Reviews for Barn Yarn


Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by avecsi on Mar 19, 13 1:42 AM
This game is a bit boring for me. will have to put this one on my long list …. maybe at a later time.

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Mar 24, 13 4:41 PM
I liked this game, but I kept waiting to re-do the outside of the barn. Instead of the nonsensical bushes and clock and paintings (the rugs could have come with the upstairs flooring or from one of the people we helped or even as a "barnwarming" present from Linda) we should have been re-shingling the roof, fixing the chimney and painting the outside. We kept walking outside and seeing the exterior, but did nothing to fix it up.


Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by dawn_nwad on Apr 12, 13 11:21 AM
Hi fishies, I have played Barn Yarn now and I loved it. You have lots of different
things to look for and the people are very well made to act just like humans. I
recomend you get it to play. Dawn-Nwad.

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by NiceZombie on Apr 19, 13 4:48 AM
Great relaxing hidden object game with twists and nice decorating options with lovely colours and animations

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by Liasmani on Apr 19, 13 6:55 PM
The overall concept of this game is same as the Gardenscape series - Gardenscape, Gardenscape: Mansion Makeover and Gardenscape 2. Instead of refurblishing a building or a garden, this time Grandpa Joe and his grandson Tom need some help with refurblishing their barn before the winter season arrives. This game can be seen as a connection/sequel to their match 3 and hidden object game - Farmscape.

Barn Yarn's game design is very well crafted by the developer, they have paid very closed attention to every detail that they put into the game; it is very well balance.

Barn Yarn is an evolved version of Farmscape, but instead of match 3 and hidden object game; it is a straight hidden object game. The hidden object scenes plays out in various locations, they are often repeated a few times; but with different objects that customers asked for. To make hidden object scenes a bit more interesting, they have added several themes - Shadow Objects, Find "X" amount, and Riddle; instead of repeating the same old theme "the name of the item list."

Most of the hidden items can be spotted immediately; however, there are some has cleverly hidden in which it requires a second hard glance in order to spot it. To ease the frustration of finding an item, they have added hints that are available in each of the hidden object scenes; but they are scattered throughout the scenes. These hints consist of butterflies, lightbulbs, and magnets with each of their own uses. For example, the lightbulbs will flash out the items' locations in the scene.

The bonuses consists of speed,extra hidden coins and hints; they can be stack up together to help you earn more money from sale; but the game's difficult increases as the game progresses.

To ease the repetitiveness of hidden object scene right after another, they have placed cutscenes of Grandapa Joe and his grandson Tom bantering; these are spread out between two to three hidden object scenes.

After completing the entire game, the players are given an opportunity to go back to earn more money to redesign the barn; sandbox game.

If you enjoyed playing the Gardenscape series then you would enjoyed playing this game as well.

On an final note, I have found this game every enjoyable to play to the very end of the game; but the game's originality does not stands out because the concept is borrowed from Gardenscape series.

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by dlb628 on Apr 21, 13 8:45 AM
Fun but weird. I don't think the developers know much about barns. Few have paintings or refrigerators. So strange and distracting that I thought about it all the way through the game. Couldn't Joe have just bought a second farm to fix up after Farmscapes? That would have made more sense.

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by JerryInWales on May 1, 13 2:27 PM
I haven't seen anyone mention the screensaver yet. In this game, as in Farmscapes, the screensaver matches your progress in the game itself: if you buy a dog bed, the dog bed appears on the screensaver too. There is also quite a bit of conversation on the screen!

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by bessiegirl on May 22, 13 9:23 AM
I have always enjoyed these type of games from this developer and have almost all of them, however this game certainly is not my favorite. I found the items to be very hard to locate due mostly to items being placed in very dark areas of the scene to the point I could not see them all and simply found them by clicking randomly in the area until it popped up.

I think the most frustrating thing, besides the very dark corners was the CLICK PENALTY....good grief...a little hard not to overclick when trying to find 50 leaves, or 20 glasses, etc. This was not fun.

Also, even though the HOS were done differently, I was not amused at the ones they chose to mix up all the letters so the item names were like a foreign language to me...not fun and very frustrating. Had to wait for most of them to time out so the picture appeared. This game seemed to be full of little frustrations and I found it long and not as much fun as the others. Not sure how old this one is or if it is something new they are trying to incorporate.

And as always, I really dislike that annoying, fat little grandson...I wish his folks would keep him at home next time. I can really understand why they send him to grandad's. So this one only gets a 2.5 out of 5...way to much frustration and I think I will now go rest my eyes.


Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by kraftypixie on Jun 30, 13 3:58 PM
Played the demo of this last night & really enjoyed it. I am not much of a HOG player, but just might have to keep my eye out for a sale to get this one. Loved the light hearted story. Was worried I'd find the kid annoying, but he was pretty sweet. Love the animations of the buyers in the HOGs. I may need to get this for relaxation from the TM builders that I usually play on timed settings. Seems it would have replay value. Objects were not too hard to find. I have poor vision, so I can't play the games where all the objects are tiny or all the same color as the background.

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Re:Reviews for Barn Yarn

[Post New]by Laflamme on Jul 5, 13 11:18 AM
Review based upon completion of the barn.

This is your standard "sell stuff to spruce up a building" game, in this case farmer Joe's barn. As usual, it's best not to think too much about sale prices - who would buy an envelope for $75 or an ordinary fly for $56? The same goes for things they installed in the barn...

The Good:

+ the game is quite long (and can be continued to earn more money)
+ the characters are funny (loved Tom wanting to play hide and seek with the dog, goes into hiding, and the dog goes to sleep)
+ game is kinda cute
+ some special levels ("Find 20 shoes" etc. - although "Find 57 leaves" was a bit stretching it)...
+ ...and some special search requirements (jumbled words, descriptions)

The Bad:

- like I said above, some things just don't make sense... (who installs potted plants for $15000 in a barn, or a grandfather clock???)
- the outside of the barn is ignored and still looks kinda rundown in the end
- no mini games to bring some change into the treadmill
- the developer shamelessly plugs his other games during gameplay (at one time I was thrown out of the game and brought to the Big Fish site to encourage a download of Gardenscapes!)

Bottom Line: Yes, the game is cute, and delivers just what you expect from the genre. But Tales of Lagoona or Farmington Tales does it so much better! The constant ads for the developer's other games are a no-go for me. Not bad, but nothing more than average, and no recommendation from me.

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