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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bella81762 on Oct 21, 12 3:34 PM
now this is what a ce should be,,long fun,,,all the variation in the hog scenes, trophy,s extra things to collect.....


Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Oct 21, 12 7:25 PM
Well, I am in the minority here, but I really did not like this game. I didn't like the graphics, the mini-games, the HOS, nothing. The story line was different, but there just was nothing about this game that made me want to buy it, even at a sale price. Sorry devs! For you that are enjoying this game, have fun!



Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by NancySusan on Oct 22, 12 6:48 AM
Considering it's BoomZap, quite well done and very nice to look at, I found I wasn't really grabbed by the game, so I'm on the fence about buying it, even with the special discount on the CE. I used the SG a few times, partly to save time and partly just to see how it works, but I'm not sure how much having it adds to the game, versus not having it in the SE -- a lot of what I played was fairly easy to work out. One negative: I didn't realize until I'd left the landing pad area, that I was supposed to look for special plants for an achievement, and by the time I'd figured it out, I couldn't jump back because the map doesn't allow you to do that, and I couldn't go back with my pet helilizard either. I agree this is a more adult take on the Awakening series, but for me, this lacked some tension which might have made me want it more.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by ctitus on Oct 22, 12 8:29 AM
I loved this game. I thought it was beautiful and some of the puzzles made you really think about how to complete them. I am anxious to find out what happens in the sequel. It was a nice change from the ordinary HO's. Well worth playing.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by elldee2728 on Oct 22, 12 8:53 AM
BoomZap has surpassed just about all other developers with this latest release. Valdy, Cbtx and other astute observers have commented on all the strengths of this game, so I'll keep this concise.

First of all, the $4.00 discount for a CE of this quality is impressive--thank you, BFG! I've paid full price ($14.00) for CEs that are far less worthy than Botanica. Silly me!

The storyline (Dad disappeared 20 years ago, now we're a biologist/botanist searching for him--go through a portal), the voice acting (superb), the graphics/color (very artistic), and the hint system are "par excellence." BoomZap's "Awakening" series is certainly classy, but Botanica sets the bar a bit higher with this game. Three game-play modes just add to the enjoyment/challenge here. More of a PA (puzzle/adventure) than a hidden-object type of game. Travel on a lizard or dragonfly? What fun! And achievements? Just an added bonus!

Regards, elldee

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by DMH5321 on Oct 22, 12 11:26 AM
I'm one of the fishies who think this is an amazing game. I did the trial yesterday and when I stopped there were only 2 minutes left to go.I couldn't believe the time had gone so fast. How could I not buy this! I did and am enjoying it thoroughly.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Oct 22, 12 7:20 PM
Oh....Oh...Fantastic-cal-lious good. Great graphics, good storyline, different way of HOS, let you think a bit more on how to find the things needed, with over 80% inventory based HOS, eg, find a string to attach to a kite to make kite, etc. The navigation is easy also and mini games are pretty fun, not too difficult.

Not too scary or dark atmosphere, just mysterious


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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by gingergal on Oct 22, 12 11:25 PM
Boomzap just gets better, this it seems will be their next series (?) I have never really been a fan of hand drawn graphics although boomzap does it very well. Here I’m glad to see that they have sharpened their pencils and brought some colour to the graphics. This makes a huge difference in HOS as they are sharp and easily recognisable what an item should look like and nothing is faded or washed out looking, like some other DEVs do.

I loved the story a botanist your father finds portals to other worlds and you go and try and find him. It gives the plot originality as it does concentrate on plants and the HOS as well as puzzles are actually part of the game!

Let’s get the two negative things for me out of the way, there is no transporter map and they do what they’ve done in the past and made this game a sequel, there is no finish. I don’t like sequels.

Again boomzap makes all new chapters and you don’t ever go backwards and revisit old areas. I lOVE when that happens and it also cuts down on the time of backtracking so it’s not bad at all!

Don’t select ‘hard’ which is the hardest of 3 choices of gameplay unless you are very confident as you can’t change once you start (and I do wish you could). You don’t get skip or hint buttons and you don’t get info button on puzzles but you do get some black bar tips on them.

