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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by cherbtoo on May 28, 13 9:37 AM
I have just finished this game (sound turned off) and despite a couple of glitches ... an access violation on exiting and the fleur-de-lis box only using 4 tokens instead of 5 so I still have one if anyone needs one ... I must say that I enjoyed it .

I know some people want to wrack their brains over solving puzzles but if they are too difficult it puts me off and I am more likely to abandon the game altogether and be a bit wary of buying that devs next game but I did like the ones in this game .

I did miss a couple of the morphing objects and was going to go back and check everywhere but I went through the door after using the bullets the game finished so I never got chance to so if you want the satisfaction of collecting them all don't make my mistake .

I will definitely be looking for the next game from this developer.



Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by WickedlyBookish on May 28, 13 6:18 PM
Review based off 48 minutes of the demo. The game glitched out and I had to manually shut down before finishing the remaining 12.

I should start off by saying this was better than I expected it to be. I went in with the impression it would be silly, cheesy, and underwhelming. Although it does suffer from some of the 'spooky' mystery tropes, the game play was decently enjoyable.

Cut scenes could use some sharpening, but are for the most part ok. Voice overs are fine, but some of the commentary while playing is redundant and obnoxious. Also, if you are a fan of finding extra morphing objects in random areas as you play, then you will enjoy this commonly employed feature.

The HOS are very old school which some players may enjoy. The objects are less pronounced from their backdrops and are harder to spot which may present a welcome challenge for some. However, for people like me with iffy eyesight, this became tedious and time consuming. A few of the HOS aren't very well lit, most likely under the pretense of location, i.e. cupboard, closet, etc. Others were washed out, like the bathtub HOS. This only added to the poor visibility and frustration. For future games I would like to see brighter, more defined HOSs.

Transitions between areas and even zones you zoom in to interact with were clunky and slow. You actually have to click on the word 'inventory' for it to come up. This wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't right at the bottom of the screen. It created a frustrating problem when the game wanted to interpret my clicks as a request to back out of an area instead of opening my inventory for a needed item.

Also when playing these sorts of Adventure HOGs I prefer a zoom in area to close off once I've completed everything in it. Otherwise I end up wasting time revisiting every single place the cursor becomes a magnifying glass when I'm stuck and retracting my steps. I realize this could add to the challenge for some and is probably more of a personal preference, but I thought I'd make note of it.

The puzzles weren't anything new if you play these types of games often.

I don't think I can accurately comment on the storyline as I only played through the demo, but I can at least say I was moderately interested.

Overall this game was just ok, but I won't be purchasing. I didn't see enough to warrant the use of a credit.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by leilanibz on May 31, 13 3:17 AM
Well I just finished the full version of this game on hardcore mode, and whoo it was a toughie! I got stuck at the end missing a few things. Overall tho this game was great fun, challenging, and I enjoyed the HOSs because they fit in and I didn't feel like there was a large number of items to look for.

I also posted my positive review on the main BFG site. I like this game, and I hope to see more from the developer. I will be waiting for your next game. Thank you for this excellent game!

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by swtp20 on Jun 1, 13 7:25 AM
well that game really sucked

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by Warlady1 on Jun 1, 13 8:56 PM
Is there a way to lighten up the screen? It's so dark it's straining my eyes big time.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by lolaluv on Jun 5, 13 12:27 PM
Bought this on a two for one about a week ago, just played it. So frustrating. Here are the issues I found:

1. Inventory bar impossible to use - it keeps disappearing requiring multiple clicks just to pick up an object.
2. Often, but not always, when you use an object the text response is "nice try" or something similar even when the object is the RIGHT one.
3. It seems overly picky about location of using objects, so much so that coupled with 2 above I thought I was doing the wrong thing even when I wasn't.
4. HOS - some were easy, but some of the objects were nearly hidden under the list of items to find making them impossible to see. Also very picky about where you click to pick up an object, for several I had to give it four to five clicks to pick it up.
5. I really dislike it when you're done with a scene and yet it still pops up a magnifying glass to look at it again.
6. The lack of a map makes all of this even MORE annoying.
7. Pop up windows don't close automatically, and when you back out of one the whole screen goes blank for a bit.
8. The navigation is really touchy, so I kept finding myself redirecting instead of clicking on what I meant to click on.

Interesting story, somewhat interesting mini games, I hope the dev tries again but makes everything run just a bit more smoothly.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by pcpat923 on Jun 14, 13 7:25 AM
Just finished game.

I love these rare finds on BFG where an unknown developer steps in and steals the show with a $6.99 game that can be purchased using a BFG earned credit and clearly puts other big Developers to shame with a game that has heart and soul and is alive through the Devs hopes and dreams.

MCF was great like this game at one time--long ago. I love Blue Tea Games, ****, and the rest but many games have less plot and more eye candy. TVOM has depth and stands on its own merits--just good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity. Gigant used subtle whispering voices and other effects to set the mysterious and eerie moods which definitely came across especially when playing at night with no other noises or distractions.

Playing on hardcore with no walkthrough, I was totally immersed in this awesome gaming experience. Any BFG member could play this game on hardcore and NOT look for answers--cheats-- to know you have accomplished something at the end by using thought. Game challenge is do-able by all.

These Developers evidently put their sweat and tears into this game as the game had it all and is of the highest quality in terms of workmanship. Glitches happen even with the most experienced Developers. I constantly checked all the rooms in the house and all surrounding areas to make certain that I had played the hidden object scenes. This is very important as I believe some gamers thought there were glitches when, actually, they had not followed through the game as needed

Played hardcore and gameplay was a refreshing challenge but not overtly especially with no walkthrough to refer. No glitches in game progress, just me.

