Re: Please post your TECH ISSUES for Disharmony Blocks II here

[Post New]by CreativeRampage on May 4, 14 10:30 AM
Hi krystalslc

The little bombs simply blow up after a while and destroy any blocks near them, they also appear if you have the lucky perk when you make matches.

There is no special tactic to complete stage 26 however if you wait until the timer runs out (which should take around 10 minutes) you can skip the stage and move on to the next, I added this to help if people got stuck on a stage for too long.

If you don't have the Diagonal Thinking perk from the shop I suggest you get that, as it means you can move tiles diagonally and making matches becomes much easier then.

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Re: Please post your TECH ISSUES for Disharmony Blocks II here

[Post New]by mirror75 on May 8, 14 10:48 AM
Dear Developer,
I did enjoy this game and got hooked. I very rarely play a game more than once and I'm on my third go round. Thank you. A couple of things:

- I did hit a void level where even though all the voids were removed the game didn't end (someone else here mentioned the same thing)

-There was a glitch that came up many times where one block would show up askew and you couldn't do anything with it. You just had to be sure it was the middle block of a match to remove it.

-I have three profiles now and it looks like that is all you can have. The problem is the game does not acknowledge the deletion, so it looks like it is not working. It's not intuitive that you would have to start the game over where it will ask for a new profile. The same with entering your name and hitting enter, but I saw that was addressed in an earlier post.

- Please, please allow us to select any previous level to replay and try to achieve all stars. Currently we can only replay the level we are on.

- Please mix up the matching cards games. Use different pictures and/or maybe do a mahjong or another game instead of all matching cards.

-I never once used the teleport or meltdown bonuses. They were too "expensive" if you will and I did not find them helpful or necessary. Maybe some other bonuses?

Someone mentioned there being another (the first I guess) game, I am going to try and find it. But please do put out a third game and make sure I know about it Thanks!!

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