Reviews for Asian Riddles

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Re:Reviews for Asian Riddles

[Post New]by azzie on Jul 3, 14 7:20 PM
Review for Mac Version:

I tried the free demo and didn't like that I wouldn't make a mistake but it would mark down that I had. Very frustrating as it was making me play the same levels over and over again.

The concept is great. The very "patterned" pic you are creating is not as it makes it so you can "cheat" by simply looking at the image you are creating.

I won't buy the full version.

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Re:Reviews for Asian Riddles

[Post New]by Jurinne on Jul 3, 14 9:00 PM
I don't get it. The tutorial does not explain how to play the game and I have never seen a game like this. It would be nice to know what I am supposed to do because clicking at random isn't fun at all.

Neither is being a herring.

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