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Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by SharonGia on Sep 13, 12 1:43 PM
I like the game alot. Just finished demo and will use a credit on it.

It took awhile to get the hang of everything we have to do. I concentrated on buying the outfits each day there was a demand for. As I earned money, I added to the staff so I could have one on register, one on sales floor, one on greeting, and one on changing room. I kept training them so they would be an "A" on their particular job. I had one employee trained fully on both greeting and sales floor so when the salesperson is busy restocking, I could quickly put the greeter to help a customer on the floor. My ratings got higher as I did this.

Overall, very interesting game. Similar to Bistro Boulevard which I loved. I recommend trying the full one-hour in the demo, it gets better so don't give up. At first was confusing and I couldn't understand why my ratings were so low but once I got the hang of it, it got better.


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Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by krasniikot on Sep 14, 12 4:57 AM
Bistro Boulevard is one of my very favorite games of all time and I often replay it, so I really, really wanted Bistro Boulevard 2... that said:

I still really liked this game, though not as much. If I hadn't first played Bistro Boulevard I would've liked it better.

It's similar but not as challenging. I so enjoy trying to figure out the recipes in Bistro Boulevard. In Boutique Boulevard you have to "figure out" outfits, which, I mean, there's a picture of it right there so no need for hints, ever.

Plus, the ambiance of a restaurant is more important than the ambiance of a clothes store (in my opinion) so it wasn't as much fun decorating (though I do love all the options).

Dragging the employees around wasn't as annoying as I'd expected it to be, and I really didn't mind that part.

Of course I purchased it, in hopes the proceeds will go toward Bistro Boulevard 2. hahaha!


Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by Anjolies_Mommy on Sep 26, 12 1:06 PM
This was fun to a point, but got boring FAST.

I am on my last store already (without actually getting all the stars on each level), and I just realized, theres nothing after this store, so what is the point. I quit playing. No storyline, not a long enough game. What a waste of my credits.

Bistro Blvd. was much better, but even that needed more, you finished so quickly. You didnt have to master every goal in every resteraunt, as you dont here either. You can easily move on to next store, although it doesnt tell you when you can do so like in Bistro Blvd. This once, you have enough stars, you can move on. Which I did because I was bored.

The fact that they recycled many of the floors walls and other decorations from the first game for this one, I thought was pretty lame. Cant even come up with new decorations? Ghetto.


Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by CleanN_Funny on Oct 6, 12 4:34 AM
I love this game ... Bistro Boulevard refreshed. Make more like it and I'll buy them too.

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Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by AliceSanX on Nov 24, 12 8:10 AM
I really like this game.

First thing I do is make sure I have all the outfits to put on the shelves. If I don't have one, I unlock it. If I don't have enough money then I put whatever is high or medium first.

Then I start adding staff. And I will have staff to do certain skills and throughout the store session, upgrade them in only that particular skill(s).
I will have one person who does register. Then I have the sales person and the changing room person learn both sales and changing. I upgrade those skills up to grade A as my income allows me.

As for tasks, I do them as they come along. And I place decorations for appeal as i earn more money.

At the the top you have a progress bar telling you how much more you need to earn a star for your store.

After you earn all your stars, when it come down to having a perfect day. This is where you use strategy. You now have all your outfits unlocked. Some people want a certain item, some people can have at least one of two. somebody might want earrings and another person wants a dress And earrings, so you pick the outfit that has the dress and it satisfies both customers.

You use your stars to unlock more boutiques. This is a very cute game and very fun.


Re:Reviews for Boutique Boulevard

[Post New]by SassyTeffie on Nov 26, 12 11:23 AM
It's not a horrid game, but the ending is a definite letdown. There's a half-hearted attempt at storytelling at the very beginning. Then that's it. I got all five stars in every dingle store and I didn't even get a "good job you finished the game" or anything. I didn't much care for Bistro Boulevard, and I only gave this one a shot because I figured maybe the devs had grown a little...I was wrong. I won't be buying any more of these games.

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