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Re:Post any When In Rome technical issues here only

[Post New]by Deeisme on Aug 31, 13 11:38 PM
I do not care who I am replying to, but BEWARE....This game will not work and will, only, get you very very mad....This is, now the second game, in the last 30 days, that does not least, these types of games about building, ect ect.....Please BF....Put some of these 'junk games' back in the lab and test them better, before letting this kind of, junk game, escape out of your 'test tube'! {TG I have not bought it, yet} I did ALL BF told me to do, plus I uninstalled The BF Manager and then reinstalled it....I shall see how that works out in the morn...until then, ''Good night, all, and love to all''

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Level 35 glitch

[Post New]by tlhwest on Sep 20, 13 6:17 PM
I've been playing level 35, and I've hit a problem. According to the game, I have to get 3,000 gold. I achieved every other goal, but when I achieved the 3,000 gold goal, the game wouldn't move to the next level. I went up to 6,050 gold, and it still won't go forward. Aaaaugh!

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