Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by LaMAMA12 on Mar 16, 13 10:53 AM
Hi there. I just finished this game. Not one of my favorites but it was ok. There is a walkthru from the G people you can look it up and use it to help you finish. Hope this helps. I was almost done when I found the guide but it seems pretty accurate. Check it out.

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Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Apr 9, 13 4:21 PM
MrsBruce32 wrote:WolfenRaindancer I was stuck exactly like you. I started the game again. It makes a difference when and where the drill bit is used. The second time around I used it on the rusted lock first and then on the shield. I was able to advance, get out of the manor and finish the game. Seems like the drill bit has a programming glitch if you use it on the shield first.

I used the drill bit on the shield first and THEN on the rusted lock so I'm not sure if it's a programming glitch or not.

I have completed this game and found it to be a good game and apparently there's going to be a sequel?



Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by cabbie1237 on Apr 14, 13 1:02 PM
I just finished. I had to start over when I couldn,t get all the rivets out and lost the drill. Started under a new name


I just finished it.

[Post New]by pat53oul on May 12, 13 10:08 AM
Hope you kids enjoy this game as much as I did, just got it on Friday, was dis-
couraged after I read all the info and that it had no walk through, but decided to
try it anyway. Reading the comment helped me a lot, but I just played doing
things when I came to them, not always in the right order and I was really sur-
prised when I got to the end, I really enjoyed all the puzzles. About me, I'm a
little old lady, almost 80, taught my self the computer, still can't use a cell phone,
years ago and enjoy playing the games, now I have to find out how to play The
Journey To The Center Of The Earth, that I bought many years ago and can't
remember how to play it. At my age I forgot more than I ever knew. Happy
Gaming!!! pat53oul Sea Anemone

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Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on May 23, 13 5:26 AM
I think.....(SPOILER)---------the diamond shape is under the steps, use crowbar........................


Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by rosie12541 on Jun 16, 13 6:19 PM
I'm stuck on the clock How do you get it working?


Re:Has anyone finished this game?

[Post New]by turtleicke on May 9, 14 5:04 PM
Finished it finally. I was stuck and after quite some time I decided to delete game player and try again. That time I got all the way through. Guess I missed something the first time around. Good Luck.

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