Shattered Minds: Encore

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[Post New]by Sheerija on Jul 2, 12 2:49 AM
jkuci wrote:
I was interested in the story so I downloaded the demo --it is a bigger download than the full game due to advertisements for other games by this dev plus a sneakpeak at 1 future game.

But the game lost me by overly contrived gameplay.

I had to scare away some crows who were at a crime evidence site. I had a police baton in inventory but the game required me to find a caramel coated apple, melt the caramel off it with a lighter then, throw it at the crows. Really!!!!?

I deleted the game demo shortly thereafter.

I also thought that was ridiculous, but it didn't make me laugh the way you've written it here did. Your writing quite often has that effect on me. Great turns of phrases you have. (Might be too many s's in that last sentence, wasn't sure where to put them.)

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Re:Shattered Minds: Encore

[Post New]by CiChDa on Jul 2, 12 9:28 AM
I wanted to share some insight into WHY you melted the carmel off the apple to throw at the crows instead of using your nightstick...more humane throwing an apple than using a club. Wow, I can just hear folks if we used a club

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Re:Shattered Minds: Encore

[Post New]by phisherman on Jul 7, 12 1:09 PM
Don't really understand all the great comments. Did not care for this game right from the start. Deleted the trial after ten minutes.


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[Post New]by The_Darkside_80 on Jul 9, 12 2:55 AM
What is the go with the stepladder when you get to Chapter 3 and have to retrieve a shovel? Every time I click on the statue, to place the stepladder it keeps going back to the inventory, telling me that "I don't want to cut up my hands on the bush" and that its a bad idea and that's an odd idea. Getting very frustrated. I can't progress in the game, if I can't get this shovel.


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[Post New]by disgruntled_girl on Jul 24, 12 7:22 PM
Mehh I dunno. It had some potential. I bought it anyway despite teh very ridiculous police officer which made a lot of things a touch contrived.
But in the end - it became apparent they were "phoning it in".
In fact in one of the hidden rooms - where the mirror or portal to another room comes out of the floor - there is an X shaped artifact. This is a marker inside the engine that designates that an object and/or action goes here. We're not suppose to see it.

And it doesn't asnwer anything. Not what happened that night. Not how he removed the items. What happened to him afterwards. You really only end up with 2 more significant pieces of information than when you started:
there was a mask - there was a bad opening night.
Pretty much it.

Though the Ventriloquist's cottage is the CREEPIEST SCARIEST ICKIEST "OMIGAWD-DO-I-HAVE-TO-GO-BACK-THERE?" places I've ever encountered in all the games I've played thus far.

Honestly: that cottage is worth the entire price of the game.
I hope they read this and take heed .... perhaps for the 3rd game ... for that 3rd magician named in the game (^_^)
I mean that place really rocked.

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