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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by Yaelle on May 15, 14 9:38 PM
Alrighty thanks for all of the replies. Very helpful ideas here.
I've spent the last 9 years trying to manage my brain injury and I've got tons & tons of methods of working with my short term memory loss (Noooo 50 First Dates is NOT accurate. There. Now you don't have to ask.)
And so every now & then I'll end up with a bit of overkill, but more often than not, I'll do something like write down a list of whatever and if I don't get specific enough, the information is totally useless, find it, lose the power cord, never find it, back things up onlne & forget that I did so...yeah. Not so helpful!!

LOLOL Soooo the list making & emails to myself are pretty much the most reliable method. Every now & then if a document doesn't contain anything I wouldn't want her to see, I'll email something to my mother who is a better record keeper than I am. (& then proceed to completely forget that I did so. But you know its funny because I can always remember that I forget these things, only I don't remember them. It makes NO sense. )

Alright I am definitely going to re-read these responses & see what I can do. TYVM.

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by orphaned on May 15, 14 10:33 PM

What a great bunch of ideas !!

I do something different yet again ...

Have a 5x7 flexicoil notebook

which I turn on its side and mark off into 4 sections.

when a coupon is received - it is entered in next available section in the centre

(will have 4 per page )

the expiration date is written on top >>> when used, the game is entered along bottom giving me a running record of all purchases

the email from BFG is filed under BFG coupons for easy reference in case the number was copied incorrectly>>> if that happens, can be easily accessed to copy and paste

the more recent are always first .

gift coupons have own section and are designated as such when filed so is BFG coupons - gift


forgot to mention that also check mark on either side as applied to a purchase

so can see at a glance what is unused ..

may seem like a lot of work but once set up ......
is done in 60 seconds !!

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by BlackWaterRules on May 15, 14 11:07 PM
Sounds like a lot of work


Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by Spielebeibfg on May 16, 14 12:53 AM
Tamlin55 wrote:I just search Big Fish Games in my emails -- all their emails come up -- then I go through and use my credits, oldest to newest, and delete the email containing the free game credit as soon as I use it.

I'm having several folders for BigFish, using rules (Outlook) as "You earned a free game". As this I can easyly see, if I got a new coupon (also having rules for bfg-newsletter, news splash etc. and of course one for the order confirmation)

Additional I use excel, copying not only the code but also write down the expiring date - next expiring date always on top. When seeing a standard game, I want to buy, I use the oldest code first.

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by tookat on May 16, 14 1:59 PM
I am glad you have so many suggestions to choose from Yaelle because we all learn and remember things differently.

Some folks need that real tangible piece of paper to help them remember......
Others need their excel spreadsheets (which I have entirely given up trying to understand or use, in spite of the efforts of several friends to teach me.

I find that my biggest problem is forgetting to look through my folder to see when something needs to be used....but Customer Service is really understanding for those of us with memory or other cognitive issues, and has given me a new coupon when I forgot to use it by the date......I just explain to them WHY I lost track of the darn things......I thought as long as I remembered to put the free coupon e-mail in its special folder, I would be ok......
but the best thing I can do for myself most of the time, is to laugh at my swiss cheese memory.

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty, ?

[Post New]by jedav on May 17, 14 7:13 AM

After a goof up on my part I now keep a list of my free game coupons with expiration dates outside of my computer. Cross them off as I use them saves me from having go through e-mails or having to contact BF and also to wonder if I have used them.

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by 206bones on May 24, 14 8:05 AM
Hello everyone. Good ideas on here.
I have an excel spreadsheet for each month that I use for games I download, want to buy, purchased and do not buy. I keep the coupons I have earned on the spreadsheet with the exp dates. As I use them I move the game to the purchased column with the coupon code too. Of course I have forgotten a few times to move the code over and think it is still valid. Customer service is always helpful in letting me know that it has already been used or expired.

Happy gaming.

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Re:Sooooort of Off Topic But Not Exaclty?

[Post New]by llstjohn on Jul 8, 14 11:45 AM
bfgVaiya wrote:Hey Everyone,

I'm really glad to see you all jumping in to help out with this situation!

Yaelle, you can definitely contact Customer Support <a href="http://bigfishgames.custhelp.com/app/ask">HERE</a> and request a list of your unused, unexpired coupons. Any of our Reps would be more than happy to get that for you.

Happy Gaming!


And you know they will issue a new code for any you did not use because you forgot you had it.

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