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Re:Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki

[Post New]by Sheerija on May 16, 12 2:53 AM
I am a minority of one. I like it. Yes, I did say "like" Am I weird? Maybe. But it's more likely that I'm at a lose end.

I think it's a light and delicate little game, if a little slow. It's slow because I spend so long looking for things just a little larger than a pinhead. That's a definite drawback. But then, not all items are that small. It's just that they have put a lot of them on backgrounds with which they blend completely.

A saving grace is that it has a very fast and helpful hint button.

Graphics are nice and clean and a really love the period. Music is pleasant. I don't care about voice-overs. They generally lag behind the written text and are still waffling on long after I've finished reading.

Could it have been done better? Absolutely. It's off-putting when it first starts, but after about Chapter 3, I got quite into it, and now I'm rather enjoying it.

No, I'm not from another planet. As far as I know.

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Re:Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki

[Post New]by burf90 on Jun 1, 12 3:51 PM
Well, Sheerija, there's two of us. I actually downloaded and tried this game because of all the bad reviews. I like things that are different and this game is definitely that. And, while I like pretty graphics, they are not a deal breaker. The simplicity of the graphics do remind me of the 80's but that was the golden age of computer games, so it's just a nostalgia trip for me. Yes, there are things that could have been done better, but on the whole the mystery is a pretty good one. I believe I'm nearing the end, so we'll see if I still like it by then.

And I guess it's a good thing I haven't gotten stuck anywhere. I never use hints and if I were to need help, I think I'd be on my own in this forum. No one else will have played far enough to drop a hint for me. LOL

I just finished this game and it was quite long. I really found I enjoyed it very much. I know I'm much in the minority, but I am not sorry I bought it and it was interesting enough that I played it straight through.

If you don't like a game with conversation and lots of plot, this game is not for you. If you must have fancy graphics and flash movies, this game is not for you. If you don't like historical drama, this game is not for you. If you like those things, however, you really might want to give it a try - and I recommend playing the whole trial, because once you get used to the game play and begin to unravel the mystery, it's quite enjoyable.

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