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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by dakini on Jun 29, 13 5:40 PM
I wanted to really love this but on my Mac between scenes was sometimes as much as a minute with a black screen and then when you think it's totally locked it pops back on. Is this a technical issue or really just a programming glitch for Mac? I think that cooled my interest.

One good thing for me was that even when you think you know what the puzzle is you had better read the directions because they have thrown in some fun twists to standard looking games. And the fact that the CE has the mini games in the bonus section is great!

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Badgerrrt on Jun 29, 13 6:30 PM
gamblebug wrote:I agree with most fishies,i like the game.Like the fact of being in a completely different world.Scenery is beautiful,even though there is a sale this week,i'm not buying.Please BF start offering more Se's .I have 7coupons to get rid of. I have 9 credits to use to,only cause i always buy extra.BF should work on a way for us that ususally buy mostly collectors games to be able to coupons toward them,so for now i will hold off,there are at least % CE's i'd like .Oh well enjoy fishies,good game.

Gamebug, I definitely agree with you!
I, too, wish that the wonderful people at BigFish could offer us fishies a way to use our collected 'Free game" coupons towards the purchase of a CE; perhaps combine 2 free game coupons to make a "collector's coupon" or something of that nature.


Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by NancySusan on Jun 30, 13 5:46 AM
Lots of great reviews on this and it's obvious that it will depend on your individual likes and dislikes as to whether or not you will want to buy this game. I enjoyed the demo, but not outstandingly (the "young girl" consistently mispronounced any Chinese name that came out of her mouth, which was annoying oh by the way -- none of the male actors had that problem - didn't anyone supervise the voice-overs?). I liked the fairly obvious bad uncle slithering around vocally, oh, I'm not bad, just well, actually probably quite bad and behind the whole thing, but at the end of the demo, there's only suspicion, not certainty (although the detective/healer seems to completely in the dark). I enjoyed the kind-of Chinese theme to the story and graphics, although if you're going to draw characters who are supposed to be Chinese, like the "young girl" and the man who brought the message to the healer, then why are their eyes not even remotely Asian, come on folks. Generally, a nice game with a lot of really good effort. Perhaps too many HO games for me, so ultimately I'm on the fence as to whether or not to buy. I too will wait for the Fourth sale and see what it has.


Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Jun 30, 13 6:36 AM
What’s Next? Dragons?


I’ve played the demo, I’ve read the other reviews, and I’m still not sure how I feel about this game.

It is beautiful, that I know is true. I tried playing with the HD option, and it gave an UNFAMILIAR TEXTURE to the GRAPHICS I wasn’t so keen on, but with it off, the visuals were SPLENDID. The drawing of the CHARACTERS was DELIGHTFUL. The ‘CHINESE’ feel of the game was WELL DONE. Sights and sounds most of us do not often experience.

The MUSIC too, was unlike anything else I’ve heard, but in this case I thought it was UNQUESTIONABLY WONDERFUL. The STORYTELLER’S VOICEOVER in particular was GREAT. I loved the way it reverberated. The other VOICES were good too, and I see no point in objecting to accents. They are UNNOTICEABLE if you don’t think about them.

The GAMEPLAY seemed heavily weighted in favour of HO SCENES, which come in two types, INTERACTIVE LIST & SILHOUETTES. Each scene is visited twice, once for each type of play. You can also choose to play MAHJONG instead.

Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade my status to expert, because once again I found the PUZZLES in this game to be QUITE EASY, with only one that really made me think. All were beautifully integrated into the game’s locale.

Getting around is easy too, because there is an INTERACTIVE JUMP MAP, and HINT takes you directly to where you should be. You also have a JOURNAL, and list of OBJECTIVES. It’s all pretty easy to follow.

The ‘GIMMICK’ of this game is the HEALER’S KIT, which is a mini-game where you must click at (almost) exactly... NOW(green bar)... to proceed. It’s an added bit of bling.

There’s no telling where this STORY is going, the end of the demo leaves it very much in the air. But the screenshots from later in the game suggest a greater involvement with MAGIC and MAGICAL CREATURES than we saw in the demo. In fact, the scenes look almost to belong to a different game. And I guess that’s where my ambivalence comes from.

So where are we going from here? Am sure I will need to find out.

I recommend this game!

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by ladygem6 on Jun 30, 13 11:58 AM
This is a different format and I really like it. Oriental themed games are always enjoyable and this one is no exception. The hogs scenes were easy enough and puzzles somewhat easy but fun. Graphics and music I thought were super and I really liked the healer kit. Cut scenes had voice overs which made them tolerable.

I missed the collectible cranes at first but went back and located them. If you know what you're looking for they are easily found. SG was good and thank goodness the map let you jump from place to place. Although the story line is predictable, it's still good and I am interested to see how things turn out. Would love to get this game but there are many in that category for me so I will just put it on the list. Nice, well done game!

