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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown

[Post New]by roaming on Oct 29, 13 8:57 PM
No skip option for puzzles, no buy.

Edited to add: Whoever said there's no skip option for puzzles was mistaken. There is a skip option, at least on the easy mode of play. However, after playing about 30 minutes of the demo, it's still not a buy for me. Bessiegirl said it all.
bessiegirl wrote: I am not quite sure why this game (at least in the CE version) got such raving reviews. I found the graphics to be quite pretty, but the game was very slow and not real clear as to what to do or where to go next. I was playing in the easy mode. There was no map I could find and the "journal" seemed to be no help at all. Mini games, the two I came across, seemed quite tedious. I encountered no HOS in the time I played (which was not long).

Got really bored really fast and didn't last very long in the demo. Had to immediately turn off the voice annoying and so many cut scenes. At least you could skip over the cut scenes. I did not feel the game went smoothly at all.

Another story about a professor who gets lost and a daughter who goes on a search for him. As far as I went, I can only give this a 2 out of 5. Not even a buy on a holiday special for me.

During the approximate 30 minutes that I played, I came across one extremely simple progressive HOS.

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown

[Post New]by allibee4d on Feb 5, 14 6:21 PM
I loved this game! Bought the SE version when I had some credit and there was a sale on, and in that way, I rarely mind paying for the games I order here.
So, Botanica: Into the Unknown... beautiful artwork (not quite up to the really great games, but very good), and easy to listen to music - didn't jar my ears at all. Above all, what a great storyline! I was gripped and genuinely didn't want to put the game down. It did take me 5 hours, but I had several lengthy breaks and I got a bit tangled in some of the tasks. I played the hard core game for a change and was, in some instances, really stumped for quite a while. There is a lot of pleasure in cracking those issues, even the ones where you slap yourself in the head for being such a dimwit to not understand how to do it MUCH sooner! There are some real "Doh!" moments I love HOGs, and this one had the kind of interactive version, which I also found enjoyable. I really recommend other games by these game-makers too.
So glad I also bought Botanica: Earthbound - I hope it's the sequel!

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Re:Reviews for Botanica: Into the Unknown

[Post New]by Seester2 on Feb 15, 14 7:36 PM
Loved this game! It took me 5 and 1/2 hours to play so it was a good length. Interesting hidden object scenes.....I only had to go to the walk-through once at the very end. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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