Reviews for Farm Fables


Re:Reviews for Farm Fables

[Post New]by aprilmay_sun on Aug 4, 12 8:14 AM
well all reviews look pretty good. i gonna try it. wish me luck!


Re:Reviews for Farm Fables

[Post New]by caffers3004 on Aug 30, 12 1:52 PM
I know it says start a new thread for help...but I cant see how to do that?!
I love this game, but I am stuck! I like the graphics, and the concept, but I am stuck on a pathetically low level, nyone got any pointers?!
I cant seem to get 250 eggs in time, as I have to sell my eggs to buy more storage.
I seem to have a problem with raising money, in further levels I grow and sell beet, but that takes time to build up the profits.

I would give this game 4 stars, but i would give my own intelligence 2 stars!! lol.

Any tips?

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Re:Reviews for Farm Fables

[Post New]by Destinye on Jul 30, 13 9:07 PM
Really good game and the animals are too cute!

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Re:Reviews for Farm Fables

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jul 18, 14 5:18 PM
Couple years later.....

I tried this game and bought it last week. Played a little bit until today & to be honest, I'm deleting it from my system for now, without finishing it. I just dont have it in me for this game. Something about it ijust doesnt make me feel compelled to try?
So I'm going back to search for similar games or for hopefully some good ole strategy games.

Its an OKAY game but not quite one of the greats.

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Re:Reviews for Farm Fables

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Sep 5, 14 4:11 PM
got half way through then got bored with it.

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