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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Apr 14, 13 3:38 PM
I happen to like HOG's and I have a lot of games with a timer, but this one is just too much and the timer is way too short, even for an expert gamer. Graphics seem a bit old school and not crisp. Game play was a bit disappointing in that I had to click on an object more than once or twice to get it to pick up, which of course messed with the "timer." There are some instructions to the game, but it doesn't explain all of it.

As I said, I like HOG's and have a number of straight HOG games. This one just didn't grab me. Too many things to try to accomplish at the same time and just got very confusing and frustrating. Not challenging like an adventure HOG with a story to follow, or a reason to go here or get that.

This could have been a fun game, but fell short for me. No buy today either. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find it quite enjoyable. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by yowzasma on Apr 14, 13 5:48 PM
O.K., I played about half of the trial and hoped to find an off switch for the timer...I spent most of my working life in factories where we worked on piecework, had to watch clock and the commuting schedule's that had to time-sink...everything was time related and now that I am retired so is my watch! I do not willingly play games where there is a timer but I do appreciate that a lot of people enjoy the challenge to beat the clock and to best their times on replay , just wish Timer was optional

The game itself was ok and I had looked forward to 100% Hidden Objects because I personally enjoy them the more HOG & FROG scenes the better for me and had hoped this was one of those rare games like PURE which I still play occasionally.
I accepted the tutorial but learned little from it so I continued on my own to try to figure out what-where&when:/ grrrr!

Started a completed scene over and did notice there were different objects in the list which is nice.

Did not know what the exploding stars were for till 3rd round. OK, my lack of attention:/ AND the timers are just too dog-on fast !!!!!

Graphics, were OK but not great.

Music, I personally didn't care for but I like stuff like wind chimes, rain or something relaxing for playing a 'quiet-time' no hassle game

I think the developers were trying to design a game not really knowing what would make "everyone" happy and I also think that the next game of this genre that they design, they will have a better idea of what we , the players want..

If they tweek this 100% Hidden Objects by adding an option for a timer or removing the timer I will buy

Am going to give this game & 3/4 flowers out of 5 because of the lack of a timer option.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Apr 14, 13 6:34 PM
I was really liking this game until the first "dark" scene came along. You have the usual "flashlight" sort of area you can see and move around with the mouse. Unfortunately, the developers though that every time you move the "flashlight" the scene should bounce up and down and quiver and quake. Made me nauseous. Thought it might just be that scene, so played on and two more "dark" scenes were just like that one.

Not buying something that makes me physically sick to my stomach.

That aside, the gameplay is sort of fun. You can play each scene just for kicks or try to beat the timer, meet the "frenzy" mode goal (sort of like getting those black box drops on "Found" for clicking multiple items in a row), or try to find the bonus "star object" in each round. Or all three. Item lists change each time you play a scene, so you might play several times before you reach all goals.

Now if they would just include a box of seasick pills with each purchase...

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by pcgal on Apr 15, 13 4:57 AM
I love straight HOGs like Pure Hidden, Big City Adventure games etc. so I was delighted to see a straight HOG on offer as they are very rare nowadays.

Though not a true timer in that it does not time-out, it is annoying by its presence - a relaxed mode /timed mode would have been preferable.

I loved the fact there were no puzzles at all.

The graphics were very poor IMHO and objects are difficult to find as the are not drawn very well. Also, it is annoying when there more than one of the objects in the scene e.g. You need to find a mask and the are three masks in the scene.

Despite the aforementioned annoyances I would have bought it, had it not been for the scenes where you have to use a FLASHLIGHT and there was no way to skip these scenes.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Apr 15, 13 7:11 AM
since there is a timer, it will be a not a buy for us but others may want to give it a try.....................doug & lisa-----------------

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by TracyS123 on Apr 15, 13 8:32 AM
Definitely a no-go for me! By the third scene, all I felt was stressed and frustrated and I wasn't having any fun. So I realized there was no point in continuing. The stars/achievements are practically impossible to get unless you're just really good at finding hidden objects, especially under time pressure. I don't even know what it means if you don't get the stars. Does that mean you'll have to do the scene over again? It doesn't matter because I have no intention of playing.

Big Fish, what I could really go for is another Amazing Adventure, Big City Adventure, or a Mystery PI. There hasn't been an Amazing Adventure or Mystery PI in forever! I also really liked the Dream Day series and would be ecstatic to see another one of those come out!



Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by KaleenStar on Apr 16, 13 11:48 PM
Played and like it, lot of good spent time here!!

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by PurrrThang on Apr 19, 13 9:27 AM
Although I wouldn't play it straight through, I like this game and will use a PCC to get it. I only have a few minutes left because I had a 4.5 year old helping me. LOL she was annoyed that there wasn't a hint button and hit the pause ( II ) button by mistake.

I like it because if I couldn't find something I could start over and get a partially new set of items to look for. It isn't the same each time. It challenged my memory skills and I loved it for that.

Okay now back to Fishdom3

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by pysanky13 on Apr 27, 13 8:33 AM
I bought this game during the last BOGO weekend and love it. Yes some of the graphics are 'murky' but not too much. I personally don't care for timed games but found that I could get 3 stars sometimes on the first try, most on the second go round and a few on a third time around.

A very few of the objects were so well hidden that I only found them with the help of a tool and still did not recognize them. Once I knew where they were, then I was able to go to that spot and get my star.