If you love puzzles, not so much the HOS or just want HOS variety boomzap is your DEV.

16 HOS – Hidden object scenes (see below what I class as a HOS)

I never say this but where do I start in saying why I loved them? No junkpile and only one very cluttered scene. This not only makes them lovely to look at but also I always find non junkpile way harder. Graphics, really clear and sharp, no tiny items. Even though there was no random click penalty on hard (thanks!) I didn’t use it as I wanted to take my time on them, that’s a first!
They also never repeated them – so rare but again shows they are not lazy. All but one list HOS were highly interactive and just the perfect amount for me.

9 list
2 find items from a narrative (love this)
2 pictures of item you have to find in scene
1 Reverse (put item back in scene)
1 Find x amount
1 Coloured pics at bottom and you find and colour it in the drawing


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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by gingergal on Oct 22, 12 11:27 PM

edit for number clarification -
Couple like the stone statue at the end didn't have chains on my skip button and wasn't officially a puzzle but took a while, these are what I counted and would class as puzzles.

If you do back out of them they will reset (did this once). Thankfully boomzap has listened and actually made more hard puzzles as so many games they give us so many puzzles but are so very easy. Overall it was a great variety mostly about medium. I felt the objectives in all of them were clearer than in the last awakening game.

It was the perfect hardness for me – hard enough as to not be bored by them but easy enough to be relaxing although a lot of them took me a while (perfect). A lot of them were standard fare but I liked how they were done, a couple were unique. Graphics were lovely and sharp and clear.

CE EXTRAS (don’t know if collectables will be in SE)

Collectables (butterflies – these were very hard to find and I wish a few where clearer as I felt I was pixel hunting a bit)
Cutscenes (replay them)
4 music
plus usual
* 5 "hidden easter eggs"


All new area (feel with the floating islands it reminds me of awakening). Although the bonus follows on a different path with the boy from the story and doesn’t finish the plot in the main game, without wanting to do spoilers the bonus plot may be needed to understand the next game. Or it may not and just deepen a character story which I really hope the case will be. end of bonus plot spoiler * The father showed up and knows his daughter went through the portal and is looking for him.*

numbers are in addition to above


2 list
1 reverse
Find 10 of something.

9 PUZZLES (official)

I think 3 of these were hard and took me a long time along with a couple of others. So if you don’t like hard puzzles or will skip them this bonus will be quite short.

Official in game time –
Main game 5hrs 30 min (hard mode, no skipping, no hints)

Bonus another 1hr 15mins

Total -6hrs 45mins

edit - * 5 easter eggs are part of the achievements, listed in the SG under general tips. As I don't use SG I didn't know about them as they weren't listed in the achievements area.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Valdy on Oct 23, 12 8:02 AM
I have now finished the game.

The following may contain some spoilers, so... beware.

I very much enjoyed the game. The main game took me nearly 5 1/2 hours, and the bonus game just over an hour.

I loved, absolutely loved the different HOS - they were fun and varied a great deal. Really loved them.

I also very much liked the puzzles and, except for a few, managed to do them all.

The main game finished with a "to be continued" type of ending.

The bonus game was very nicely done, and gave some extra info.

All in all, a really great game.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by sea_maid on Oct 23, 12 7:48 PM
Finally, a game that isn't in a haunted house/asylum/dark place as usual!

I do have to say that this get bonus points for originality in terms of how the storyline is executed (finding a missing relative/friend has been done to death, but the way they did it here, focusing on finding the alternate world, and classifying the plants and animals, gives it a different feel, than if it had been the usual missing persons game). Love the graphics, absolutely gorgeous, they do give you the feel of a paradise.

The main game, to me at least, was mostly adventure, with a few HOS, and puzzle games thrown in. It didn't feel like a puzzle or HOG at all, that said, the skip button dragged way too long (I played it in Easy mode). Speaking of the HOS, they do get points for not simply designing a scene with a bunch of stuff thrown in there (some scenes required you to click on other objects, or do an activity in order to find them, others have another character tell you something, and you have to find the object they're referring to). Definitely not the same as the usual HOG.

