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C'mon, It's Not Always a BFG Issue. Look To Your Own Computer

[Post New]by ChocPeng on Sep 18, 15 5:58 PM
sds719 wrote:iMac running 10.9.5. Updated to new version in October of Arizona Rose 2... I've noticed a big reduction in quality assurance in Big Fish games and no longer recommend it immediately to folks who ask about it. I've had several games that play fine during the trial and develop problems on later levels and they don't get fixed making the game unplayable once it's been paid for...

I realize this post is more than a year old, but people like me who are just now playing Arizona Rose 2 are still reading these posts and I have to respond to this one. I have been a member of BFG since the year they opened and I, too, am on a Mac.

In that time, I've almost never have technical problems. And in the rare case when I did, it was due to my computer, not to BFG.

I am always disturbed by people who have a problem with a computer game and immediately blame the developer.

May I please shout this from the mountain tops: LOOK TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER FIRST!

Also, it is important to know that BFG doesn't develop most of these games, they distribute games made by other well-established developers.

If you are having problems with a game on BFG, it's likely a problem with your computer. There is the occasional glitch in a game, but those are rare despite the superfluous screams of "it's a glitch!".

Of course, it's your prerogative whether you recommend BFG, but there is absolutely no "big reduction in quality assurance in Big Fish games."

May I kindly recommend people spend the energy it takes to complain to determining if the culprit is their own computer. Do any of you send a Dr. Felix report to BFG so their tech team can pinpoint the problem?

And please, to the person who originated this post, I am not picking on you; I'm really not. It's just that your post represents perfectly the things that people say when they are having problems that just drive me a little nuts!

It was the statement "big reduction in quality assurance in Big Fish games" that tipped me over the edge this time.

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