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[Post New]by scrapping_nancy on Jun 15, 13 8:26 PM
was really looking forward to buying this game as I enjoyed all the other big city adventure games. glad I tried the demo first!!! Very disappointing, way too small, and not enjoyable at all!! I have never had to use so many hints. Quit after 10 minutes. Too bad big fish, not up to standard!


Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 17, 13 6:57 AM
At Last! A Few Innovations!


I really am not a fan of this series. Big City Adventures are strictly QUANTITY over QUALITY. If I’m going to pay the same price as I would for one of the many spectacular HOPAs there are now available, I think it’s fair to expect a similar level of quality in graphics, game design, etc. from the HOGs on offer.

What is preventing the inclusion of CUT SCENES, HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS and VARIETY from finding its way into HOGs? And I like my HO games, even the PURE HOGs, to have some excitement, mystery, or at least PURPOSE.

This latest instalment does not yet show much in the way of improvements, but at least it does show SOME. The FORMULA is the same as it is for all the BCA games. The family go on holiday to a BIG CITY. There follows 3 VISITS EACH to 20 or so apparently randomly selected HO SCENES. These SCENES are GRAPHICALLY mediocre – although better here than in the previous games. Yes, they are BRIGHT & COLOURFUL, but they are COPY & PASTE graphics, overcrowded and objects are often too small.

One of the innovations I like is that within each SCENE there is now a ZOOM SCENE where 3 or 4 objects can be found. It’s the first step towards genuine INTERACTIVITY and variety we’ve seen from this series.

The other CHANGE FOR THE BETTER is many more varieties of PUZZLES than in the past. Although they are still simply a transition from one chapter to another, and still fairly simple, it gives them a level of interest than the old games didn’t have.
The game still includes those OTHER FEATURES most popular with players. The game is TIMED (but you have the option now of UNTIMED), there are POINTS, COLLECTIBLES, ACHIEVEMENTS & UNLOCKABLE replays.

There is definitely improvements here, this game is still as long way short of the quality I look for in a HO Adventure. But it will be a treat for those who love the series.

I recommend this game to those people only!


Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by quiltertoo on Jun 17, 13 8:10 AM
I miss the Teddy bears!

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by exact on Jun 18, 13 12:33 AM
Loving this game! the degree of difficulty in hogs is harder but makes it more challenging. Very relaxing and a change from the wild mod graphics in other games.
If you gone to Japan or are going you will know what to see, Thanks for another big City. Next city???


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[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jun 21, 13 2:42 PM
HAPPY DAY, HAPPY DAY ..LOVE the BCA series, own every one, and will continue to buy them, can't wait for the next ADVENTURE!!!!

I didn't know about this release, ahead of time, so was VERY happy when I seen it on the BF site, what a nice surprise, purchased right away .

These adventures along with the Dream Day Wedding series, are games that are near and dear, to my heart, I know what to expect, and am never disappointed.
I find them so relaxing, yes some of the items are harder to find, but I love the challenge, it wouldn't be any fun, if you could just spot every item, right away.

I also LOVE the fact, that they keep the same mini games, inbetween the H0 scenes, and how the game page and mechanics, works the same in each game.
These are reasons why I love these games, and I always say, if it isn't broke, don't fix it, so that is also why I continue to buy them, love them just the way they are.

I find the facts about each new adventure, interesting to read, LOVE the extra hiding place in each H0 scene, to find the 2 items, adds to the FUN game play.
Also finding the gears, will give an extra surprise at the end, CAN'T WAIT !
I played almost the entire game in one sitting, had about 6 more H0 scenes to visit, had an appointment, or I would have finished it, these are VERY

I just LOVED every single game, except the London one, that was made different from the classic ones, so besides that little negative, I have nothing bad to say.

SO looking forward, to the next adventure, GREAT job developers, thanks for the sneak peek, its going to be AWESOME !!
Any hints on how long ?

Big City Adventure Fan .. .

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by justis48 on Jun 22, 13 5:41 PM
I wish I would have gotten the demo first but since I like all the Big City games, I bought it sight unseen. What a mistake. The objects are way too small and I cannot get this to full screen on my laptop. Very disappointed because I am always up for a lighter game without all the death and destruction. Don't think this is worth the eye strain. So sorry I wasted a game token.

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by Zobig on Jun 27, 13 9:21 AM

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by roaming on Jul 1, 13 4:24 AM
enerald wrote:Totally agree, Angel; also, no window sizing!!! Other Cons are: v annoying"musack", moving (nausea inducing) images (in, out, up & down) even in the intro!! I do NOT get motion sickness on boats, cars, planes, etc, but this imagery movement is impossible!!!! No buy for me, yet again .... think I've bought 4 games in 12 months so far. Standards are slipping badly, BFG & I've been a member from 2003!!!

I couldn't agree more, enerald! I can't seem to find games I want to buy anymore, and often the ones I do buy I wind up wishing I hadn't spent the money on them. It's hard to know if it's BFG or the developers at fault, but it's very frustrating.

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by gertie23 on Jul 13, 13 1:14 PM
Well I used to like the Big City Adventure games, but they have taken all the fun out with the Tokyo version! Some things are so hard to find it is just frustrating to say the least!

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Re:Reviews for Big City Adventure: Tokyo

[Post New]by cokienutt on Sep 20, 13 6:35 PM
I'm five minutes in and will have to start under a new player name. Out of hints and can't find two objects. Very frustrating and I want to relax. Never would've bought if I had a trial run. It was on sale with no trial. Go figure.

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