Re:Who has completed all game levels?

[Post New]by Janissi49 on Jan 18, 13 11:29 PM
Hi! I know I'm late, but I just started playing this game. I tried the trial some time ago, but decided not to purchase it. It was way to confusing for me. However, I decided to try it again, and it's my new addiction! I this game!

I'm at Level 30, and I've had to do it over again about four times (I stopped because I'm exhausted), but I'm proud that I finally made it. I really doubted I could. Anyway, my feedback is, THANK YOU for providing so much fun game. Even though I hate bugs, these are adorable. The music is catchy too. The plants are my heroes. Oh, and I've never played tower defense games before.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, "WELL DONE!" You have a new fan. I still have the Christmas version to finish (I started that one first...go figure), stopped and began the this one.

I can't wait for the next!

Thank you.


Re:Who has completed all game levels?

[Post New]by Smalldeveloper on Jan 24, 13 12:49 AM
We are glad to hear this! Thank you for playing.

Best regards from developers team :-)

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Re:Who has completed all game levels?

[Post New]by TiddK on Apr 21, 14 8:19 AM
I've completed all levels of Garden Rescue to 3 *** General Level, and all except one level of Christmas Edition, which I have only 2 **

I find the hardest levels (by far) are the ones where you don't get coins, but have to use the weapons you're given through the level. If you're like me, and you start to plan a strategy right from the beginning, this is very challenging as you have to use someone else's idea of what you need!

One criticism is that you can't checkpoint after each wave of invaders - so if you lose a star on the last but one 'wave', you have to start right over again from the beginning. However, I do like the way you can go through early waves at 'double speed', to hurry through them.

It would be nice if you are planning another version, if players could opt to spend some money as a bug is dragging a strawberry out of the garden - to send it back into weapon fire for a few more seconds, costing you - say - 200 or 300 coins.

I am kind of addicted to Garden Rescue and would love to see another version of it. However, it falls down compared to Plants vs Zombies on two things :
1. There are no minigames, which gives PvZ such a great variety of gameplay options
2. The bug invasions are always in the same sequence, where in PvZ you're never quite sure which zombies will arrive where, and in which order.

(I have no idea what other users mean by a 'padlock' - there's no padlock on my Mac version!!)

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