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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by Radgame on Aug 13, 14 10:51 AM
Based on finished game:

Brilliant, creepy and bizarre themed game! Worth playing just for a change plus it has the usual good-game features such as topnotch graphics, transport map w/ exclamation marks for available tasks, an intriguing story, curious characters (Creepers.....neat way to draw a nightmarish figure ) and a HInt/skip button that was fairly quick to refill. Puzzles and HOs were also fun, ranging from easy to slightly challenging. In the end, I found only 3 of the 5 fragments of her memory......so, don't know what I missed, if anything.

The graphics while inside Andrea's mind are very Alice in Wonderland. Truly bizarre in a brilliant way. I know.....the word 'bizarre' is popping up like a Jack-in-the Box (the one thing that's actually missing in this game!) in my review but, there you have it.....sums up this game. Each setting (house, school, Dr.'s office, street) managed to convince me of the same creepy (not scary) feeling. I don't play w/ sound....so can't comment on whether it added to the creep factor or not.

The amount of backtracking made it a tad tedious. So, I played it over 3 days and that's how I actually enjoyed it. It was in the "Games you'll love" in my Game Manager - what a great reco! I did end up loving it.

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