Each time you replay or reload the scene, there are different objects to find. I found that the tools you can buy to help are nice but I eventually used only the one item hint (first one on the list) and the lamp to illuminate the flashlight scenes. After going through nearly all the boxes I also found that I needed to click on the tool plus sign only if I wanted to open the purchase/use popup. if I already had those tools purchased, I only needed to click on the top tool image to use it; saved me some time.

A few of the objects you find will generate a floating gold coin. Clicking on this adds to your money total that you use to buy help tools. I found I had plenty of money for tool purchases and would buy 10 at a time.

I have been playing in the gold star item mode and will do the picture, green star, mode at another time.

I chose this game because of the HO scenes without any story or mini games, though in other games I like those.

The only glitch for me is the naming of the objects. the only way to look at it is that it is funny. Calling a balance scale weight a camping stove? a horse halter a holster? many more. these scenes naturally required the use of the ? tool to find out what they meant before I was able to get the 3 gold stars. as I said, funny but honestly, would it be so difficult to have an American vet the names instead of relying on someone that just speaks English as a second language?

I have a shortcut on my desktop and have been playing this any time I have a few minutes. Lots of fun and a challenge if you want it.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by sheriff09 on May 7, 13 12:56 AM

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by SnowFlake999 on May 23, 13 3:27 AM
As you should expect from a pure HOG, this game doesn't offer too much in terms of originality, but it doesn't promise too much either.

It kept me amused for some time, although I really didn't like the timer option.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by Swtmb on Jul 3, 13 2:19 PM
I am really enjoying this game. My favorite are hidden object games without adventure. It is also a long game with lots of fun hidden objects to find in many scenes. I am enjoying the timed version of this game.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by rheashard2 on Aug 30, 13 4:31 PM
I love HO games as a rule. This one has it's flaws but is still a fun game. You can play each scene as many times as desired to earn the coins necessary to purchase the tools to aid in search. For me, the biggest problem was the language barrier. Some objects were misnamed. Others like the baskets, jugs and pots for example would have their names interchanged between scenes. That caused for some confusion, a pot in one scene would be a jug or vase in another and so on. The biggest problem I had was the inability to (1) adjust the size of the scenes & have it stay there; (2) the inability to lighten the scenes to view items in the shadows or dark areas. This is a fun hidden object game. The scene pictures are good. I always played each scene first without regard to the timer. Looking for objects just for the fun of finding them. After feeling confident with that scene, I'd go to another one to 'confuse' me somewhat. Then I'd go back to it with the goal of beating the timer to earn max points & the 3 green and 3 gold stars per scene. This is a nice long hidden object game with plenty of variety of the scenes.


Easy & as relaxing as you want it to be.

[Post New]by HoofDr on Sep 24, 13 1:22 PM
This game can be easy or a challenge. Just because the timer goes out, doesn't end the game. Or, try to beat the timer. Some objects are "gimmies" and some are harder to see or imagine.

I purchased the game and will play it for a long time past the time I finish all the scenes.


Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by hidden12 on Nov 1, 13 3:38 PM
love hidden objects games.........but what is the object of this game.

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by TedsMum10 on Dec 17, 13 12:38 AM
I downloaded the Free trial - found it was a Freemium style game with in-app payments and frankly lost interest immediately. Neither I, nor any of my friends or family play Freemium games on principle.

Couple that with the fact that this game won't let you play at your own pace but insists on a timer but then tells you off for random/rapid tapping and you have a major turn off!

If Big Fish had used these type of graphics for one of their hidden objects/puzzle games I would have been overjoyed as I'm sick of ghosts and graveyards. However 100% Hidden Objects was actually 100% Annoying Game.


Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by Brigette on Sep 14, 14 8:47 PM
Listen I love BFG and have been a member for many years but I am tired... tired of seeing adventure games in disguise of Hidden Object games. Correction- Hidden Object games becoming the standard on this site. I am not opposed to HO games having a category but they have become the most disappointing, generic, boring games and populate my favourite category Adventure. I remember a time where I use to log onto this website and look forward to the diversity and challenging games. Now however I am consistently disappointed. Can we bring back the old ways? Please?


Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by Iraklis888 on Feb 6, 15 3:33 PM
I am very disappointed with this game, have been playing it almost 2yrs, downloaded an update and now cannot play it offline, this situation needs to fixed as not everyone wants to play online and those of us who are loyal to the game pretty much have to just delete the game as there is no remedy, disgusted.....

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Re:Reviews for 100% Hidden Objects

[Post New]by nelliebj on Apr 19, 15 4:05 PM
May have made a mistake buying this. I thought it was just straight HOG but it's not. It's "untimed" except for the timers!! You don't need to do anything? Yes you do. You can't move on to the next level if you don't reach certain "achievements" in the previous level so you end up playing the same scenes over and over until you get those achievements. My old eyes can't always see the items easily and then being told you have 5 seconds to find a specific (small) item, just doesn't work for me. I have yet to reach the "expert" level.

If you are going to offer a straight HOG, then don't put all those burdens on the player to make them achieve certain things to move on! I hate that. It's worse than a timer. And, the timer on this one.... well, you'd better be able to see the items and get them all within that so called untimed time or you can't move on. Not fair!!!

I'm sorry I bought this even on a DD.

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