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[Post New]by Onutza86 on Dec 8, 14 4:46 PM

I tried to send a gift (e.q. rare stamps) to a friend and appear -1 rare stamps and +1 rare stamps. Why I can't send the gift at finally?

Thank you!


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[Post New]by bareblack45 on Dec 8, 14 7:01 PM
i gift items that i know is hard to find because i have noticed that they come right back to u one u hit a finder, i think its the gift boxes. still puzzled on whats in them, but i have not problem gifting stamps or eggs if i have more then two. Hgy


Re:Your gift requests

[Post New]by Luna50 on Dec 8, 14 7:12 PM
This is just a problem of different timezones. Wait a few hours and try it again

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