Review based on the trial only.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Jun 30, 13 7:58 PM
Not sure whether there are any collectibles as a rule I dont like using strategy guide or even walkthrough. If a game is that impossible to play without it (unless its that captivating), I would rather forget it. Games are made to relax us, not make us frantic in trying to decipher how to play it.

Great graphics, run of the mill (ya, the ever stupid mini puzzles of light switching) interactive HOS, interactive map, good storyline, pretty weird scenery (not at all like China, more like western version of Chinese scenery), although colors are ok, in terms of being Chinese, (if u are wondering, I am a Chinese gal)

I love it though, nonetheless, and half price offer, why wait?

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Sprattie on Jul 1, 13 10:55 AM
Based on the demo in casual mode, my feelings about this game are:

Good things:
- game is completely Mac friendly
- lovely graphics although they don't look particularly Chinese, especially the people, who look and sound American
- painless HOs with fairly clear objects which were, at least in the demo, all correctly labelled
- some fun puzzles and mini games which were very easy - hopefully they'll become more challenging as the game progresses
- well-done interactive map which is easily available at the bottom of the screen
- collectibles button accessible on the screen, with an indicator that tells you when you've earned an achievement
- hidden cranes are a nice extra

Not so good things:
- black screen for an extended length of time on my Mac during loading and other changes
- that blasted healing kit - fun the first time but the repetitive accuracy puzzle got old really, really fast
- mahjong games didn't appear during the demo
- I don't care for the objectives being flashed at me during the game - I wonder if that happens during the harder modes

This is a decent game and I'll probably buy it at some point.


Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jul 1, 13 11:30 AM
I found this game, visually STUNNING, music, voice overs and cut scenes, AWESOME, game play for me was FUN and ENTERTAINING ..so its a buy for sure, REALLY like it!!
I'm not usually into chinese culture, but I was totally surprised, by how much I enjoyed the demo, it just flew by, and it had a very nice flow, no issues at all.
I liked the potion making kit, yes it could be more interactive ( always room for improvement )..which would make it more interesting and fun, but not a deal breaker.
I just LOVED the graphics, it is a feast for the eye's, which is a BIG plus in my book, I was totally into the game, so the developers did a GREAT job, being the gaming addict that I am, I was sold before the demo was even up.
The music, I found very soothing, and the game play, totally relaxing, which is exactly what I needed and wanted, today .
LOVE the jump map, H0 scenes, very well done, there was a bug with its tenticals moving, looked so real, and having the option of Mahjong, is always an added bonus, even though I am a H0 lover, I'll collect all items but one, than switch to mahjong, so I get to play both .

I also LOVE collecting the cranes, extra collectables in a game, are another huge plus, in my book, really love it when there are multiples of collectables, in a game...HINT HINT .
Shorenuff said these are the same developers that made Linden Shades, which in that game, there were toys, crayons and letters to collect, as extra's, I liked that game also ....wish this one had more collectables .

If your looking for a FUN and RELAXING game, with stunning visuals, VERY well done voice overs and cut scenes, this is a MUST try ..you might be surprised like I was and totally ENJOY yourself .

THANKS developers, I think you all did and EXCELLENT job with this one, you should be proud ...cheers !!

Forgot to add, THANKS for the video of The Making ..I really like being able to see the team that put in all of the effort and hard work, that goes into making a game, what a GREAT added touch, I found it very interesting, and enjoyed watching it .
I also enjoy the added quotes and information in the credits, I use the pause botton, so thanks for that also, WONDERFUL idea's from these developers .

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by CoolGrammy1 on Jul 2, 13 7:35 AM
I enjoyed the game very much, but will opt for waiting for the SE version. Most of the important stuff is covered already. This is a must have game for me.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by laraly on Jul 3, 13 2:26 AM
(based only on the demo) Stunning scenery and graphics, great sounds efxs, good music, smart puzzles, and nice story line! What else ask to a good game? Good hint system, readable S G, well illustrated, interactive map, clear instructions and voice over! Defenetly I get the C E!

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by judy1689 on Jul 3, 13 10:10 AM
My first impression of Chinese Healer was that it reminded me of a Maxfield Parish painting . . . meaning the artful graphics have a lovely bridge between reality and fantasy by their excellent use of contrast. You can easily get lost between those two worlds.

While disappointed that the main game was over somewhat quickly . . . the bonus game could almost stand alone. Could have played many more chapters. (I have purchased and played many of BFG games and I can usually play them quickly.)

I rarely buy collectors editions because there usually isn't much bang for the buck . . . but this one is the exception. 3 addiitional HOS and the ability to play them all again and I absolutely adored the "Making Of" video. Clever credits at the end . . . I need to see them again . . . they ran faster that I could read them . . . the ones I did catch did make me chuckle.

I missed many of cranes the first go round . . . and unlike many of the games I've purchased . . . I'll be playing this one again . . . and again.