Morphing objects - got 35 of the 36. Some were easy. I will play game again and maybe try to List them.

Story line drew me right in and I was hunting for gold!

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

Graveyard and the metal detector threw me as all to do was gently wave the metal detector around over top the grave markers and click only when beeping sound and red light came on metal detector.

Then, the end--six bullets, a gun and a rasp...what to do? The code must be deciphered first on the door in the cave. You also need a key to enter the door after deciphering the code. If you need help with this, private message me and I will be more than happy to share the ending with you. Enjoy! Patricia

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by Purplerabbit on Jun 16, 13 7:22 AM
I quite liked the demo, but man is it glitchy! I fixed the dumb waiter and then couldn't leave the scene, so had to exit the game and go back in. Then I got the 2nd gnome and tried to read the diary and got rewarded with a black screen. I tried to exit to menu, but couldn't, so had to tab+alt out of it and close with right click. Started it up again, tried the diary again and got the same problem.
Not sure if to buy with these problems. And I HATE having to open the inventory every time I want to use it.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 17, 13 5:11 AM
Remember 10 Green Bottles?


I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but me and this game, we just don’t ‘click’.

This is how it goes. A confusing and VISUALLY VERY POOR INTRO tells us that the previous owner of the house went mad, trying to find the treasure that is allegedly to be found on the estate. There is a SINISTER STRANGER as well, but that’s all ANCIENT HISTORY. We are the new owner and know nothing of this until we find his DIARY.

In there, we find the 7 GNOMES POEM. This looks more interesting. The first gnome is predicted to fall down the chimney, and after we light a fire, choke on the smoke, and put it out, there is GNOME NO. 1. It’s a RIDDLE, and maybe it leads to the TREASURE?

In any case, we are alone in a creepy house, with SERIOUSLY ODD background sounds, including VOICES floating in and out of STATIC.

Although the GRAPHICS IMPROVE in the HO SCENES, they are, on my admittedly large wide screen monitor, STILL POOR. The HOS are NON-INTERACTIVE LISTS, and there are a LOT of them. So far I have not had to revisit any.

The PUZZLES are DIFFERENT, enough to make me confused. In one, you must solve a riddle which requires you to count fish in a pond. But to finish the puzzle, you must write the answer down, and I never figured out how to do that without pen and paper.

SKIPPING a puzzle costs you 15 minutes on your GAME TIMER. HINT is directional, and you only have to CLICK ONCE to be taken to the next action.

There are MORPHING OBJECTS to collect as well, but no other ACHIEVEMENTS.
So it has the makings of a GOOD STAND ALONE SE, but I can’t like it. It’s as if the developer and I are thinking on different wavelengths. So I guess you’ll have to make up your own mind.

I can neither recommend or not recommend this one, I just know I won’t be buying it.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by Jurinne on Jun 25, 13 4:54 PM
Review Based on Completed Game:

I "bought" this game because it was Monday (double-punch day) and I had lost some free games and didn't want to lose anymore. I read the mostly negative reviews but I was intrigued by the storyline and the game was free and it was getting close to midnight so I bought it.

This game could have been a CE if the devs had taken some time to develop the story (which is all that saves it even as a SE), worked out the bugs, polished the characters, and basically, put in a lot more effort than they did. There are even morphing objects! But instead of a CE we have a glitchy SE and that is a shame.

HOS: Rather grainy and some items just too difficult to find. HOS are not interactive. The same HOS are used more than once and often the same items are to be found. But there is no mis-click penalty!

Puzzles: Some showed a bit of thinking outside the box; however, the instructions were often puzzling themselves and I ended up skipping some because I had little idea of what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the puzzle didn't even disappear when it had been solved. Skipping did not take very long.

Gnomes: I didn't even find them all! I missed about three. Where are they? How did I finish the game without finding them?

Inventory: Why don't devs realize that players don't know where exactly to put an Inventory item? Over and over while knowing it was the correct item but I couldn't get it to work.
I still haven't figured out why I have a coin and fragment still in my Inventory.

Hint button: Actually, this was pretty good. It might have even provided too much hand-holding. However, several times I was prompted to do something I could not do and, in one case, I was continually guided away from where I needed to be.

Glitches: Two times I could not continue as my cursor froze. Hitting ESC got me out of the game; both times I lost progress but did not have to start over.

Ending: Abrupt.

Walkthrough: None.

Overall: Even with the many problems I have to admit that I really enjoyed this game. I wanted to know what happened. I liked the graphics, the gloomy atmosphere, the beauty of the garden, the creepy house that was more than what it appeared to be. So I recommend the game with reservations. It's not a long game and nice to play on a rainy day. I hope the devs put more effort into their next game; I think they have hit on something very good and I want more.

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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by sunshinej on Jul 24, 13 4:20 AM
Just finished the game and even though I liked the story, I have to say that the game was extremely buggy.

I hit skip the tutorial button and the HO scene on the porch did not activate. Had to delete and reinstall and another time I skipped the intro and was missing some items in my inventory. Had to delete and reinstall again that time too. So after a couple of restarts I said I'm not skipping anything anymore and it played somewhat all right except for the ending. I had problems with the puzzle on the cave wall and using the gun. I read someone who also had the same problem, did what they did and I was able to finish the game.

Also must add the ending was very abrupt.


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Re:Reviews for The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Aug 5, 13 3:14 PM
I finished the game but something seemed to be missing as I only had 3 parts of the poem. Tried the walkthrough but couldn't get it to move from the first page, could have been a great game if I could have seen parts of the hos they were too dark. glad I used a coupon on it.

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