Repairing guest house

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Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by Dbdj on Jun 27, 13 4:36 PM
I can't finish the repair on the main house. I've got the 5 logs in a bubble over the house but when I try to get the husband to build it says "There's no path there." I've already completed the path quests - there's a wooden path from railway to house & stone path from main house to guest house. Where else do I need to make a path?

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Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by Kwan_Yin on Jun 29, 13 1:28 PM

I was able to get rid of 'there's no path' by placing paving stones along the dirt track that leads to the lower right corner, where that creepy guy wants to sell you supplies at rip-off prices. Then I moved the brick kiln & sawmill so they were butted right up against the path on the north side, so the path runs immediately in front of these 2 buildings. Worked like a charm!



Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by jopineke on Jul 18, 13 8:33 AM
wel I got grandpa I thought he would get in last after I would be able to get the guesthouse done and after grandma but stil no guesthouse and stil no grandma so not sure what is wrong I got apples cherries working on the juice machine I got school silly me did some class but did not knew about the heads on top and now the school is waiting for grandma to finish class so can not learn anything more untill she arrives
I got road to guesthouse from the main houseI got brick house and saw mill
but stil not quest to go finish the guesthouse except the one in start then further nothing and it stays on 1/3 and time left 1.30
think grandpa misses grandma lol
but stil like to know if I missed anything in game
oh almost forgot I also got the store of the guy who sell things in right down corner build
wel so far if I read all these things here I am not doing bad but my guesthouse stays a ruine

sorry for bad english but think you understand lol thanks I hope I get more tips I am lost and so is grandpa he miss granny
oh and the chickens need cleaning the place looks dirty and I can not move it also need to wait for grandma

and I play the game on iPad

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Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by Sliponshoes on Jul 20, 13 7:31 AM
I just started playing this game, I'm currently level 14. The game seems to be quest driven. Focus on completing the quests that pop up and the game will progress as you get them ticked off. I couldn't figure out how to get grandpa to arrive, but completing the quests seemed to be the trick.

Try completing as many quests as you can, the ones you can't do, just ignore until you can but focus on the ones you can do and the game will move along as you tick them off. At least that has been my experience so far.

Happy farming!


Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by ChrysWinter on Jul 23, 13 7:08 PM
Was getting frustrated because I was lookin for grandma. Never seen the quest for it but a letter earlier mentioned coming when the guest house was built. Ive been doing quest after quest trying to trigger it. Finally I had enough and figured I would come check the boards and see if there was something I was missing. Seems that many people had different events that triggered it. Finally I just got it triggered after completing the Courgette quest. was happy to finally get the option (after I save up the 1000 silver though doesn't make since to me since Ive already got 3000 saved ~_~)

Hope this is helpful to someone. Though as I said it seems most people have different tasks that seem to trigger this event.



Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by Sapphirain on Jul 23, 13 10:00 PM
I'm level 32. Just keep doing quests and Grandma will come. She will be one of the quests. You do have to have the guest house built first. I don't remember what triggered it now.

As for the school, you will have to wait until Grandma shows up to get her diploma, you can't do anything else at the school until then.

Keep looking for the light bulbs and do quests, you'll get there.

There are also several other threads that talk about some of the things that go on in the game.


Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by jdgold5 on Nov 6, 13 10:21 AM
To tigger the guest house last repair, I upgraded the hen house. Click on the hen house, click the fences tab/ hen house tab( after the troughs). Bought a medium hen house , an upgrade from a small hen house to a medium hen house. I'm on level twelve. Hope this helps.


Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by CanadianBea on Nov 18, 13 7:28 PM
I too was waiting for the guesthouse and for Grandpa. I am on level 15 and have completed the house, the school, sawmill, brickyard and busstop. I have not repaired the tracks as I am blocked there as well. Hubby had just upgraded a skill and enrolled for his second class. And he had just picked up the first juice box at the cannery. Then he got lightbulbs for buiding the brickyard and then the one for the sawmill. When the quest for Sawmill completed it included Grampa as part of the reward. Jennifer had 2 diplomas. She picked up the first snack at the Snack Bar and her lightbulb popped up to Repair the Guesthouse. Within a few minutes I had both Grandpa and Guesthouse repair. I was just about to give up on them and start over.


Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by Buriedindream on Aug 29, 14 5:15 PM
I had this same trouble. I was beginning to think it was a major glitch in the game.
Be patient - you will eventually get your chance to repair. I had long since built the school and got through many other tasks and suddenly wifey suggests we can now start to repair the guesthouse

enjoying the game - rather addictive

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Re:Repairing guest house

[Post New]by ycwcrf on Aug 30, 14 3:22 AM
try moving stuff around the house something might be blocking his path tat happend to me. for the guest house if you got to many quest on the left side of your screen you cant get anymore quest plus jenffier cant be doing any else wait till she stops doing something then click on her light bulb

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