Re:Reviews for The Tribloos 2

[Post New]by whirled_peas on Jan 27, 13 4:02 PM
I really enjoyed this game! Finally another "builder" that I actually like. It doesn't have the freedom to place your buildings where you'd like - its take is the strategy of where and when you build what. I've made mistakes and had to restart several levels (which frankly, I enjoy because I love the strategy angle). I enjoyed it so much that I also bought the first one which is kinda' the same but different enough to be enjoyed as well. The bonus is that I had two expiring coupons and picked them both up for free! YAY! I'm currently replaying the second one while I watch movies (love multi-tasking). Fun game.

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Lots of fun - Many Levels

[Post New]by Av8Trx on Feb 5, 13 4:17 AM
I enjoyed it so much, I even read the character dialog between levels. I rarely do this, as with most games it's generally tedious and dumb. However, the developers did a great job here, mild humor and it's mercifully short. The dialog provided useful information about the level, so I'd recommend it. This is a super good game and I highly recommend it.

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