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Re:Chistmas 500 Energy Bonus being Resolved

[Post New]by barbie2477 on Dec 28, 13 12:05 PM
redsapple wrote:
barbie2477 wrote:IF/When you contact support------Don't forget to give them your manor number!!!

To find out what your manor number is, click the gear in the top right and it will tell you that you are "Playing as Dark Manor-XXXXXX (6 digit number) . This will be helpful to support in identifying who you actually are

I gave them my manor name also, just for thoroughness.

Which department of customer support got you such a quick response? I went to CS and was given multiple options.

I didn't go to any particular department... I just used the "contact us" form under the help links... think I selected technical issues... and I haven't actually received the bonus yet. I'm guessing they will get it resolved eventually and if I haven't received the bonus by the next upgrade, i'll request it again I guess.

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Re:Chistmas 500 Energy Bonus being Resolved

[Post New]by PTBT on Dec 28, 13 12:15 PM
They are resolving this very quickly, or at least trying to do so - I sent my request and had the gift in less than 24 hours.

Best of luck to all

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