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Re:BFG has run out of bandwidth

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 28, 13 6:13 AM
Hi guys,

To be honest, I can't offer any more assurances than I have already; the games were purchased on the understanding they are yours to keep and Big Fish is not going under.

Robilyn - I will pass that along, thank you.

elvenstardragon - I am sorry to hear that, I know that suffering a time out like that is annoying. Please feel free to use bullet points when contacting us if you don't want to write it all out again or if there is a necessity to send a particularly long email, perhaps writing it out in a word document first and then copying and pasting it over would work? Just a suggestion!

CiChDa - this should now be fixed, if not, please contact Tech Support so they can help.

Finally, as there is no further advice I can offer for this issue or the other matters raised in this thread, I will be locking it now to keep the forum tidy. Please contact Support or PM a Mod if we can help with anything else.

Thank you!


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