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[Post New]by Kamali on Feb 9, 13 2:24 AM
WebsiteBoomzap wrote: there are also no spiders. We know you guys hate those.

I am petrified of spiders in real life. The closest I'll get to them at home is at the end of a powerful vacuum with a VERY long extension hose.

But I would never not play a game in case it had a spider in - I'd end up never playing games.

So I tell myself that it IS a game and spiders, snakes, scorpions, Dracula, three headed monsters, Medusa, and any other 'nasties' that might show up can't actually hurt me physically, and I treat them as just something else to find or defeat. As a result, I've played some AWESOME games - including this one.

Actually I find the fairy in this one a bit scary - so no more games with fairies, okay? - and if you believe that, you're crazy - I'm hoping when I get to the end of the game that she has a happy ending!!

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Re:Mature Content?

[Post New]by seahorsequeen on Feb 24, 13 7:41 AM
I played the first Otherworld and that Shade dude scared the heck out of me and I'm in my fifties !! lol. I so want to play this game as I love Boomzap games but I know he's just going to randomly pop up,guess we all have our own limit when it comes to things that make us jump.It's not as though I only play the sweet and light games because I don't I like the dark and creepy !!! Rats are my thing I hate in games, the cartoon type are ok but the ones that look real make me really cringe.

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