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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by katbear50 on Dec 14, 13 9:22 PM
Sorry to differ with so many others,
but I am most of the way thru the game
and am not really finding it all that interesting.
Now don't get me wrong, this had the potential of being
quite an interesting story line,
but someone dropped the ball here.
For one thing, the farther you get into it, the more Macabre` it becomes.
the atmosphere is morphing into something not really to my liking.
It's almost like 1/2 way thru, another Dev Team took over and finished it.
But, just like there's Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream,
we all have different tastes, so give it a try........
As for myself, I prefer a 'Swirl'...LOL

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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Dec 28, 13 8:09 AM

If you like a story of total confusion, this is the game for you. For me, it was utter bewilderment and made no sense at all.

The map was pretty useless except to indicate that you still had places to visit and a mile to go.

The ending was so abrupt I thought I must have missed something. But, no, it just ceased and that was that.

However, as an SE, it's good value, there are certainly no lack of areas to visit and things to do. Most places were dreary and gray but they were in keeping with the overall theme. It was great to have something a bit creepy and dull after all those cutesy helpers that keep popping up all over the place in other games.

Bring back more ghostly, dark, creepy games, the others are driving me nuts.


Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by pierrotlunaire0 on Jan 21, 14 6:58 PM
Very disappointed. There seem to be a lot of minor glitches. If it were only one or two, then I would forge ahead. But the deeper I get into the game, the worse it gets.

The map is poor. I had trouble relating the symbols to where I thought I was.

In the HOS, if you happen to pick up an object that is part of a two-step process, then there is no way to put it down unless you either find the second part, or leave the game and re-enter. It is particularly frustrating when I wasn't trying to pick up the object, but was clicking on the one next to it. No, I am stuck with this lighter until I can figure out what it goes to.

The journal was 50% effective. The game kept telling me that I should remember this, but nothing showed up in the journal, so I had to make my own notes.

Forget it.

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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by LynFrank on Feb 15, 14 11:50 AM
cbtx wrote:It's so refreshing to have a game for adults, with adult themes. Although the graphics can seem rough in spots, this is a good game with no bells, whistles, cute animals to dress, or unrealistically conceived villains ---- but is instead driven by a good story.
It's a buy for me.

Yes, I agree that it is good to have this type of game, HOWEVER I have a couple of complaints - whoever was in charge of the continuity could have been more alert. How can a place that has been deserted for about sixteen years appear to have been deserted for maybe one hundred years? AND someone was still alive in such a deserted hospital, for about sixteen years? OH, COME ON!!!
Apart from these criticisms I enjoyed the rest of the game and did not need a lot of hints along the way.

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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by roaming on Jul 23, 14 10:28 PM
JustTheFacts wrote:The game’s adventure aspect is tough, and having to use the hint feature to get around is not my idea of a good time, so it seems this one may not for me. But it is much better quality than most stand-alone SE’s, and is a break from all the ‘sweet’ games for those who feel they need it!

Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've played an entire game while leaning on the hint button, and I need another game for the twofer sale that ends tonight. It sure isn't what steve_san calls a "pink and purple game," so that's a check in the plus column for me.

There are a couple of other games I want to check out before buying, though.

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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog I LOVE IT BUT I NEED HELP....

[Post New]by sfr8rfan on Jul 25, 14 12:45 AM
....This is a great game, IMHO. Bell-less. Whistle-less. Fine by me. It's very raw. Very basic. Very creepy.

Without strategy guide and a useless map, this is really about camping in the wilderness. There's no electricity or hot shower here folks. I love it.

But I'm stuck and I need your help: THE SUM 8 game: making lines on the handle add up to eight. Please, please, please someone thrill me with your acumen (as Dr. Lecter would put it).

Thanks in advance,

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Regret for this game

[Post New]by runtotorun on Jan 3, 15 12:45 PM
So sorry I purchased this game before reading the reviews. I too, cannot stand the inventory bar jump nor do I like a map that does nothing. Woeful.

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Re:Game Reviews for The Fog

[Post New]by kdubs on May 6, 15 9:48 PM
Based on completed game.

I so enjoyed this game! For a straight-to-SE release, it packed in a lot of gameplay and plenty of challenge. Yes there are some HOS with slight interaction, but I considered it much more of an adventure.

Navigation was sometimes quite challenging, as was obtaining and using the inventory items. There were a few times I feared I had gotten stuck but I just wandered around til I figured stuff out. It was fun to see different puzzles than the usual fare in our recent CEs.

I had originally passed by this, but months later gave it a second look and decided to buy during a 1/2 price sale. So glad I did! It ended up being way more fun and challenging than many CEs I've played.

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