Re:Reviews for Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope Collector's Edition

[Post New]by feenix2011 on Mar 13, 14 7:04 AM
Finished the main game last night and just finished (and I'm sorry to say) the bonus game even tho I swore I wouldn't, due to allogations of animal cruelty. There was that one disturbing scene that you do have to go back to several times, as another reviewer has mentioned. But the main game sucked me in and before I knew it, there I was in the bonus game!! Anyhoo, this game has everything you could want in a HOPA I do love the way most devs are giving us a choice as to play the HOS or another type of game. It seems most of the reviewers liked the mini-games. And so did I to a certain extent, but I guess I didn't feed my gray matter enough this week or something, cuz some I just didn't understand AT ALL!! And there was one that wouldn't work for me (where you had to lead a ball or something to the top of the puzzle). Everytime I touched it, it just fell right back no matter which way I tried to move it. Yes, some of the puzzles really frustrated me. But puzzles aside, I did really enjoy the game itself. I thought the graphics were beautiful, the music very nice and the voice overs not annoying. I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys a good story and ALOT of puzzles.


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