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Re:Reviews for Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

[Post New]by boobailey on Jul 23, 12 2:15 PM
Kind of long. No map to help you through the game. You need to use the help button always, which is why this game seemed longer. Not my favorite game. Graphic's OK. Puzzles and HOS ? Some what OK.


Re:Reviews for Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

[Post New]by FishingCat on Jul 28, 12 7:54 AM
I liked this game as much as Dark Dimensions: City of Fog, except for the ending. For some reason, the ending left me disappointed and wondering if that was really where it was going to end.


- Graphics are nice, pretty and creepy at the same time
- Storyline
- Cutscenes (although the voice was out of sync with the scene many times, but I let it pass since they're ghosts.)
- Interactive H0 scenes


- Ending felt abrupt and could have used some little scene where the player felt like things ended where they were supposed to end.
- One or two of the mini games confused me even with the instructions. I had to look one up in a walkthrough to figure out what I wasn't getting. The rest of the mini games were fine.

I would recommend the game despite the couple of flaws I felt it had. It was fun and creepy. I would try the demo if you're not sure if you like creepy games. Ghosts and a crazy villain were the scariest things I ran across unless you don't like snakes.


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Re:Reviews for Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

[Post New]by greytgal on Aug 16, 12 4:15 PM
I am usually not real critical of games, especially as I agree with the fact that for the money, you are getting hours and hours of enjoyment and an exceptional deal. However, except for the fact that some of the puzzles were hard and challenging, I am not sure I have played a game yet that I found so disagreeable. I usually don't mind if the story line is a little lame because I like the challenge of figuring out where to go and what to do next, and I love the puzzles and interactive hogs, etc. But in this case, the story was not moved along by the gameplay but rather by the diary, which I think is a shortcut by the developers and not a best effort. I found too much of the play didn't make sense and there just didn't seem to be any foundation for a next move much of the time. And I like the concept of interactive HOGs but please---a little logic, guys. SPOILER ALERT: looking for a mushroom? Well, of course! You put the apple by a hole in the wall and out comes a hedgehog with a mushroom on it's back. Are you kidding me??? There were quite a few doozies like that one and I was glad they put the gears in the scenes so at least you knew where to try putting something you picked up!
I won't go into the voice overs and acting, as it has already been covered by others. Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my old age, but I wouldn't recommend this game unless you were DESPERATE. Too many other great games on this site to waste time with this one.


Re:Reviews for Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Mar 30, 13 10:15 AM
It’s A Hard Slog For Amateur Puzzlers


So many important things to say about this game that I had to take a breather and get them down. This game is a long and arduous journey for me, an intermediate puzzler, HO diva, and intrepid adventurer. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good, probably a great, game, but it is too much for one sitting that’s for sure!

I was disappointed to find that the “Beauty” of the title didn’t bring with it beauty in the artwork. It is top quality, talented work, but no one has given us gorgeous fantastical concoctions. Instead we are not-so-welcomed into town by living wax grotesqueries and statues we just wished we could be sure WERE wax.

In other words, the atmosphere is one of a seriously creepy game, based around an equally creepy story. I want to take a moment for the story.

This is by far the best job of characterisation I’ve seen in over 500 games I’ve trialled and played. The emotional conflicts between the girl and her brother, his frustration and confusion, her hurt and sense of betrayal, just great.

The relationships between the other lead characters are excellently portrayed too. And their weaknesses, eccentricities and obsessions. I don’t know if this is helped by having live actors (who were a bit over the top I thought), but certainly the dialogue and frequent well-timed very well crafted cutscenes really added to the reality of these people’s dramas. I found myself taking sides in the arguments – and my mum sat in for a while and sided against me!

Finally, it would not be right to write about a Dark Dimension game without mentioning the high quality, difficulty, and originality of their games. City Of Fog, the first of this series, was notable for them as well. However, as with that predecessor, a number of original games don’t have clear enough instructions, in the game or in the strategy guide.

Us amateurs need a little more hand holding. At the very least I hope to see more reset buttons in future games. Oh, and it is very interactive and entertaining HOS.

Now I‘ll go finish off the bad guy/gal...

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

[Post New]by Jurinne on Apr 12, 13 3:40 PM
Does this game EVER end? I am at the point now where I am using the Hint button constantly just to get through it. I don't care about the story anymore. I don't even know what is going on most of the time. There are so many HOS and each one seems to add another bizarre item to my Inventory which means more walking back and forth and another puzzle or contraption that needs to be opened or started or something.

As far as the HOS are concerned, they are very interactive and I like that. But the items are often difficult to find and the cursor must be placed exactly so or it doesn't count. I've clicked on one item five times, finally resorted to the Hint button and was taken back to the item I had already clicked on (I'm glad the Hint button recharges quickly).

The graphics are very nice. The music is passable except for the piano that just plays the same few notes over and over. Fortunately that is only in one place but I've been there many times and it's starting to tick me off. Puzzles are either so amazingly simple that I wonder how anyone could not complete them within ten seconds (at least so far) or the directions are poor and as the Skip button fills quickly I am tending to just skip them to get them over with.

Small spoiler:

It's like this game is a conglomeration of a bunch of puzzles and HOS that had been stacking up for years so someone decided to make a game out of it. It's too much! Too many items to find, too many puzzles that can't be played because ten or eleven parts must be found, more and more new mystery items, and hints that are perplexing at best. For example, I was told that the coffin lid could be used as firewood to get rid of the bees at the hive. What bee hive? I hadn't seen a bee hive! There is really no reason to give hints that leave players confused because they have not found that area yet. I didn't need to be told I could use wood to start a fire, duh. And of course I eventually found the bee hive.

End of spoiler

I'm glad I didn't buy the CE because then I would need to complete a bonus chapter. I just want this over with. It could have been such a good game as creepy is what I like.

Normally I read about games being too short. This game is definitely not too short. I'm beginning to wonder if it ever ends and if I should even care.

I regret my purchase. I'm not so experienced that I can breeze through a game like this and I'm not so inexperienced that I immediately give up.

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