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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by mojitomomma on Sep 11, 14 9:58 PM
What shocking discovery was made at the Mill? Dead body
What happened there? Fight
What was found when they tried to break the lock? Flower
Dupin determined the flower. Strawberry
Where was the prisoner found? Forest
What did Dupin use to make the text visible? Iron
What did the prisoner want his son to become? Decent person

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by basmith12 on Sep 12, 14 9:43 AM
Claude Dauphin would do about anything to get what he wants. What did you find in Madame's security lock box that convinced you he might be innocent? Answer: LETTERS
What did the doctor ask you to bring him to examine the red hair? Answer: MICROSCOPE


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[Post New]by nautilis123 on Sep 13, 14 7:57 AM
What was the surname of the famous frenchman who developed the encyclopedia, or a systematic dictionary of the sciences, arts & crafts? DIDEROT
Dupin wanted to speak with the seamstress about the quarrel between madam L'Espanaye & her daughter. But when you arrived, you found blood & something that could be the murder weapon. What was it? SLEDGEHAMMER
I understand you decided to test the blood staines on the sledgehammer, what kind of blood was it? HUMAN
What was the stage name of the french playwright & actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, the creator of french comedy? MOLIERE
What was the surname of the most popular french impressionist? MONET
The bloodstained sledgehammer form the seamstress' house belonged to the blacksmith. What did you find when you arrived at the blacksmiths house? NOTE
Cont. below


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[Post New]by nautilis123 on Sep 13, 14 8:01 AM
So the blacksmith hurt himself & the seamstress asked you for help. You brought her a clean cloth & oh, what was the other thing? PAIN KILLER

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by basmith12 on Sep 14, 14 6:53 PM
Hi everyone! I just came across several questions in interview that I do not think have been mentioned here. I apologize for not having the complete statements of questions, but have several health issues and hard for me to write and type very much at times but will try my best to get the answers here for you. I am on level 40 and just got the answers by word guessing (love this type games) but it said was Chapter 14:
Question: There was a strange and tall man in the hotel. What did you find in his room? Answer: BIG SLIPPERS
question: After you found the big slippers, Dupin wanted to compare the size of the big slippers with the size of the marks on Mademoiselle's neck. What did you bring him to help with the comparison? Answer: MEASURING TAPE
question: To make the comparison of the big slippers and the marks on the neck, guess you had to know the human anatomy pretty well. Where did you find the right proportions? Answer: ANATOMIC ATLAS
question: You decided to speak with the café owner about the tall man from the hotel. What did you find in the café? Answer: SAILOR JACKET
question: After finding jacket in tall man's room, you decided to look through the crime scene one more time. What did you find? Answer: SAILOR GLOVES
question: After dr. examined the red hair from crime scene, he realized it was animal fur. He asked you to find various fur patterns for comparison. Where did you find them? Answer: HUNTING CLUB
question: If I remember correctly, all fur patterns at Hunting Club are painted. The Dr must have needed you to clean them first so he could compare them. What did you use? Answer: SPOT REMOVER

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by Arminius77 on Sep 20, 14 4:57 AM
What animal did the red fur belong to? ORANGUTAN
Where was the postman attacked? RIVER PORT
Who did the postman see before he was attacked? SMUGGLERS
What was in the cages? ANIMALS
What kind of book did the doctor need? ZOOLOGY BOOK
When you found the cages, what was inside? DEAD ANIMALS
The name of the smugglers' ship. NEVER
What did Dupin send you to buy from the smugglers? EXOTIC ANIMAL
Where couls the orangutan have come from? CIRCUS
What kind of monkey tracks did you find in the cafe? FOOTPRINTS
What's the monkey's favourite food? BANANAS
Where did you find instructions to trap the monkey? HUNTING CLUB
Where did you get the charcoal for the blacksmith? RIVER PORT
What else did the blacksmith need for the trap? OLD LOCK
Where did you get the old lock? JUNK SHOP
Where did you put the monkey trap? CAFE

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by Rumbitothecore on Sep 20, 14 9:29 AM
I had some Paris questions which aren't mentioned here...

