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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms Collector's Edition here

[Post New]by alowan on Sep 13, 14 3:29 PM
Based on demo.

I enjoyed the game so far. Yes, I wanted to strangle the cat at first, but either I got used to its voice, or its voice actually got better.

I had little trouble keeping track of the sequence of things - which I do when there is a lack of logic.*

I loved the graphics, and most of the voices, but the music wasn't enthralling enough to keep me from turning it off and playing some Bach.

The demo kept minimizing, and I had to click on the game's icon in my taskbar. It always came right back, right where I left off. (I've reported it in the tech thread.) Because of the many reports of the demo working well, but the purchased game freezing, I'm going to wait for a fix before I buy it. I will buy it, though.

*I mean when you get a shovel, and go to where you know you need to dig a hole, and the shovel doesn't work because you need a spade which you won't get until 4 more puzzles have been completed - and you still have to carry the shovel in your inventory. Also, obvious lack of knowledge by the devs that makes me rip my hair out and scream "Why would anyone do that?!" For examples, see my review for Fierce Tales: Feline (whatever it was).

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