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[Post New]by barbaralbb on Nov 25, 12 7:39 AM
At the first "Cassandra" scene, I thought "Wow, that woman is really channeling Lea Thompson. Even shakes her hair like Lea.... Then I worked up to "Could that really be Lea Thompson"'?" Finally got to "That really is Lea Thompson".

I thought she was having fun and, as another person said, her character was the only LIVE one in the game. Really no one to rescue (no brother, father, uncle, etc) or town to save, since the relic was currently without a "handler". Everyone who had touched it was dead, weren't they?

So, a fine and fun addition to have Lea take part. The live actors were the best thing about the game!


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[Post New]by crazybluegirl200 on Nov 26, 12 5:14 PM
Who is this woman?
I wish they would settle down on all the live action. It does not distract me from the bad plot and game play.

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[Post New]by Seascape6 on Nov 27, 12 4:23 PM
Sherryah wrote:i loved Dire Grove, 13 skulls, because I enjoy live actors in my games. I think she did a fantastic job making the game feel more urgent to solve the mystery.

Me too!! The main actress in Dire Grove especially! She looks like someone I work with, so I wanted to help her.

I happen to like the live actors. I feel like I'm "in a movie" and I do enjoy just watching them perform as well.

I haven't anywhere near finished this game, but I love it!! Lea is great!


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[Post New]by Trinity_520 on Dec 2, 12 11:49 PM
geri_mac wrote:i dont think she is very good in this, over acting her way through it lol

Must be some kind of style that MCF encourages or something. ALL of the acting in ALL of their games is over the top mello-dramatic. Lea is a decent actress (i gather), she knows how to act like a normal person. I can't imagine that she would act in this fashion unless it was required of her. (i hope)

I mean, seriously....the guy who plays Charles in the ravenhearst games? He reminds my of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers (que image of the pinky by mouth while doing evil laugh scenes)

Thought, I have no idea why they would encourage bad acting for the games.

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[Post New]by AndrewB179 on Dec 3, 12 3:28 PM
Still, when the unknowns from previous games are more convincing than the big name star, something's wrong.

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