Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by evok29 on Apr 7, 13 3:15 PM
I am so fed up with buying bf games and cant finish them because of hitches bf is becoming such a waste of money will think twice before I buy anymore wake up bf u are taking our money and no return

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by Sprattie on Apr 7, 13 5:08 PM
I purchased this game on the half price sale and it was worth the half price. The usual dark HOs, some interesting puzzles, the usual lack of logic (tweezers hidden under a wall tapestry - I keep mine in a drawer) and the usual abrupt ending. I also purchased Strange Cases: Lighthouse game on half price so I'll be able to compare the two.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by sea_maid on Apr 7, 13 6:09 PM
I played the demo, and just barely made it to the end.

For some reason, this installment of the Strange Cases series doesn't seem quite in line with the rest. When they first came out ("The Tarot Card" game was the first, I think), they had a very distinctive tone and style. The cases were mostly in line with crime cases, except that they had a strange twist to it, hence the name Strange Cases. However strange, they were rooted firmly in reality, and that's what made it unique. In the last installment (before this one) "Grey Mist Lake", they really pushed it with the other dimension angle. But I never thought that it would get to this point.

The graphics are clear, the voices okay, but the storyline has gone way off. After only an hour, it seems to me that they have used the cliched "lost relative/friend" and put a dash of something from the Saw movies, and even a bit from EFR (at least the atmosphere reminded me a bit of that). Another thing, Claire was able to track down and solve the first two cases in the series, I don't know why they insist on giving her a partner lately (both "Grey Mist" and this one). They only drag the pace of the game, and add absolutely nothing.

Don't know whether this will be the last one in the series, but I do hope that next time, the dev's. go back to basics.

Overall, not really that good, certainly not worth a GCC. A discount, perhaps, but will purchase only if I'm really bored.


Decent Game

[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Apr 9, 13 11:28 PM
This is a review of the entire game. It's not the current state of the art, but the game was still fun and is worth buying. If you played the demo, skip the rest of this paragraph, because you will already know all of these details. There is an interactive map, a locking inventory bar, and good voiceovers. There is no diary, task list, achievements, or collectibles. I thought the graphics were good and suitable for this type of game. The music was okay and the rest of the sounds were pretty good.

The game had 21 Hidden Object Scenes (HOS) that didn't annoy me too much. There is no random-click penalty and the Hint meter recharges rather quickly, so I finished most HOS in 2 to 2.5 minutes. With every HOS you have to find a Tarot card first to get started. After you find it, then the Word List appears and you play the HOS. Most of the time I could find the Tarot card. But it was strange that sometimes I couldn't find it and had to use a hint to find the Tarot card before I could even start the HOS. The odd thing was that most of them were word lists, with some interactive items to find, but towards the beginning of the game, out of a clear blue sky, there were a few HOS with shadow silhouettes. Then it went back to the word lists for the rest of the game.

Some of the puzzles were innovative and were a lot of fun. Others were the standard fare, but still done very well. Overall, I thought the storyline was excellent and there is a surprise ending, a la The Twilight Zone. The game was offbeat and a bit different, but that added to its charm.

Again, this may seem like a bit of a dated game to some people, but it was well done and I liked it. I recommend this game and give it 2 thumbs up. I rate this game a 6.5 out of 10.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by exact on Apr 9, 13 11:55 PM
I'm very much enjoying this game. Good Graphics, new mini games, challenges in the HOS. No fantastic fantasy stuff which has become the norm in the latest CE's. I think this is an excellent buy!

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by Rachieroos on Apr 10, 13 2:27 AM
I rather liked the demo and think I'll give the full version a go... it's my day off and it's better than housework!

I was a bit disappointed as they've changed the format of the tarot cards, haven't they? I'm sure in previous games you could find more than one in each HO scene so you'd usually have one list of items to find and one list of silhouetted items, and then I'm sure there was sometimes a third (perhaps interactive?) or am I going insane? That made it a little more fun.

Otherwise, it's business as usual for Claire and her useless boss who gets locked away within the first 5 minutes after being crept up on by the baddie! I thought FBI agents were meant to be harder than that?


Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by wyldedragonfly on Apr 10, 13 5:27 PM
I had just finished game 3 and was wondering when/if there was a next Strange Cases and lo and behold! there it was. I downloaded the demo and decided it was a buy for me.

I liked it until the end. The story line was actually interesting and a bit of a surprise, but it ended suddenly - as if were a CE turned into an SE. I'll play it again just to see if I missed something as I had a couple of items left over in the inventory.

