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[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Oct 8, 14 8:54 PM
basmith12 wrote:I do not do the auctions and am at a stand still with everything else. Have waited for update but if they do not plan to have update for future wish they would give some type of notification of their intentions for the game whether it be positive or negative just give some indication. Please.

So here's the latest from Boomzap as of 10/7. I'm quoting only the relevant parts..

Ideehaan 1 states

I have been in touch with Big Fish and gone back and forth with them all day. I told them how I feel and how the rest of my friends are feeling. I love your games but this is what I told them, they say it's Boom Zap's fault, Here you say you have submitted it to them, so it is BF fault.

Boom Zaps response
I'm very sorry for the late reply and the lack of details about the update.We do want it to be released soon and we are coordinating with Big Fish on this. Though there is no information yet on the release date, we do have a big update planned and hope you'll still continue playing. The ART team worked hard on this and hope you'll be able to enjoy the content we have prepared soon.

So, it seems that somewhere in the cosmos there is an update floating between BFG & BZ.. It's TIME for them to bring it down to earth, already.

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Re:Mods: Please Respond

[Post New]by micbas on Oct 9, 14 4:07 AM
still I don't understand why other free games like, for example, Awakening Kingdoms and Dark Manor has had several updates in the mean time.
Why do they get more updates then ART?

I stopped playing the auctions. They are an annoying candy to keep us calm.
And there are some "sharks" playing who are buying the low priced items in order to sell them for a higher price
I don't need a high amount of money and liked to give other players a chance to buy the items for a low price. But now it's spoiled by some sharks so I did not only stopped with playing the auctions but I also stopped with auctioning items.

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