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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Apr 7, 13 6:29 PM
Wow! Nice game. Purchased it awhile back, but just started playing it the other day. Very nice detailed graphics... in fact, beautiful, and some very pretty (gems etc).

Story was interesting and the game length decent. Cut scenes very good. Tons of HOG scenes, and some objects difficult to spot at first glance (the way I like it), and with patience, very doable. I enjoyed the various puzzles throughout as well.

Game ran smoothly, without any glitches on my computer while playing.

Overall, a very well made and beautiful game... felt like I was in an interactive movie. Very well done. Hope to see more like this in the near future.

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by addieh on May 16, 13 6:11 PM
Once again, Blue Tea outdid themselves!
I love every single one of their games. The graphics are fantastic and quite often I hesitated and looked at the stunning graphic details in each scene. I also loved the storyline.
I never tire of BTG and I grade this a 5 out of 5 !
100%. Amazing!
Thank you, Blue Tea!

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by pysanky13 on May 18, 13 9:03 AM
Enjoyed the game. Graphics were fine, HO scenes beautifully detailed. Would have liked a more detailed map instead of just the main areas.

(I would spoiler the next section but can't see how to do that) was disturbed about killing off one of the tribes as I wanted to save that one but then remembered you can choose. I will have to play again to see how to choose-perhaps I didn't visit the right place first. was hoping in the end that the spirit girl would be able to save both tribes and make peace in stead of having to sacrifice one.

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by Sailorben on May 26, 13 11:16 PM
It was a well designed game. But I NEVER would have played, let alone bought it, if I'd known about the necessity to kill off (your choice!) a nation of wolves or a horse nomad society and its horses. That was gratuitous, pointless, and completely overshadowed any positive quality the game had. I had hopes until the end of that portion that something would enable me to find a different solution. I love horses and wolves, admire them all. Will not recommend and won't play it again. I'll ask about such elements before buying another BT game, much as I enjoy their FROGs.


Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 6, 13 8:57 AM
Fantastic Odyssey


The opening few minutes of this game are spectacular! The Phoenix Queen is a fiery goddess-like creature to both love and fear. Such awesome power is sure to mean trouble.

500 years ago, the races (humans, elves, dwarves) managed to capture and contain the queen, but she escapes now and pursues her sworn duty to destroy all of Enchantia and begin a new age.

When your teacher is injured protecting you from the Phoenix Queen, it is up to you to seek out the secrets of the Ancient ones, and the true story behind the legends. This will take you on a journey that encompasses many lands and peoples.

The STORY is pretty good, as far as fantasies go, and it is kept in your immediate attention throughout with help from your teacher and other knowledgeable characters you meet along the way.

This is a FRAGMENTED OBJECT game, where pieces of items are scattered in a scene and you must find and combine them. Not my usually preferred style of game. However, that opening hooked me.

At first I thought I was going to be sadly disappointed by the VISUALS. In the game in general they looked GORGEOUS, but in the HO SCENES, the GRAPHICS were very GRAINY. The individual pieces were often practically invisible. Think, if you know it, of Curse Of The Briar Rose. Which was great back in 2010. Not today.

The PUZZLES were almost all NEW to me, and lots of fun. There seemed to be less of them than in other games of this style.

VOICE ACTING was not bad, more natural than most, and there was a fair bit of it (SKIPABLE). MUSIC was forgettable.

I found this to be a very LONG game, yet looking at the walkthrough, I see that what took me so long, wasn’t really all that much at all. So that may just have been me.

One thing I really didn’t like, and is why it doesn’t get full marks from me, is the TRAVELLING. There is a INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP, but it is USELESS. It allows you to travel between regions via portal, but within them you are on your own. Each zone, most especially the Midnight Forest, where you spend the most time, is very confusing geographically, and since you must do a LOT of TO & FROing, getting lost is easy.

Thinking about it, that’s probably why the game took me so long.
In short, a good game, particularly if you like this genre, but not without its faults.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by Areal on Jul 1, 13 12:24 PM
I've just finished the game, and I'm really dissapointed with it. I may sound rather childish, but this is a game and for me a game has to be fun. The bad guys are bad and must be killed, and the good ones win and live happily ever after. Why should I chose which etnia lives and which one dies making me feel so guilty, knowing besides that they are both wrong? Why is there so much suffering all along the game, so much destruction, and so many lives lost? This is not a Soap series: I'll go and watch TV if I wanted to see something of that kind, neither an Opera, where you know everybody deads in the end, not even a Japanese production, where people spends lots of chapters feeling guilty about I don't know what, are sorry about I don't remember what, for Godness sake, it is a game play that must leave a good aftertaste in you when you have finished, not as if you had just read a Greek tragedy.
Life is bitter enough, and when I sit to play I want to clean my brain after all the bad moments of the day, not keepon feeling sorry about anything.
I usually enjoy Blue Tea games, I love FROGS, but really, did they employ in the game play some Serial TV scriptwiriter, or a Manga one?