The bonus chapter isn't directly related to the story, but is an actual extra (you have to help another character build something). Be warned, though, that this chapter is very puzzle heavy. Love the fact that, for once, you don't have to finish the game before accessing the extras (once you purchase the game, you can access the wallpapers, art, music). For some reason, I couldn't save the music to my computer, but that is a minor quibble.

Overall, a great game.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Oct 24, 12 5:36 AM
This game took me by surprise. It's much more adventure than a HOPA or iHOG. In fact, in the main game there are only 13 H0S scenes, and 4 in the bonus. These are, however, highly interactive and a lot of fun to play.

The game abounds with puzzles; some 34 in the main game and 7 in the bonus. They are not too taxing on the brain, however. The main aspect of the game is adventure, as you travel through magical lands and encounter mythical creatures (no spiders!).

The graphics are beautiful, the colours bright and cheerful, voiceovers very well done with likeable characters and a great story. The bonus play adds to the main game. There are also achievements to collect.

It's a decent length too. The main game took me 5 hours 5 minutes; the bonus 1 hour 15 minutes.

All in all, a lot of fun and a welcome change from the usual.

I'd definitely recommend this one.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by VTCT on Oct 24, 12 11:31 AM
Gret game; colors great; story the same. Hope the 2 chapter comes out soon.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by jcsgame on Oct 24, 12 12:36 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Beautiful, clear graphics, excellent voiceovers and a nice balance of HO Scenes and Mini Games. What really made the HO Scenes interesting, was the interactive capability.

Good Story; not the same old vampire, werewolf, etc.

The Bonus Game was a nice addition. It was a type of prelude to a continuation of this game, which will be based upon a different set of circumstances.

Looking forward to the next game in this series.

Thanks to the Developers for an excellent, clear and colorful game.

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[Post New]by gum_nut on Oct 26, 12 8:58 PM

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by whirled_peas on Oct 26, 12 11:16 PM
I liked this game very much. Loved that the guide opened exactly where you were. Hints were great (when I needed them). Fun and very different puzzles. My only problem is the game crashed at the final scene. When I reopened - the game was over. From playing the bonus, I now have an idea of what happened but that was a bit of a bummer. Guess I'll have to replay it! Definitely a sequel coming - I will anxiously await!

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by jennsmom on Oct 27, 12 7:44 AM
Boom Zap drew me in once again with the beautiful scenery; such gorgeous and appealing graphics! Unfortunately, the puzzles were the same as some of their other games - either mind numbingly easy or confusing without proper direction and ofttimes with no reset button. I find that frustrating to the extreme. I managed to play out the main game and the epilogue without tearing my hair out, and will enjoy the bonus stuff. However, they aren't going to get me again. I had already decided I would not buy the next Awakening until it was a DD. I believe I will make that same note for myself for all future Boom Zap games...except for a Dana Knightstone novel; I loved those!

I would give the story line and lovely, lovely artwork , but the puzzles?

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by CoolGrammy1 on Oct 27, 12 7:54 AM
Beautiful game by BoomZap once again. I was drawn into the story line and although there were not many HO scenes, I loved this game. A definite buy for me...just not sure if I will wait for the SE on this one.....

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

[Post New]by NiceZombie on Oct 27, 12 1:13 PM
Gosh, just finished the main part and I cannot wait to see what will happen next!! (yes it is an open ending!) What a great game ! I loved the atmosphere and the planet, it reminded me of the movie Avatar. The music fit nicely and the art is just lovely to look at! Now playing the bonus chapter and so far it is really fun!

The hidden object screens were some of the most interesting ones I have ever seen, I wish all the games had this much variety. Highly interactive, each one was different, never the same. The puzzles were not too hard and just right. Collecting those beetles was a nice sidequest, overall a very pretty game!

I am a Botanica (boomzap) fan!

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awesome gameplay but confusing story

[Post New]by books4me13 on Oct 27, 12 6:03 PM
Love the artwork and game, but at every scene I don't know what I am supposed to do. I just keep on guessing and guessing and sometimes I have to rely on the strategy guide. I am about half way through, but I've already reached the "100 minutes" award, lol. I still think this is a good buy, but I wish the story line was easier to follow.

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