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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by DanieJo on Apr 16, 13 12:01 PM
Absolutely love this game. I enjoy HOG's occasionally, but much prefer this style of game. A game of time management and strategy. Can't wait for more like this!

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by grndpiano on Apr 16, 13 3:31 PM
Ok, here's my 2 cent's worth...I wrote BFG as to when it's coming out...they immediately wrote me back and said they'ed contact the dev's to see if and when. A few days later, here it was! Coincidence? Maybe...I bought it before even playing the trial. Love the new upgrades they've added. They listened to us from Book 1 and now we see the results on Book 2. However.... (hehe) There has to be a but, right? New feature...Sometimes a building can be built easily in a location, but, we need to be able to turn it to make it fit. Like the foresters hut, it can't be turned, but too many times it will fit if it could be rotated...Why not? Get the resources quicker by building it quicker. The same goes for alot of the other buildings as well. There are a few more that I may post later if someone else doesn't do it first...Thanks BFG for bringing this 2nd chapter to the trilogy!!!

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by LoisMac on Jun 8, 13 4:05 PM
I love both of the Adelantado books. Can't wait for the third.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by francesmount on Jun 18, 13 5:51 PM
I have just finished book 2 and am wanting to know are they going to do a book 3 as it was fun. I finished book 1 in 1 day and it was a hoot.


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Aug 13, 13 10:34 AM
Improved & Expanded


This is a direct continuation of the first book of Adelantado, picking up where it left off – at the swamp lands to the east. This game introduces rebellion and a rival to keep us on our toes.

What’s New? There have been a few good improvements based on the response to the first game.

1.You can now demolish, restore to peak efficiency or upgrade most buildings. So when the woodcutter runs out of wood, you can reutilise the space. Which is very good, because as with the first game, space is the biggest problem.

2.One new thing I really like is now when Don Diego beats the bushes or breaks a jug, whatever he gets is automatically collected. Which means you can leave him unsupervised, while you scan the full map to keep everything else under control.
3. New buildings such as cobblers to increase speed.

4.There are gods in this game that provide short term power ups such as increased speed or productivity.

5.You can save your progress mid-level.

6. More interesting challenges, such as controlling two settlements and their production at once.

7. Cool awards.

8. The levels are longer and more difficult. By Level 3, I was taking an hour to finish!

For the rest of it, this game closely resembles the first. Build or restore buildings, mine for resources, aim to save survivors from Adelantado’s ill-fated expedition, trade with the natives, etc. You still have 4 choices of difficulty levels, including an untimed one.

Graphics are still great, music is better than the last one I think, and building sounds etc. are good.

Criticisms from the first game about the tutorial and handholding remain true, and the cavemen still attack.

All up, this series, now, is the best of the resources management games I’ve seen, and I am eager for the third book in the trilogy.

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by scorpio42 on Oct 8, 13 11:04 AM
This one really keeps you on your toes ... especially Chapter 5 - "Lurking Fear" where you need to come up with additional Magic Stones just to complete Tasks like freeing survivors and being able to satisfy the multitude of Altars!

The drawback is having the "Woodcutter" instead of the "Forester" which would have been more practical with the constant demand for wood that's needed for upgrades; efficiency improvements; additional buildings; etc.

Further, it would have been great if the Game Developers made more of the buildings capable of being turned for more efficient placement in each of the areas, etc. instead of just the "Farm"

It would be fabulous if they added a "DESTROY" feature on the cavemen's holes?!

Just an idea, OK?

Otherwise, it's a very entertaining game that can be played for hours!

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by Janferie on Nov 21, 13 2:12 AM
I'm another one who liked the first one so much she didn't even play the demo before buying this one! This one is just about the best game I've ever played! It leaves other strategy and time management games standing. I've played it twice. I enjoyed the second time just as much as the the first and I can't wait for the final one to come out!


Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by Rolivine on Dec 29, 13 8:41 PM
Enjoyed book one very much. Silly as it sounds, I can't get started on book two. None of my workers will come out to repair the old Indian brothers house. Help.

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Re:Reviews for Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Jul 29, 14 7:53 PM
really loved this game was so much to do. looking forward to book three.

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