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Please Stop Spreading Misinformation

[Post New]by ChocPeng on Mar 3, 13 6:01 PM
CathyCatfish wrote:i just finished the trial and must say that i certainly won't be buying this game as a CE and very likely not as an SE.

1) from what i understand, the only way to get the proper ending to the game is to buy the CE. this is a very underhanded way to do business, as far as i'm concerned. that means that, since i buy very *VERY* few CEs, i will never get to see how it ends if i buy the SE...

CathyCatfish, sorry, I had to remove the bold that extends throughout all of your comments. The color is nice, but the bold is just too much. Also, not a big fan of the vulgarity you used, mild as it was, but I wanted to respond - again - to your spreading the word that you have to complete the bonus chapter to get the end of the game.

That is categorically UNTRUE.

Please do not make accusations about any game "from what (you) understand..." If you are going to accuse a developer of doing something you call "underhanded," you should do so only upon first-hand experience. If you don't know it for a fact - meaning you experienced it yourself, then please keep it out of your comments. You are spreading misinformation, and as I read through this thread, I am disturbed to see this incorrect accusation appear in more than one comment.

In BFG as in life, never make an accusation based solely on what someone else said.

Of course, it is your prerogative to say what you want, within TOS, of course, but I would encourage you to restrict your opinions - that are valuable to other fishies - to what you know for sure because you experienced it.

As it is, you are expressing someone else's opinion, which in this case, is based upon inaccuracies. Your personal experience is far more valuable than a second-hand accusation. If you can't read it in what I'm saying in this paragraph, this is a compliment to you. YOUR experience is what is best communicated by you. All the fishies can truly benefit from it.

Love and peace to all my fellow fishies!

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Please Stop Telling People What They Can and Cannot Post:

[Post New]by CathyCatfish on Mar 4, 13 3:25 PM


thank you for your heartfelt lecture.

yes, it IS my prerogative to say what i want. i have not violated BFG's TOS.

we all buy games based on the free trial hour (which, obviously, is only the first hour or so of the game) and also based on what other gamers, who HAVE finished the game, have to say in their reviews.

initially, two people disagreed strongly with your OPINION that the game will have a satisfactory conclusion in the SE version, which isn't even out yet.

then, there are more people who agreed with those two reviews and posted as such on the thread i started (now moved to "chit chat corner" because the mod felt that it was more about BC content in general) and also on this thread... and one agreed so strongly that she posted my thread to BFG's FB page!

so, you are telling me that the only way i can know for sure (and therefore have a valid opinion!) that the game ends satisfactorily in the SE is to *buy* the SE when it comes out. but, that means i must spend my money to find out. why would i do that only to end up angry if the other reviewers are correct and YOU are wrong? my money is gone for something that i was TOLD would happen!
do you see the "catch 22" here?

"You are spreading misinformation, and as I read through this thread, I am disturbed to see this incorrect accusation appear in more than one comment."

and, you see, those other comments which disturb you were not made by me and were made before i posted in this thread. which means, obviously, that i am not the only one who is wary of ERS's tactic of putting the end of the game in the BC, just like they did with the second grim facade game. perhaps you should also give a lecture to those other reviewers? oh wait... most of them DID play the game to the end, so their opinions DO matter.

bottom line is, since i am wary of ERS and i believe the other reviewers who have made their comments based on the full game + BC, i will not support ERS with my money. not for the SE and certainly not for the CE.


Re:Comments for Grim Facade

[Post New]by CathyCatfish on Mar 4, 13 7:19 PM

one more thought to add:

if what you are accusing me of was true (spreading false information) don't you think that one or BOTH of the mods would have told me so? and, most likely, locked the thread? i would think so. they do run a pretty tight ship around here.

instead, those mods let the "folks upstairs" know of our concerns and the second mod even told us we could contact ERS directly. sounds to me like there might be some truth in my "accusation" and that it is *not* "categorically untrue!"

just something to think about....


Re:Comments for Grim Facade

[Post New]by brandy1008 on Mar 16, 13 1:21 PM
Rebeca_Lily wrote:I have too all ERS games, and I can assure you that there are not the same objects in each game.

It's just a matter of style!

In fashion, if you can recognize the style of Dior vs the style of Liberace - you have the artistic view. You can spot from far a handbag, or a perfume, or a suite, or dress made by any of them. They don't repeat their designs, but stick to their style...

ERS has it's own style, which force you to recognize their creation. You expect certain background, certain characters (and I love them - animals or humans). They change the plot, but not the style.

You can say that about any high-style game producer, we all know their creations and buy them almost immediately: Little Dumbo, Boom Zap, etc etc. I can spot almost in second, seeing the background, the difference among them...

LIBERACE was a tacky piano player who I think you've confused with VERSACE


Re:Comments for Grim Facade

[Post New]by Old_Man_River on Mar 29, 13 6:01 PM
I thought it was a fun game, and I enjoyed it tremendously as I do with all ERS games.
It seemed to be a little short, but that might just be that I was engrossed in the game and time passed quickly.
Brandy, thanks for the clarification on the Liberace / Versace names. That really confused me. I wonder if I can get away with buying my wife a Liberace purse for our anniversary.

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