A Dr. Pepper Tragedy!!!

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Re:A Dr. Pepper Tragedy!!!

[Post New]by rosiebvt on May 19, 14 1:02 PM
Any mom with half a dozen kids and a husband (kid number 7) needs a whole lot more than any app can handle!

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Re:A Dr. Pepper Tragedy!!!

[Post New]by Valdy on May 19, 14 6:02 PM
zephyrzodiac wrote:I have W7, and I can't find Sticky Notes either. I think it may be because it's a Vaio, and I have disable all the Sony Vaio stuff (resource hogs) and maybe they replaced Sticky Notes with their own version.

It has nothing to do with the make of the computer. I too have a Sony Vaio. It's my first. Before that I had other makes. Sticky Notes is part of the Accessories that is part of the software that is already part of the computer when you purchase it.

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zephyrzodiac wrote:I don't have Pro. I did a search for sticky notes, and nothing. Looked in Program Files, and nothing under either name. I have a feeling that it's something Microsoft thought only business users would want, like we never use sticky notes at home!

I found it! It is under stickynotes, not sticky notes!

I just saw that extra note of yours, zeph. On my Sony Vaio, Win7 laptop, when I look under Accessories, it says exactly this: Sticky Notes. Two words, both words starting with a capital letter.

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Re:A Dr. Pepper Tragedy!!!

[Post New]by bunnygal on May 20, 14 12:42 AM
Well, since I just started getting friends; and thus basically gifts also...I just started keeping 'score' of my gift lists. Although this is in the privacy of my own room (the one without a bed, and most of my crafts & computer!) <ie minus any cute but clumsy husband who is sweet; mine (also from Texas!) is a total slob PERIOD>

But I got my 'current' computer about 2.5 years ago; it is Windows 7 Home Premium; and I did spend about 3 months of going through each program and learning everything on here...that was when I found the Sticky Notes, myself...I use them to keep email addresses, or phone numbers, or websites, even some Quotes that I love. I love them! But now, that I have read this...I will make a 'note' for my gift list; I have been tired lately or I would have thought that up myself...

Glad to know someone else is also a 'Dr Pepper junkie'...!
I did spill my iced sweet tea a few weeks after I got my computer--all over the new keyboard! So luckily, I kept my old keyboard...couldn't see that darn black one in the dark anyway!

Lady Diane

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