description: help an average girl get the attention of the boy she loves and then watched the video - ???

will be passing thanks to your trips and falls before me hope to be of equal help some time in the future!

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Re:Reviews for Sale Frenzy

[Post New]by noyb on Feb 4, 12 2:04 PM
I am a dedicated TM fan and was also anxious for a new game. Even bought this one - wow how stupid was that. This has to be the WORST WORST game in history, and just to put that comment in context, I managed to forge through Tory's Shop n Rush and Megastore Madness (and even replayed them) - both incredibly lame games.

Where to start - the bonuses are ridiculous, the character moves agonizingly slowly, others have already thoroughly covered the outrageously prurient drawing of the characters and the shallow (to put it mildly!!) "story". The game play is repetitive, uninteresting, and slow (even after you move forward in the game, which very sadly I did). The character chooses to do annoying things like walk all the way around the clothing stand when the item is right in front of her... it's nearly impossible to tell when you've done something right because all the competitors' scores are flying around on the screen... the bonuses come so fast that you can't keep track of what's happening, and even when you counter them, another hex c omes at you immediately. Almost every time a hex is played you lose your placed counters (or the character wanders around meaninglessly picking up random items that don't match what you want). I really tried to persevere thinking I'd get the hang of it, but honestly, it makes me want to chew my fingers off at the knuckles (probably more fun or at least more exciting). I've never asked for a game refund, but THIS MIGHT BE THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re:Reviews for Sale Frenzy

[Post New]by shakeandcry on Feb 6, 12 9:27 AM
Full Disclosure: I did NOT download the demo; I couldn't even--for critical purposes--watch the promo video.

I refuse to support it even that much.

Well. I have seen some seriously misogynistic crap here before, but this--as of Feb 6, 1:23pm-is the ultimate in pure offensive, in its premise and its promotion.

In the promo picture for the game, it does NOT look like clothes are what is going to be sold here. If it was just the girl, I'd expect her to be arrested. But the guy in the trench coat? Whoa. He looks like he was ripped out of the pages of a book for children, in, oh around the 80s, as the example of stranger danger. As of pedophiles were generous enough to agree upon an easy recognised costume. This image doesn't say 'Hey! Play this light and fun shopping game'; it says 'Call the police! Now!'

And, of course, girls, the younger you learn it the better: if you want a boy to like you, your self-esteem better be as cheap as your clothes.

It's disgusting this was ever made, and I'm truly revolted that BFG agreed to sell it. It appears they have no more respect for women than the creeper in the corner.

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