Who invented the well-known round box in which Camembert cheese is sold to this day? RIDEL

What was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte's favourite horse? MARENGO

Who forced his servants to wear his shoes? NAPOLEON

What country did Napoleon Bonaparte conquer at the age of 26? ITALIA

In what shape was the balloon that was lifted over Paris on the day of Napoleon's coronation in 1804? EAGLE

What animal saved Napoleon's life? DOG

Napoleon had a prophetic nightmare after watching which play? OEDIPUS

Which statue did Napoleon bring from Egypt, but lost in the Seine? SETH

France is believed to be the birthplace of which architectural style? BAROQUE

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by Arminius77 on Sep 24, 14 9:41 AM
What weapon was used to rob the doctor? RAZOR
What clue was found? EMPTY VALISE
Where did the robber sell the doctor's things? JUNK SHOP
Among the stolen goods, what did you find? FORK
Where was the fork stolen from? CAFE
What clue did the robber leave at the cafe? FINGERPRINTS
Where did you find the robbers case file? GENDARMERY
The robber had an alibi, where was he? JAIL
When the robber escaped, he left an important clue behind. BOX NUMBER
Where did the gendarmes set a trap for the robber? BANK
Dupin tracked down the owner. How? ADVERTISEMENT
What newspaper do all sailors read? ANCHOR
Who took the orangutan pic for the advertisement? DOCTOR
Where was the monkeys owner arrested? HUNTING CLUB

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Re:Interview Questions -a big thank you

[Post New]by KaveBB on Sep 28, 14 1:18 PM

"7. What was the original name of Paris? Letetia "

The correct spelling, according to my recent interview, is Lutetia. Thanks for posting all of these answers. This is a huge help!


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[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Sep 30, 14 6:36 AM
I am reposting aurorabig's questions and answers here:

Re:Aswers to the Interview Questions

[Post New]by aurorabig on Sep 29, 14 1:04 PM
Here are some Friench questions that I didn't encounter here. There were in my 15th interview:

- Napoleon told Alexander Dumas: "You are not taller, but..." Lengthier

- What is the surname of the writer who wrote"The Human Comedy"? Balzac

- Most famous book of the poet Charles Baudelaire is called "the Flowers of..."

- Surname of the Frenchmen who developed Encyclopedia? Diderot

- Stage name of the playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin? Moliere


Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Oct 7, 14 12:58 PM
I came across one French question I haven't seen before....

Which French leader is associated with the expression "The state is me"? Louis XIV

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Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by papa_pahs on Oct 11, 14 6:38 PM
mojitomomma wrote: What else did the surgeon use during his examination? Magnifying glass,

I just got this question, but the answer was: MAGNIFIER

perhaps there have been some changes since the update.

What did you find at the River Port? NEWSSHEET

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by redgames on Nov 14, 14 3:11 PM
I have only answered the first chapter and it says that I must buy a paper for $4999 gold. I don't have that much gold and I don't intend to buy that much since I have been cheated on the ones I have bought.
Does this mean I am stuck here????????

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by betsybean on Nov 18, 14 8:10 AM
No just keep playing the ho games to earn coins

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by LadySorcha on Nov 21, 14 11:24 AM
I haven't seen this interview question posted here and I need lots of help.
By which unusual means did the citizens of Paris send letters during the siege
of the capitol?
I asked a friend via a social media, and got one answer of POSTCARD, but when I came back to the game, that answer was not available when I cycled through the question and answers again. PLEASE HELP!
Thank you in advance!

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Nov 22, 14 2:08 PM
Try aerostat


Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by TheJamesFam on Dec 20, 14 3:33 PM
What is the name of historical period in France after the reign of Napoleon???? HELP


Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by TheJamesFam on Dec 21, 14 3:48 PM
sorry, i see it now right on the first page. RESTORATION

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by Tzeitel99 on Jan 7, 15 5:03 PM
After the update:

Okay here goes. I don't claim to recall the exact wording of some of the questions.

Who did he marry? His Cousin
How old was his wife? Thirteen
Where did they move? Richmond
How did his wife die? Tuberculosis
What is his most famous work? The Raven
Murders in the Rue Morgue is made up of how many stories? Three
Where does the hero go in The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal? The Moon
What is the name of the ship in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket? Grampus
Why is the hero hiding? Mutiny
When they are saved, where are they taken? The South Pole
What is the name of the prose poem written in 1848? Eureka
What is the "red" item in the title of one of his popular works? Masque
What is the story where the main characters are two of the same? William Wilson
In which story does the main character bury his wife and then his daughter? Morella
End of chapter 22.......

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Re:Interview Questions and Answers ONLY

[Post New]by basmith12 on Jan 8, 15 8:31 PM
I received these questions once I started the interviews after last update and did not see these listed. If they are already listed, please forgive my oversight. Sorry I cannot remember exact questions but did write down the answers: Level 19 Interview: Where did you set the monkey trap? CAFE
weapon robber used at the doctor's robbery? RAZOR
Dr was robbed at port, what clue did you find? EMPTY VALISE
where did the robber sell doctor's things? JUNK SHOP
among things stolen fro the atelier, what sold to junkman? FORK
where did Dupin recognize the fork from? CAFE
after learning the fork was from café, went there. what did you find? FINGERPRINTS
after found fingerprints, needed more information. where did you find the case file? GENDARMERY
disappointed case file saying robber had airtight alibi. where was he? JAIL
robber escaped and you found clue left behind.what was it? BOX NUMBER

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