It is old school. Nothing fancy and I actually liked it.

Happy Gaming.

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Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Apr 10, 13 8:06 PM
This review explains why I haven't even bothered to demo this game, even though I own the three previous games in the series.

The description says her ward disappears. Does EVERY hidden object game HAVE to have a relative disappear. The main character is an FBI agent. Isn't that reason enough to investigate something? Plus she's single, but they still managed to have her child disappear, because they seem determined to give this story an identical plot as every other game on the market. Originality is to be frowned upon.

The first game in the series was different. Each scene had two or three cards hidden and different color cards gave different types of clues - word lists, silhouettes, etc. Later they got lazy and almost all the cards were simply word lists. From the reviews by Fontana and Rachieroos, it looks like the downward trend is continuing.

As a female, I don't mind playing male characters. But I don't want to play a woman so dumb she needs a male partner to tell her what to do.

So what attracted me to the games at first is gone. The originality is gone. The attraction of identifying with Claire is gone. There's no reason to try this game unless sometime I need a punch at the end of the month.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by psylocibin on Apr 15, 13 3:45 AM
bessiegirl wrote:Rarely do I post reviews just after a demo unless I am not going to purchase the game. However, I am doing so this time because of all the negative reviews this game has received. I found the game to be a very enjoyable, challenging game so far and will definately be a purchase.

Graphics are crisp and clear, voice overs done well and the cut scenes are actually interesting enough to listen to. Mini games are doable with a fast charging skip if you decide not to play. Music is not annoying and doesn't impact the game at all.

IHOS are definately unique and seem to become more of a challenge as you move along. Hint recharges very quickly. There is a very well done transporter map which makes the game even better.

Story plot is one we've all seen before, but how many different ideas can developers come up with, so that is forgivable. So far I am finding the game somewhat captivating and am looking forward to continuing with it. Don't let the "negs" put you off from at least giving it a try.

Additional comments: Just completed the game and found it to be a good length. A lot if interesting IHOGs. Interesting twist to the story. Found the voice overs OK. Still very pleased and found the game very enjoyable. The only negative I've found is the ending happens quite abruptly, but still finishes the game off nicely. Certainly can't understand the negativity of some gamers. Sad.

I agree with this review having only played the demo and am going to buy. Glad to hear that the game finishes well and with lots of time too. In order to get as far as I can in the hour, I generally skip the puzzles once the skip is available. However, I noted that there were a few puzzles that I am looking forward to going back and working. I liked the HObj scenes and the interactivity there was often clever.

I did want to thank Bessiegirl for the review that supported what I had found and added the info about finishing the game.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by read61 on Apr 16, 13 6:28 PM
Just finished this game (I had a few others to get through first) and I really enjoyed it, it was fairly creepy and the puzzles were good but not too hard. Good length and the jump map was an absolute help! My only disappointment was the ending, very abrupt......seemed to be over in seconds and I wish there had been an explanation for the *bad guys* actions. Still, I found it to be a long game and just the right challenge level for me! This particular series seems to be evolving and I look forward to the next one......

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by sandicats5 on May 7, 13 7:31 PM
I used my free game to purchase this, enjoyed the puzzles, & hog was surprised as who the kidnapper was.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Oct 14, 13 2:29 PM

Because I enjoyed the previous Strange Cases I bought this one too. Gosh, I wish I hadn't bothered. Just one hidden object scene after another, far too many for my taste in gameplay.

IMO this game did not have the quality, or thought, put into it that the previous ones in the series had.

Relieved when I got to the end - and even that was too sudden and rushed.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by Jurinne on Oct 29, 13 5:05 PM
This is a good game and I enjoyed playing it even though it is very predictable. But I have absolutely no idea what happened at the end. This is one of the most abrupt, puzzling endings I have seen. I hate that.

The map was good, though.

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Re:Reviews for Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance

[Post New]by roaming on Apr 5, 14 11:07 PM
bratzgram wrote: I don't really see what so many are complaining about I was really into the demo and didn't want it to end.
This has fun and different mini games and HOS, an interactive map, hint that works outside the HOS and a good story line.
Yes the graphics at times seem a bit sketchy and they don't even try to match the voice overs with the mouth action but to me the game play is more important anyway.
I completely enjoyed what I have played to far (Demo)
and 1/2 out of 5.

caput wrote:Just finished the demo and it is a buy for me! I like the story line and really did not find the background all that grainy as some have. I found it just challenging enough to keep me interested without being so frustrating that I had to resort to help.

I bought the game and enjoyed playing it very much. I recommend it.

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