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[Post New]by musicimprovedme on Dec 21, 12 4:49 PM
Loving this game! It is unique and interesting. It is a resource gathering and management game kind of like Island Castaway but the storyline is fuedal, kind of like Lord of the Rings or Robin Hood. I don't see it as a time management game at all, more of an adventure, or a strategy game, mainly because nothing about the game has a time limit on it. There are no distinct levels, you can access different areas of the map by doing tasks and collecting things and you do move up through the ranks as a soldier, this is how you progress in the game. You can sort of choose your own might stumble on missions in a different order than another player. This gives the game a lot of replay value.

There is a hint feature if you get stuck what to do, and it isn't on a timer or anything. You can hint your way through the game, and it will tell you what to do and where to go. Or you can figure it out for yourself. It isn't that hard to figure out, really, just go through the map in a systematic way, picking up goodies and doing whatever you can do in each area, until you get what you need to do something else.

If I was going to improve this game, I would make the graphics a bit larger in scale. It is teeny tiny. You have to be able to see the teensiest most subtle things. To be fair, the scenery is breathtaking and stunning. Gorgeous and realistic. It might be easier on a larger screen computer. If you were playing on an iPad or something, it would be too small to see things.

I would also add a journal feature to the game, to keep track of what the player is working on and help organize the tasks, keep a list of what you need and what you are looking for, since the player will eventually be working on several goals at once.

Last thing is that I would work on the English translation a bit. Not a big deal.

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by BHQld on Dec 22, 12 5:01 AM
Not a TM Game
Horrid attempts at English

Put those 2 things aside and this was GREAT!

I was put off at first with the enforced instructive clicking, but once the tutorial was out of the way I was all but hooked. Played the demo, then spent the next day and a half wondering what other game BF might have so I could use the 2-4-1 deal.

Found it difficult to get through the conversations, given the extremely bad spelling, grammar, syntax etc, but I found that having smaller items to interact with, simply made me pay more attention.

Will be interested if there's a sequel.

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by barbiecats2000 on Dec 24, 12 4:58 PM
Not exactly sure what to say about this game except it completely captivated me. At first I didn't like it because of all the reading but then I got use to it and it seemed like the right thing for the devs to do. Yes the grammer was horrible and words misplaced and misspelled but I got use to that too.

The game was hard to figure out at first but then I got on a roll. I am finished with it now but I miss it. I should play again. For one thing I didn't finsh all the task when I reached the The End. I didn't know I was at the end but I was.

Really ended up being a terrific game. I can't really say it's like any other game as I've played both Island Castaways and all of the Westwards, I could name many others that could be similar but this one was quite different because you really had to make an income throughout.

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by SuzieQX2 on Dec 28, 12 10:50 AM
I totally enjoyed this game. The items were a little tiny to find but overall I thought it was a fantastic game to play. I would encourage anyone who likes adventure games to try this one....what do you have to lose? Play it for an hour and see!

The music wasn't too loud. I did spend some time reading but then that added to the experience I think. The graphics weren't bad after I got used to the items being tiny.

Thanks for an awesome game!


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[Post New]by achthingy on Dec 29, 12 4:09 PM
I ilke it. After playing games similar to Island Tribe 3, I am finding Hero of the Kingdom a nice change. The graphics reminds me of the Stronghold series.
That's what atracted me. I like resource management and this game has plenty of that. It's a little different in style, but once I got past that and into the game I found
I enjoyed it immensely. I actually like it better than games like Island Tribe 3, Royal Envoy, & Legends of Atlantis. I look forward to a second installment, along with Virtual Villagers and My Tribe (looks like I'll be waiting a long time for that one).

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by Lyndy20 on Dec 31, 12 8:39 PM
What a splendid, addictive game!

I thought it was a lovely mix of RPG, adventure and strategy. Movement and interaction was delightfully simple. A map became available quite early, that allowed you to transport to any location and that was a big plus. Beautiful graphics, and although some searchable items were tiny, that only added to the fun of finding everything. I loved the freedom of the game, pretty much doing tasks in any order, so very non-linear. There are achievements to go for, some easy, others not so easy.

Have only just finished the game and I'm already missing it. Will have to play again and hope the devs make more games in this format.

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by kanona29 on Dec 31, 12 11:31 PM

This game is deliciously AWESOME!!! I pray there will be a sequel quite like this one.

It reminds me a bit of the very first Westward before they went all 3-D with the sequels.

Anyone who enjoys strategy and adeventure-type games will most likely enjoy this one. Don't let the beginning tutorial throw you off. The game/story really builds as you begin making progress to the point where there is so many options for you to work/focus on.

And this is one of the very few games I am actually going to replay as the game ended before I was finished completing all of my Achievements. I finished the game last night and I have been having some serious withdrawals all day today.

More games like this one please!!!!

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[Post New]by emerance on Jan 1, 13 9:02 PM
I've played this game twice now and I'm amazed! The first time I followed the hints. But the second time I strayed from the goal and opened up two new areas! Don't just go for the goal. Keep looking around for new goals! This is an amazing game! New items kept popping up the longer I played! It's a new game every time you start!

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by hungary1 on Jan 13, 13 5:43 AM
I loved this game! It was slow at first, and others have clearly enumerated what needs improvement, so I won't do that here. The game feel improves as you go, and with replaying. I would love to see a sequel! I played the game through a couple of times during the holiday and managed to get all the achievements. I enjoyed the hunt for items, the non-linear sidequests, and the music added a great deal as well. I know this type of adventure/resource management game is more expensive and time-consuming to make than the standard BFG fare of HOGs. I hope to see more gems like this one from the developers this year!

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by kattykit on Jan 16, 13 12:32 PM
Please many more games of this type! I love this game!

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Re:Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by Joyfullady on Jan 16, 13 1:51 PM
Cherb was right on with this one. Ignore the first 15 minutes of play and don't give up as the story opens up and less talk. Definitely not a TM more adventure and so far very enjoyable. Put on your magnifying glasses as some things like bird eggs and mushrooms very small. Loved to fish - brothers were very creative. They do need to hire a truly English interpreter for the game or have it beta tested. No real violence and no magic - thank goodness. Definite buy -

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Re: Reviews for Hero of the Kingdom

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Feb 25, 13 9:01 PM
I did NOT notice any errors in text, and I'm a copy editor by trade. And I didn't go all that fast.

The people are indeed small, but they're big enough for me. I think the larger graphics of people (in squares) are at minimum pleasant and sometimes charming.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to buy this because there are so many interconnections of what you can get where, sell where, who needs what--I'd need to make a spread sheet to keep track, and I'm just not gonna.

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