Re:Reviews for Pet Store Panic

[Post New]by katenoelbug on Mar 26, 14 2:29 PM
This game has potential, but as is it's super frustrating! This has cute graphics and a fun idea, but it can be hard to see your task, especially the further along you get, and it's hard to click on the proper button/person a lot. This is your basic customers come in and want something (an animal/grooming) game that you upgrade/add things to along the way. New customers don't come in often enough to make expert past level 6 in Los Angeles because you have to pick up the money on the far left side, when I, as others have stated, think it should be the opposite. Overall I am more on the don't recommend side of this game, however, I am willing to change my mind if some issues are fixed. Such a shame it was released in this state.

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