If you have a love of Chinese artifacts . . . you'll definitely love this game.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Sprattie on Jul 3, 13 7:07 PM
I've completed the whole game and bonus and have to say the demo was the best part of the game. It was very repetitive, with many visits to the healer's kit to play the tedious little timing game over and over again. The HOs were plentiful with only one repeat each time so they went fairly quickly, but the puzzles were very simple and easy, especially in the bonus. There were 2 very simple jigsaws that were not Mac friendly at all. I got 10 out of the 26 achievements, which is not bad for me, and of course I "missed" a few of the cranes although I used the Guide to finish locating all of them. Surprisingly, a few of the cranes were not where the Guide indicated they were - especially near the end. After finding them all I still got only 39 out of 41!

The bonus lasted about 50 minutes and was the weakest part of the game. I realized as I moved through the various settings that I had enjoyed looking for the hidden cranes, and their absence made the bonus feel flat and unchallenging.
I did like the option of playing mahjong game in place of the HOs but that was also not a challenge as the tiles automatically reshuffled so I would win - not a challenge at all.

I would recommend this game as a Standard rather than a CE.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jul 4, 13 12:30 PM

I also enjoyed the making of and the credits, you said the credits went to fast for you to read, there is a pause button ( II ) that you can click on, during the credits, that will stop it, so you can take your time to read them, than just click again, and they will start again.

I really enjoyed this game, and just LOVE the added touches, like the making and the different quotes, in the credits, for each team member .

Can't wait to see what they come up with next .

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by sea_maid on Jul 4, 13 12:56 PM
This game looked so promising...but oh boy, it went downhill really fast.

It has great graphics, no doubt about it, decent music, and good voiceovers. But when you can figure out who the heck poisoned the prince before the demo is over, you know someone did a major mistake in the storytelling ( I think that the first cutscene shouldn't have been included, as it right away spoils the whole thing).

The series looks interesting, but my advice is that, if the devs. can't write a cohesive story, and keep the mystery at bay, at least until it's logical that the main characters (and us) finds who is the culprit, they should just adapt an actual myth, instead of making up one. I think that China has plenty of myths that they could have adapted for this game, and hope that the next one is better.

Overall, looks and sounds great, but in terms of storytelling, it falls flat.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bribling on Jul 4, 13 5:53 PM
This is not really a review but I noticed that another non-review that was really an "I loved it" thread was locked (really?). I also love this one. It is beautiful and creative with a variety of things to do and nice extras.

According to the Blog, oriental themes are not popular. I for one, love them. Some of my favorite games (including this one now) have oriental themes. There have been one or two that were not so good but I have purchased three or four and enjoyed them very much.

I like the idea of this "Myths" series and can hardly wait for the next one. I hope the Devs wake from their naps soon and get busy on another great game with beautiful art and music. Thanks!

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by exact on Jul 5, 13 12:16 AM
I loved this game! Wonderful graphics, great imagination, good story line and perfect music to go with it. This is one that i will save to play again!

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Charkez64 on Jul 5, 13 7:15 AM
First off, what a beautiful game! Absolutely some of the best graphics for scenery I have seen. I really enjoy "going" to different times and cultures if they're well done.

The music is perfect for the game (follow the monkey's advice and leave the sound on). The music, to me, is very important for the total effect of the game.

As for the actual gameplay, I did find some of the puzzles original and also colorful. They were less challenging than I would have liked and I played the HOGs only.

The thing I liked least about the game was the way the interactive objects combined. I must have tried to put a cork in a bottle, for example, 5 or 6 times before I got it in just the right place. And to make it worse, a message such as
"this won't heal anyone" continues to pop up until you get the cork in exactly the right place. Way too demanding on the placement of interactives. If you put an object anywhere on the one it goes with, it should combine! This happens throughout the game and really took away a lot of the enjoyment for me.

I liked the collectibles and the general gameplay and would love to see this continue as a series.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by babbydoll1201 on Jul 6, 13 9:29 AM
I played about 30 minutes and i love this game graphics was beautiful and sounds was perfect for the story line..Great work DEV's thank you for all your hard work and time you spent on this game..Thx BF for this awesome game..This will be a buy for me

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by whisper482 on Jul 6, 13 11:55 PM
I just finished this game and wanted to say thank you to the developer. It was a breath of fresh air after all the more common scary and horror stuff we've been subjected to. Give us more please.

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Re:Reviews for Myths of the World: Chinese Healer Collector's Edition

[Post New]by tammytheo on Jul 7, 13 9:30 AM
This is a very good game indeed. Not a masterpiece but a really good one. Like some of you already said, the credits and the making of video are imaginative and funny. There is a review here that finds the making of video insulting to us. I don't understand why. There is no doubt that these developers have a great sense of humor as well as the skills to make good games!
Bravo Eipix!

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