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[Post New]by shripch on Jan 20, 14 11:38 AM
I loved City of Fools and immediately recognized this developers work. So I downloaded the game and have finished the trial, and now have to make up my mind about a purchase. Yes, these games take a long time to complete, with all the moving around and paying attention to the great "mumble, mumble" dialogue, but they're just so much fun !

But they're not for everyone, that's for sure, as the reviews indicate , so, as usual, download the trial and see what you think. We do have that privilege, and I for one use it. And I kept COFs on my desktop for a long time and when I needed a giggle it was there.
Maybe this one will be my funny bone backup!


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[Post New]by lelovelady on Jan 25, 14 5:59 PM
I am very disappointed. I loved City of Fools. it was very non-linear, and very campy, and I played it for hours.

I finished Who Am I in under 40 minutes. It was very linear with very few locations. I was really looking forward to spending more time exploring the town and seeing what crazy whacky things the developers came up with to expand on the city. Instead, they severely reduced the city size, forced me to play in a linear fashion, and the story line was incredibly lame. Not to mention all of the typos and missing words in sentences.

I am very unhappy and will be requesting a refund. Hopefully the developers will take this feedback and put some additional hours into further developing a sequel to City of Fools. One thing ... I did LOVE the new navigation where you can point and click on the map instead of trekking all over creation. But that is the only improvement to the game.

Very sad.


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[Post New]by luvdboyz on Jan 26, 14 7:12 AM
Total waste of money...great idea but way too short


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[Post New]by NewReviews on Jan 29, 14 12:28 PM
I agree with so many here...we should be refunded. I've had mid-afternoon breaks at my work that took longer...and were a lot more exciting. Developers, you should be ashamed of yourself for making money off of your 'City of Fools' fans by taking the same game and adding a couple of hidden object scenes. Wow, so disappointed.


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[Post New]by gilliebod on Feb 2, 14 8:55 AM
I loved the game City of Fools which took me a long time to complete, which is why I found Who Am I a big disappointment. I missed being able to walk round the town and other interesting features. I, and my son, finished the game in an hour and a half and not worth the money I paid for it. Why do makers have to dumb down games and make them uninteresting? I was left with a feeling of being let down.

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Re:Game Reviews for Who Am I

[Post New]by gpj53 on Feb 18, 14 11:01 PM
I too, loved City of Fools - apart from the idiot policeman popping up all the time - so thought I'd get this one (thankfully in the half price sale). How disappointing it is! I loathe not being able to wander around town and check all the houses and businesses to see what they wanted me to do. I needed to do a spreadsheet so I could track everything which added a number of enjoyable hours to the game. I don't mind the same characters appearing in this one though some new ones would have been nice. I loved the different type of quests in the other one, this one is very lazy, jump here, do a HO, jump there, what a waste of what could have been a very good sequel plus it's far too short. And for heaven's sake devs, get someone who speaks English as a first language to check the spelling, "reffer" instead of "refer" is just one I noticed. Should there be another in this series, it had better be along the same lines as COF and not this awful one.


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[Post New]by Dano312 on Jun 29, 14 5:48 AM
For the "hated it" crowd, lighten up! It wasn't designed to make any practical sense. For those that didn't get the logic of the original, stop trying to make sense of it. it is a lot more fun if you, not only think outside the box, but to throw the box out.

I think of this game as a supplement to the original. It may have been rushed, or grudgingly thrown together to appease the people who wanted more of this game. But as a gamer, it had the potential to be truly great. From the original game, the basic thought for a sequel, was ingenious. Wait and grab this as a freebee, or a $2.99 special buy.

I own it and play it each time I finish my City Of Fools game and it's like having a longer version of that.

It is an Abby-normal game, to be played abnormally.

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