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Jul 10, 13 7:00 PM

I found this game to be quite boring to begin with, but it did get slightly better as the game progressed. Once again, Blue Tea has not floored me with a game, and I was very disappointed, considering the file size for the trial was 542MB.

The story was fairly uninteresting for me. It’s a typical good versus evil battle with some medieval and magical twists. The story interested me a couple of times, but overall, it didn’t intrigue me. I played 35 minutes of the trial before I got bored and quit.

Blue Tea’s HOS returned in this game. These HOS are so unique, and there are a lot of objects to find in each scene, so a Hidden Object lover will have no trouble. Unlike a few games these days, there is only one type of HOS.
The puzzles were relatively simple and had easy to follow instructions and simple controls. A player should have no issue here, although I skipped all the puzzles because I couldn’t be bothered doing them. If you run in to any difficulty, the skip button is quick to recharge.

The gameplay is rather simple and straightforward, with the hint providing excellent help if you need it, telling you where to go and what to do. This would be a great game for beginners, as I did not get stuck once. One thing I must mention that annoyed me was the tutorial. It was the worst I’ve seen in a game. The tutorial has a VOICE-OVER! The voice-over for the tutorial was extremely annoying, dull and slow. I had read the text ages before the voice finished… Never again will I take the tutorial for this game!

The graphics, as always, were outstanding. A lot of detail was put in to artwork and character design, with everything being extremely clear. Character voice-overs were standard, with nothing outstanding, but they weren’t terrible either.

- 3 modes of play, the usual Casual, Advanced and Hard. I played Casual.
- Hint and Skip- they recharge quickly on casual, and the hint is extremely useful outside HOS.
- There is a compass that acts as a map that allows you to travel all over Enchantia. However, I did not find a map that allowed you to travel between different parts of the locations (e.g. to one area of the forest)
- There is no Diary, which is odd for games of this genre lately.

I found this game to be rather disappointing, and in all honesty, I believe it is not worth the 1GB download. For a game that large, the game has to be outstanding, and it just wasn’t. I can’t recommend this game.


Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by PrincessChibiusa on Jul 14, 13 10:58 PM
Ok so I debated on buying this game but ended up using a credit for it. I guess I'll start with the bad and then go to the good.
-Some of the dialogue is just way to slow, they'll have characters talking for paragraphs especially in the beginning of the game and the voices are so slow
-The search and find was interesting how they set it up but it was way to cluttered where you spend most time just clicking on random objects until you get to only finding 2 because your actually finding fragments to make artifacts.
-The game is way to short, I feel they could have done so much more with it, the map shows many more areas that you never even visit, that makes no sense.

Now the good
-The storyline was magnificent, I of course love things with mythical beings, elves,etc. and this storyline was really well played out. I just wish it wasn't so jumpy and more put together.
-Music was pretty good, not amazing but good.
-the artwork though cluttered in the search scenes was absolutely gorgeous!
-I find so many games with bad epilogues and this one had a good one

Overall I would not pay full price for this game. If you have credits or it's for a discount yes then but not full price.

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by qpr1 on Aug 11, 13 9:53 AM
excellent game, gorgeous lush graphics, good game length

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Aug 11, 13 1:00 PM
Played right through in easy mode and thought it was a nice bright game with gorgeous graphics.

Lots of things to do, places to go, and people to talk to. I got lost quite a few times but, (not being a man), I found lots of help in the map and hint buttons.

The cut scenes with the dialogue were a trifle long-winded in places and some of the voices weren't up to much.

But, all in all, it was a very pleasant piece of escapism and I enjoyed it.

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Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by Ninui2 on Aug 24, 13 8:59 PM
I never post, always lurk, but in my opinion, this is a stunning game and I think the best of the year!


Re:Reviews for Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen

[Post New]by supernaturalwolf on Nov 20, 13 10:55 PM
Having played many games I enjoyed all but one aspect of this game, which I will put under a spoiler section of this reply, The graphics were very good. Game had a lot of story that played nicely between cut scenes and interaction. Puzzles were varied and interesting. Voiceover, music and background sounds were done very well.


I have never had a problem playing some of the darker themed games. Even though you may need to do some shady things in these games nothing compares to this game. I would not have played knowing that you were forced to kill off an entire population to accomplish your goal. Neither population is in the wrong so this choice is subjective to the player. You really feel as if your character becomes no better than the one you are fighting against at this point. I finished the play to see if it redeemed itself by letting you have the power to revive this population. While it was a beautiful end scene I was left feeling disturbed that the character that started all this gets to be redeemed but you can do nothing about the genocide.

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