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Re:Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make Collector's Edition

[Post New]by redw00d on Jul 26, 12 11:19 PM
Hi BFarians,

Take a look at the source, line 378. Whatever editor you are using to type in the html is not encoded at utf-8. Are you using (shudder) M$oft word?

Any how, private message to me is cool. (I used to be on the original UNICODE committee, representing AT&T).


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answering a question about moderator technique...

[Post New]by Jaguar2357 on Aug 19, 12 7:50 PM
Valdy wrote:

Morning, Flounder...

Can you tell me why in these posts that are made by the moderators you always sneak in signs like the Euro sign and other letters that don't belong there? (I know this is a "suspicious" smilie, but to me it's a "wondering why" smilie).

They are writing their prose in Word and then copy/pasting into the forum - except the bulletin board code formatting cannot read many Word format codes that are automatic, such as long dashes and curly quote signs. If the mods would do all their composing in a notepad platform that could be asked to do plain text, they would be unable to use any symbols bbc can't read anyway, and everything would copy/paste smoothly.

Simply pasting Word into NotePad does not clean out formatting codes any more, they've made it too sophisticated.

Jaguar - moderator on another forum who has learned this the hard way.

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