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Yup - It's Ancient Rome, the Sequel

[Post New]by Av8Trx on Feb 5, 13 4:22 AM
Rustic, this one. It's developed in Russia, so the translations into English take some getting used to. Overall, it's fun. Moves at a bit of a glacial pace, but worth the seven bucks. I've sailed thru this game and am going to post in tips/strategy.

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I love this game

[Post New]by HotTuna on Mar 13, 13 2:16 PM
I'm on my third time through- yes, I've figured out a strategy and I probably won't go through a fourth time. But I so enjoy laying out roads and putting things where I want them! Yes, the fires can be annoying, and it's not very polished, but I like it anyway. I am challenged to make everything as compact as possible, even when there's plenty of room- it's just how my brain works. It's no where near as sophisticated as 'Zellians', but I think it's more challenging (although since there's no time limit). It's not going to appeal to everybody, but no game does.

(I did have to reload it to get the upgrade to save levels and decrease fires, but I've had it for a while now)


Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by alpacafarmette on Nov 12, 13 3:33 PM
I was just wondering if one of the developers' names is Nero!!! I love these "make a city" type games and this one is lots of fun, albeit a little weak in some areas. No timer is good. That way I can spend lots of time on each level.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by mgpaquin on Jan 15, 14 8:05 AM
Bluecassie37 wrote:I generally like these games, but this one had a couple of issues for me.

Firstly the tutorial notices had very small print at the game-choice resolution.

Secondly the fires were difficult to spot and deal with. A message told you the city is on fire then you have to click on a bunch of buildings to find those on fire. Then you have to click a lot to put it out and then search for the next building on fire - and so on.
The second time I was clicking on a burning building and it turned to ash anyway I got fed up and deleted the game.

Exactly. I've got arthritis in my hands so the constant click-click-click to put out fires destroyed this fun little game for me.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by jenk4995 on Mar 6, 14 7:58 PM
I brought this game after playing the first few levels, loving it at first. The fires and slow moving people are just the start with this game. The graphics are not great but no biggie. It is extremely frustrating waiting on one of the upgrades and not knowing why it does not happen. I feel like I wasted my money and have deleted this. Please do NOT waste time and money on this.

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